Black Mirror, Season 3 | Episodes 5 & 6 Recap

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Listen to the podcast:

Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) and AJ Mass (@AJMass) cannot BEElieve they’re already at the end of the season! They cover the last two episodes of season three and preview an upcoming feedback show with special guest Taran Armstrong. To submit feedback, please email [email protected]


  • realtrinilostgirl2007

    Hated in the nation reminds me of the bee hive, Beyonce’s fans who attack anyone who says anything against queen bee. Case in point the becky with the good hair and in a couple of hours or less they found out who Becky was Rachel Roy not Rachel Ray.

  • homertownie

    I think you were a little hard on Hillary Clinton. Just because Hillary encourages everyone to hate anyone earning more money than they have, and just because she pays brown shirts to attack political opponents, and just because she encourages blacks to kill police and wound dozens of police officers, she still should not be equated with the extreme in this show.

    Although this show does refusesto say “all lives matter” just like Hillary refuses to say.

  • homertownie

    If you liberal Manhattanites are going to talk politics in your podcast, then don’t be cowards and try to delete civil comments that mock you for your politics and hypocrisy.

    Either apologize and remove the politics, or else a few postings on pro-Trump threads about what you actually said will easily get PSR a thousand negative ratings on iTunes and ten thousand on YouTube.

    Live up to your self-proclaimed “podcast bravery” and not your real life PC cowardice and do the right thing. You might want to talk to Rob before you destroy the PSR brand.

    • Mike Bloom

      May I ask which part of the podcast you took offense with? I apologize, I didn’t see the first comment before it got deleted. Of course it’s never our intention to cause an uproar with our content, but I’d be interested in knowing which part in particular you found incendiary. Thanks!

  • TrentC

    Thanks for the recaps gentlemen. Great third season of Black Mirror. Found myself agreeing with your power rankings and impressions of the episodes. Nosedive did seem like it had above average production values and it did seem to lag a little in the middle. I found it simultaneously the weakest of the bunch while being strangely scary at the same time. Getting likes and having to structure your entire life in a certain (false) way as the only method of prospering, hits a little close to home.

    Shut up and Dance and Hated in the Nation were my favorites. Kelly Macdonald can do no wrong and agreed, I’d like to see the pairing on a weekly TV show .