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Better Call Saul | Season 4, Episode 1 Recap Podcast of “Smoke”

Rob Cesternino and Antonio Mazzaro recap Season 4, Episode 1 of Better Call Saul on AMCย and answer some of the listener questions.

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  • TrentC

    Alright, Mr Mazzaro is back in the courtroom. All rise…
    (apologies, just finished two Vincent Bugliosi novels)

    What I liked most about this premiere was the way they addressed every question or unfinished scene from last season. We got some Gene, a little Nacho, a nice entree of Mike, a heaping helping of Chuck, and a thread of Jimmy throughout.

    There was no subterfuge or cutesy stuff alluding to maybe this/maybe that.

    • Lance Davis

      Yes! The Return of one Antonio-ooooooooo Mazzaro-oooooooo!!!!!

      • TrentC

        Thanks for that all day earworm…dammit man.

        Tune is kinda catchy. In my head it segues into Papa Was A Rolling Stone.

        *great, now The Temptations will be visiting me in my dreams tonight and having words with me…sorry guys.

  • Johnny

    Awesome! I was worried you weren’t covering this show any longer!

  • James Griffin

    Great to be listening to the Better Call Saul recap with everyone.

  • TrentC

    From the podcast:

    The air freshener in the cab was a pretty large mistake if the guy was a hit man. His behavior certainly didn’t help him if he was. Would the writers of this show create such an obvious scene?

    Which brings up a question I have based on a point Rob and Antonio were discussing. Just how connectable/culpable is Jimmy/Saul for what happened to Walter White?

    After Walter’s body was found, would the authorities know that Saul was his lawyer? I can’t see a contract being written and signed for what they were doing together. Even so, what could they prove?

    Going the other way, same question for the drug cartel. How would they know about the relationship and if they did, how important would it be to them now that Walter is dead? Some two bit lawyer gave advice on money laundering. I can’t see how any evidence could be found to connect the two as Gus is dead too.

    I’m not the brightest lantern in the house, but the physical connectivity to Gene is sparse. Even if a bridge is established between him and Walter White, neither cops or robbers would be able to establish just what acts Saul did for Walter and be able to prove them.

    • Almost makes you wonder if maybe. Saul was hiding something from the start. Could Jimmy have become Saul illegally? Seems like a stretch considering the commercials he shot but ?? Otherwise, I guess some of the minions leftover could finger him- he was taking bribes and kickbacks

      • TrentC

        I realize I’m postulating a theory that renders the entire premise of the show into question and lessens the tension considerably. I’m probably missing something. (Vince Gilligan and his writing crew > me).

        I thought of the final season of Breaking Bad, when Saul set Walter White up in the cabin. Then I tried to recall everything from the day Saul and Walter met. The logical part of me said there would never be a contract drawn because of the nature of their business. Walt was in a cash only industry. And then I had the rogue thought – What tangible things could be proven, linking Walt to Saul? Maybe Walt retained Saul as his lawyer using a check or bank draft, but that still doesn’t prove Saul was aware of where the payment of his fee originated.

        Hearsay is weak and prosecution would need to have evidence of Saul assisting, being present/being aware when Walt was breaking the law. *Antonio would certainly know if this is accurate, I’m speculating at best*

        Saul was never there when they cooked meth and he wasn’t there when Walt was involved with the murders and assaults.

        Being aware of a crime can result in collusion, but I don’t think anyone could place Saul in the room so to speak when Walt was having his many adventures.

  • sorry but Ali doesn’t stand a chance against Bruce. Great podcast.. so glad to hear Antonio again, even if he’s wrong about that ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • TrentC

      How about ninjas vs pirates?
      Cake vs pie?
      Star Wars vs Star Trek?
      Gif vs Jif?

      Is a hot dog a sandwich?? lol!

      • Ninjas would take pirates easy, always Gif, Hot dog is NOT a sandwich and I honestly cannot decide between SW & ST. I mean it seems they both have comparable fire power.. but in terms of strength.. hmm.. Data could probably take on anyone from SW and win, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • TrentC

          That scene reminded me of every dumb internet argument I’ve ever been a part of.

          The SW vs ST is a tough choice. Not sure about Data being the clear winner but I do know that cake is better than pie ๐Ÿ™‚

  • DT73

    I have no problem with this podcast. I will listen to it. What I will not do is watch “Better Call Saul” until all ten episodes have been aired and the entire season is available to binge. This season, and all so called “seasons” of this show can be watched in 3 separate two hour sittings. I have a problem with programs of this nature coming out in tiny commercial jammed “seasons” It has been over a YEAR since we have seen an episode of this show aired. Really, you are going to wait over a year between what is a pathetic excuse for a SEASON? NO, i AM DONE WITH THIS NONSENSE. IF AMC, HBO and others are going to put on TV shows like this, then they have lost me as a viewer. This is the case with this show for sure. So, again, I will listen to the podcast, but not watch the show. Also, it sounds like this was a weak episode full of flashbacks. NO SORRY, THIS IS NO WAY TO HAVE A TV PROGRAM AIRED OF ANY QUALITY.

  • LadyPantz

    I have never been able to successfully subscribe to this podcast on Android, tried all your links, tried searching for the podcast on Google Play, but nothing comes up. ๐Ÿ™

  • Robin

    So glad to see you’re both back covering Saul. I was worried when I heard Antonio had stepped away from the online world a bit.

    I recently re-watched s1-3, and it was better than I’d remembered. After really liking every ep of s3 on the re-watch, I was a liiiittle disappointed with this premiere. Still enjoyed it, but I thought the Mike section was over-long without any obvious point, and the final moment didn’t ring true for me. After a whole ep of Jimmy being depressed by his brother’s death, and after three seasons teaching us that (despite their constant butting heads) Jimmy does not hate Chuck or Howard, hanging it on Howard and whistling away at the end felt way out of character. Both of these issues might be resolved after some more context and explanation over the next ep or two though. Still liked it, but didn’t love it.