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Better Call Saul Season 1 Episode 10 Recap | Marco Review LIVE 11:15e/8:15p

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Rob Cesternino is joined by Antonio Mazzaro to recap episode 10 of the Breaking Bad prequel Better Call Saul entitled, “Marco”. Join us for our live review immediately after the episode.

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  • jon dunn

    Calling ‘Pollo’ to be an episode title next season.

    Great season. The finale had some outstanding scenes.

  • Sean B

    Color theory alert!
    -When Jimmy leaves the bar in the opening flashback there is a lingering shot on Marco– On the left a woman in white appears and walks by
    -Outside of the funeral service a man in red rushes by
    -As Jimmy drives off to Smoke on the Water he passes between two buildings, one white, one red

    • rojeezee

      Is observant your middle name? Nice catch. Interesting.

    • toast

      I noticed the guy who walked past at the funeral and wondered why they that. It seemed to interfere with the scene. He was carrying something…

  • Eart

    Good, entertaining podcast, as always.

    It’s weird. I liked each episode, but the season somehow felt less than the sum of its parts. The episodes were just kind of all over the place and just didn’t cohere as nicely as I would have liked.

    • toast

      The end of each BB season (and even most episodes) left you stunned and thinking “OMG Whaaat????”

      This was a very deliberately low key, rather sad, end. They chose not to ramp up the shocks.

    • Tom Oosterbroek

      I agree.

      The episodes themselves were very enjoyable.

      But except the last 2 episodes, it didn’t really go anywhere.

      I thought there would be much more payoff to the Tuco episode.

      • Eart

        Exactly. The episodes were fun… but taken together…ehhh, not so much.

        And it seems like Tuco was used to introduce Nacho, played by series regular Michael Mando, but he had fewer lines/scenes than guest stars like the Kettlemans .

        • Tom Oosterbroek

          Yep, I thought Nacho was going to be a much bigger deal in the season. But the only thing he did was buy some pills. >.>

          • Charles Bikle

            Between getting picked up as a suspect in the Kettleman family’s disappearance and picking up meds outside of his crew, I guess it makes sense that he’s laying low.

            Now that I’m thinking about it, maybe Nacho tried to handle the Kettlemans on his own without telling Tuco & the rest about it….

  • p566

    Fresh squeezed orange juice and foot massages for you both! I enjoyed this.

    I felt like this episode had more meaning and sets us up for next season. We saw Jimmy (re-)break bad and realize/decide he was slipping Jimmy at his core, not a straight arrow lawyer. Overall, I like the slow burn of this. If we rushed to creating Saul I think we would run out of show.

    BTW, most pay parking lots have a “less than 15 minutes free” rule. I think Mike is still playing by the rules

  • p566

    I felt like Earnesto and Gus appear similar because they got the same “black man appearing non-threatening in a professional world” costuming that is common in Hollywood. Also, some of the only black characters in the show.

    That said, they do both have a similar thin build and facial shape so I can see it but I do think the above is a big factor.

    • Antonio Mazzaro

      I agree, and yet I would assume the creators of this show would be sensitive to that, so there might be something there. I want to give them more credit than that, but you’re likely correct.

      • p566

        Yes, and I know I said it was Hollywood costuming but also think it is somewhat realistic. If you took a guy out of the mail room and said “you are going to visit the name partner everyday” I think this might be a realistic way for him to dress.

        Kelly Dixon said she had the same observation about Gus and the producers laughed at her.

        • Charles Bikle

          It’s also possible that that’s how Ernie dresses every day, if he serves in the mailroom in some kind of executive capacity (mailroom supervisor ?).

          I used to work in a corporate mailroom and the dress code was usually pretty relaxed, but in a high-profile legal firm, I can see them pushing for a tighter dress code.

        • Tom Oosterbroek
      • Tom Oosterbroek
    • Tom Oosterbroek
  • KB

    Rob you asked where does he go on his manic car trip. I’m 99% sure he goes straight to the dealership to get a white Cadillac. Season 1 ends with Jimmy driving that crap yellow car and season 2 is going to begin with Saul driving the Cadillac, that is my prediction at least. He’s got the cash from Hamlin.

  • Charles Bikle

    The last few episodes have made me a little confused about the first ones.

    Chuck & Hamlin seem to be on OK terms, so I’m a little unsure of why/how Jimmy was representing Chuck, especially in light of us now knowing what Chuck thinks of Jimmy as a lawyer.

    Was Chuck just throwing pointless “busy work” Jimmy’s way ? What was Chuck’s endgame here ?

  • Joe Dornisch

    Is there an audio only version of this