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Boardwalk Empire Final Season Recap – Episode 5 “King of Norway”

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Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) and Jeremiah Panhorst (@jpanhorst) recap episode 5 of the final season of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, “King of Norway”.

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Show Notes:


  • Did Mark Pickering nail his performance as younger Nucky?
  • Does the Commodore like Nucky?
  • Mabel’s father clearly does not like Nucky. Are we surprised?
  • Is Sheriff Lindsay the only one trying to keep Nucky from going bad?
  • What happens to Sheriff Lindsay? Does Nucky push him out somehow?


  • Is Gillian going to break out?

Atlantic City

  • Should Chalky have taken Nucky’s advice and hide out in Atlantic City?
  • Who is Joe Harper?

New York


  • Does this seem like a good idea for Nucky to meet with Maranzano?
  • What do we think of Nucky’s move to use Margaret — for the purpose of shorting Mayflower Grain Corporation stock?
  • Will Nucky really kill Luciano and Lansky?
  • Ronis tells Nucky about Sally and informs him there will be no action. Can Nucky leave that alone?
  • What will Chalky do now after finding Daughter Maitland — and her 7-year-old daughter?


  • After hearing Nucky’s answer to his warning, Capone orders Mike D’Angelo and his men to move everything to Cicero immediately. Is this going to work?
  • Al Capone had debilitating constipation.
  • After Eli realizes that his wife June is pregnant again, he wants the family to move to Chicago. Is that a bad idea?
  • During the tense dinner at Van Alden’s kit house, Eli remembers he has been sleeping with Van’s wife Sigrid. What triggered his memory?
  • Haakon VII of Norway who became the first king of the country in 1907, was the photo on the Van Alden’s kitchen wall.
  • What will Eli and Van do, now that their backs are against the wall?
  • Will Eli and Van take down Capone?

The closing song is ‘Shout Sister Shout’ by the Boswell Sisters.

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  • Matt Campbell

    Mark Pickering was amazing as older-younger Nucky! Great call on Tommy possibly being Joe, there’s no way a character would be brought in in such an odd way with just snippets of scenes where he’s around but no-one knows why without there being a big reveal towards the end.

    Also, Willie Thompson. Haven’t seen him in a few eps now, seemed like his lawyer arc was going to build towards something in the first 2 episodes. Not sure where he fits in to things now.

    • jpanhorst

      Great point Matt! I am not sure where Willie fits into the story now. I am sure we will see him again before it’s all over.

  • jaredbangs

    Hey guys, great show! Loving all the theories about where everything is going. As far as Gillian’s story line is concerned, after this episode it really seemed clear to me that our flashback timeline is going to end up dovetailing with the current day story in a big way when it gets to the point where Nucky brings her to the Commodore. I think that’s where we’ll see young Nucky take that first step (way) over the line, and then I think we’ll see that come back to bite him in the modern era where he seems to be wishing he could somehow get back on the other side of that line. I think the point of her scenes in this episode was to make it clear that she’ll do absolutely anything to get out of her current situation, and that might include turning on Nucky. She’s certainly got a lot of dirt on him, from that point in her childhood onward, and she could bring that to the right people (perhaps via the letters) in exchange for her freedom (or at least escape from that place) just in time to cause Nucky’s grand plans for happiness to come crashing down around him in the end.

    • jpanhorst

      I like the idea that the flashbacks will lead to the final scene. Let’s hope it all pays off for a great ending!

  • Kge

    I really enjoy all the podcasts but this one is particularly strong not sure if it’s because I love the show so much or the fact you guys are doing such a great job. Probably both! Cant wait for more and glad to be going on the season finale journey with a great podcast