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Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and  Rich Tackenberg (@richtack) review episode 19 of the 41st season of Saturday Night Live with host Brie Larson & musical guest Alicia Keys broadcast on May 7, 2016!

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  • Sam S.

    Definitely a top 5 baby episode of the season IMO

  • Adam Bradford

    Good episode, but not great. Great to see the Ms. Rafferty sketch back, it was the best sketch of the night; so funny, not sure how Kate McKinnon was able to keep it together. Weekend Update was probably the second best part of the episode, one of the funniest in a long time. I really love Vanessa Bayer’s news-singing girl character. The Quizwhiz 2018 sketch was also decent, mainly because of Keenan Thompson and the fact that I actually saw the Ted Cruz elbowing his wife video.

    All the rest of the sketches were solid, with no real misses, but nothing mind-blowingly funny. Probably most disappointed in the GoT sketch which could have been a lot better. Loved Keenan Thompson in it, but since I thought GoT brought Jon Snow back in a timely manner, I didn’t really agree with the premise. I also didn’t really get the Presidential Barbie commercial, was this supposed to be an outtake from a commercial? I feel like SNL was just trying to bring their equal skewering of Hillary Clinton after bashing Trump in the loooong Church Lady cold-opener.

  • Thought there was A LOT of misses this episode. If it wasn’t for a couple of Kate McKinnon characters saving the day this would have been the worst of the season for me.

    The Game of Thrones skit especially, boy were they way off the mark with that one considering the start of season 6 has actually moved along at a much faster pace than the previous 5. So for them aiming for the punchline that GoT moves too slowly was really odd especially for a scene that was clearly high tension and the possibility that it could have been a double fake out.

    • homertownie

      If they are going to make a one-joke skit, then at least keep it short.

    • Laws

      Loved this episode, but I do agree that Kate was the star of almost every skit she was in. What else is new though?

    • yeah, I guess if you weren’t also frustrated by that particular GoT storyline, there wasn’t much else in the sketch to keep your attention. I happen to agree, so I laughed.

  • Charles Bikle

    I think James was 100 % right about Alicia Keys trying to change her image. This commercial below is exactly what I think she’s trying to get away from:

    • Charles Bikle

      “Hey Alicia, there’s this lame white guy who saved up his Citi-Points on
      his credit card to get a backstage pass and, as per your contractual
      obligation with our sponsor, we’ll need you to smile and make eye
      contact with him as you walk by”

  • Will L

    I appreciate Rich’s insight but PLEASE get the cast member’s names right. It’s Sasheer not “Shaseer” and it’s Rud-nit-sky not Ruzinsky. These really aren’t hard names to get right and they deserve credit where credit is due.

    In terms of the episode I thought it was ok, but it ended off weaker than it started. They really wasted Brie Larson’s potential. When you have an Oscar winner and someone as talented as Brie Larson as your host you don’t need to basically write her out of the show like they did with Ronda Rousey.

    • You’re right about Rudnitsky, but when did I ever call her Shaseer? If I did, I must have had a spasm. maybe I’m slurring for some reason!

  • Charles Bikle

    When the Church Lady told a joke and then said “Too soon ?” – that made me laugh.

  • homertownie

    Weekend update has become one-note with half the time spent on black-white racism jokes. This is the old “we can make racist jokes as long as we have a black character say it”.

    This episode had to be the 20th time time they went to the “blacks can say the n-word and whites can’t” meme. That explains why they stay with the Che-Jost anchors which have zero chemistry but at least lets them do their one-note race jokes.

  • Laws

    I’m not sure why people are complaining; this was the first decent episode in a while.

    “The Cut” was my favorite skit of the night and, even though I didn’t agree with the premise, the GoT bit made me laugh.