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Black Mirror | Season 3 Preview

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Listen to the podcast:

It’s time to get back into the screens and screams of Black Mirror! The critically acclaimed British sci-fi anthology series is back for a six-episode season on Netflix, and Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) and AJ Mass (@AJMass) are back to cover them. In preparation for the third season, AJ and Mike talk about what they’ve loved about the series so far, the crazy modern-day events that Black Mirror predicted, and what they’re looking forward to for the third season.
  • Gal Baum

    Great podcast guys!
    I’m excited for tomorrow (10AM Israeli time) when Black Mirror should drops on Netflix.
    I will listen to your next Black Mirror podcasts (3 or more).

    About the podcast itself. I don’t know if you can say it’s the same universe for all episodes. All the episodes take place in the near future of earth, but I think each episode takes place in a different future. It’s like our timeline is splitting into several parallel universes.

  • Jimmy B

    Jerome Flynn is an example of someone being more famous in the UK. He was in a popular tv show here called Soldier Soldier in the 90s that spawned a music career for him. He had number 1 singles in the UK with his singing parnter Robson Green under the name Robson & Jerome. Their cover version of Unchained Melody was number 1 for 7 weeks in 1995. For some reason. 🙂

    • TrentC

      Not to mention a great role on Ripper Street.

      Crossing the streams here but Lee from AU Survivor reminds me of a younger, better looking Jerome Flynn.

  • Sam S.

    Love Mike and AJ together. Can’t wait for the episode recaps and hopefully a feedback show!