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Boardwalk Empire Series Finale Recap


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Join Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) and Jeremiah Panhorst (@jpanhorst) as they they provide their first impressions of the last episode of Boardwalk Empire, “Eldorado”.

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  • Brendan Fitzpatrick

    I love you guys, but I would seriously recommend figuring out a way to separate the ChatWing chat boxes by podcast or use a different Chat Service. Last night, someone came on during boardwalk empire, and started asking about Walking Dead and dropping spoilers on a show i’m not caught up on. It wasn’t a lot or anything big, but it was still an issue, and I’m sure it’s happened before. Great Podcast last night on BE, top notch work as usual. Cheers.


  • TP222

    They need a spin off of Luicano, Lansky, and Seigal!

  • Tom Oosterbroek

    I never knew Jeremiah was so handsome!

    Great last recap, for a great show. I’m going to miss it, as I will your recaps. Thank you for them, and I hope to see you guys recapping something else!

  • Matt Campbell

    You’re right Antonio, the Gillian ending was not a pay off. For me the flashbacks were ultimately pretty much a waste of airtime, as much as i loved the performances of the younger characters. I came into the finale thinking the theme was going to be ‘it’s too late for Nucky’, and here’s what I had thought of to wrap it up:
    – Nucky decides he will help Gillian, but by the time he gets to the nuthouse, she is freshly coming out of a lobotomy…he’s too late.
    – Nucky (similarly to the ep) goes to visit Eli with cash and a house lined up for him, but finds he has commited suicide because he couldn’t get his family back…he’s too late.
    – Nucky decides his life should be with Margaret and goes to New York to take her away and start fresh somewhere new, but he gets there and Margaret is thriving in the stock market business and doesn’t want to leave because she has found something fulfilling that she’s doing all by herself…he’s too late.
    – After dismissing Tommy all season, Nucky finally sees Tommy is a lot like him when he was a teenager and decides to help him, but Tommy had already made up his mind about the kind of guy Nucky is and kills him…he’s too late.

    • jeremiahp

      I have a feeling a lot of people agree with you Matt. Nucky made a lot of poor discussions that eventually lead to his death.