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Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 9 Recap | Fall

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Better Call Saul 2017: Season 3 Episode 9 Recap Podcast: Fall

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Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 9 Recap Podcast of “Fall” on June 13, 2017

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Rob Cesternino and Antonio Mazzaro get together again to recap Episode 9 of Season 3 of AMC’s Better Call Saul, “Fall”.

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  • Agent__Zigzag

    Some of my favorite things this podcast episode: Anita Love interest, Franchise Player, Mike impersonations, Apoulstry, trading cards. I also thought that lawyers in a settlement would get 30, 33, 35, or 40% of the payout. So victims would get anywhere from 60 to 70% not just 30%. Maybe Jimmy & Howard work together to destroy Chuck. I like the idea of Chuck, Jimmy, & Kim against Howard but I can’t imagine Jimmy working with Chuck on anything. Totally didn’t catch that Erin the Lawyer worked for Davis & Main, Jimmy’s old firm. I thought the counsel was from HHM.But once you guys mentioned her firm I remembered right away who she was. I think the old lady was the most Saul thing Jimmy has done so far. In one sense it isn’t Kim’s fault with Mesa Verde. It was Howard & Chuck taking he case from Kim when she did the work on getting them in the door. And Chuck wanted Jimmy off the Sandpiper case even more than Howard. So Jimmy was justified somewhat in getting revenge on both of them. For his sake & Kim’s. I wasn’t worried when Kim was at the oil Derrick’s. It was when it was her POV just before crash. That was surprising & intense! Also Jeff Gilouly was involved with Tonya Harding assault of Nancy Kerrigan. 1998 Winter Olympics. Kerrigan still got Silver Medal figure skating. Harding got like 6th place. I remember because Harding was from Portland, Oregon. My home state & old enough to remember that Olympics.

    • TrentC

      I remember Tonya Harding and Jeff from their wedding night tape…now back to the podcast!

  • TrentC

    Re: Mike and his arc this season. I see him as a guy who still hasn’t crossed a certain internal moral line on this show. When we first see him in Breaking Bad he’s cleaning up a murder scene on behalf of Walt through Saul. No questions asked, he shows up and instructs Walt on what to do and then…cleans.

    In this episode we see him struggle with the decision to sign on with Madrigal. Mike knows it’s a beginning point and a turning point regarding his relationship with Gus.

    I believe Mike still has a long way to go in between tailing a guy for Jimmy and cleaning up a random murder scene with no questions asked.

    I also think like Jimmy, something has to ‘break’ in Mike before he becomes the Mike we see in Walter’s world. I get a sense this show is concealing an event or two, and these future events are far more negative than just a fight between brothers or Kim losing an account.

    Sincerely yours,
    Deb B. Downer LL.D

  • BearMustaine

    I was impressed with the car crash scene, I thought it was very well done.

  • PJinAlbuquerque

    Mike will pull capers for Gus, and maybe try to save Nacho. His story will be good because Mike is a badass.

  • WED68

    My pet theory puts Kim and Howard in an alliance eventually. Think about it:each labours with the outrageous behaviour of the McGill brother they’re associated with. Kim has to worry about Jimmy reverting to a life of scams and, for now, petty crimes. Howard, on the other hand, has had enough with Chuck’s electromagnetic phobias and treacherous actions against the firm. And if he wants to take down Chuck, who better to help him than Kim? She has done it before, after all (an alliance with Jimmy seems out of the question since, as we’ve already seen, Howard is completely disgusted with him)

    Beyond that, I can see Kim partnering up with Howard by being made a…what?…junior partner. After all, her client list, while modest, is impressive. Moreover, Kim is precisely the dependable partner Howard craves. Similarly, Kim, overworked and stretched beyond the breaking point, would welcome the resources and security of a bigger firm. In the end, she leaves Jimmy for greener pastures and fewer headaches. Therefore, in this scenario, Jimmy’s finally transformation into Saul is not caused by Chuck’s betrayal but, rather, Kim’s. Anyway, curious to hear what you guys think. Love the show!

    • TrentC

      Good theory. I’ve just watched the season finale so I’ll try not to tie in comments from that.

      Kim and Howard both having enough of the McGill brothers seems like a fitting progression.

      • WED68

        Yeah, just saw it too. Don’t want to spill the ending of the finale here since people reading this are probably still on episode 9. Suffice it to say one detail of my theory has to go ; ) Everything I said in the second paragraph, though, could still come to pass. Kim’s ultimate fate is probably the biggest lingering question in this prequel universe now…

        • TrentC

          Part of me is happy they didn’t kill Kim off in this episode. I think that would have been too heavy handed. Kim’s death = Jimmy turning into Saul Goodman. Kim could probably just lose total respect for Jimmy and that may be enough for the change. The Kim and Howard re-pairing seems like a sensible progression. But as we’ve just witnessed from the finale, those writers always seem to be a step ahead of the predictions…and that’s a good thing.

  • DanG

    1) I loved the similarity to the “beat-up” yard at night when young Chuck and Jimmy were in their tent with the lantern and the “beat-up” house/floor in Chuck’s house at the very end.

    I wonder if there’s some connection to young Chuck feeling safe/in-control in a tent with a lantern and why he preferred that to a more modern world that led to his illness/condition.

    2) Boom! Howard…drop the mic…. power move of all power moves…

    3) I love all Nacho scenes…. so, tension-filled, slow burn….