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Boardwalk Empire Final Season Recap – Episode 4 “Cuanto”

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Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) and Jeremiah Panhorst (@jpanhorst) recap episode 4 of the final season of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, “Cuanto”.

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Show Notes:


• Why is Enoch so bothered by the swells?

• What did we learn from the dinner scene at Sheriff Lindsay house?

 • Enoch request to have his father jailed or killed. Does this shows us that Enoch was breaking bad at an early age?

• Will Sheriff Lindsay be more of a mentor to Enoch than the Commodore?

• Will we see a teen Enoch and Eli next?

 Atlantic City

 • Joe is not interested in teaming up with Nucky, because Scotch does not mix with rum. What do we make of this?

• Did we like how Nucky and Margaret open up about there first impressions of each other?

• What do we think of Nucky’s solution to the problem with Rothstein’s widow?

• Is Nucky up to something else?


• What is going on with Bacardi?

• Sally gets killed by local authorities. Would things have been different if Nucky was there to deliver the money?

• Is this the end of the Bacardi deal?


• Wallace Beery plays a gangster in the movie The Secret Six. Is this why Al Capone was offended by this reference?

 • Do we like the clear Goodfellas reference?

• Did we think Van was a goner when Luciano recognizes him?

• How awesome was the Van shakedown scene?

• What is going to happen to Van, now that the Feds know who he is?

 • It looks like Al Capone plans to help Nucky, what does this mean for Luciano’s plan?


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  • Matt Campbell

    All the present day story lines have me sufficiently hooked, but these flashbacks (although pretty interesting) are taking up too much screen time for me, for so far not much reward or insight. Only 4 eps left and only just starting to work towards Al Capone’s downfall and Luciano being in control!