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Community | Season 6 Premiere Recap

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Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazarro) step out of their respective Dreamatoriums to talk about the sixth season premiere of Community, as well as the five seasons that came previous to it.

After experiencing numerous difficulties, both creative and ratings-wise, the sitcom was canceled by NBC, but picked up by Yahoo Screen as its first original series. In addition to chatting about the recently-released first two episodes of the new season, Mike and Antonio dive into a wealth of subjects, including:
  • How does the new character of Frankie symbolize Yahoo’s acquisition of the show?
  • What are Antonio’s power rankings for romantic relationships in the study group?
  • What are Mike’s power rankings for Greendale students outside of the study group?
  • What are Antonio and Mike’s favorite episodes, and do they enjoy the themed episodes more than non-themed?
  • Which type of Chang is the best Chang?
Antonio and Mike will return to recap the season finale in eleven episodes’ time. In the meantime, grab some buttered noodles and your leftover Shirley’s Sandwich (that hopefully Britta didn’t make) and give a listen!
community-yahoo-300 Stay tuned for that next Community podcast at the end of the season.[/caption]

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  • Craig

    And Jesus whept for there were no more shows for PSR to conquer! I have been waiting and tweeting PSR for a Community recap podcast since this site went online. If I ever decided to do a podcast/had the means to do a podcast, I would want it to be one in which I cover every Community episode ever (and a weekly Survivor podcast too). I already have all the seasons on DVD, so I am about 25% there!

    • Chlsea_1905

      So which episodes are your favorites. I loved the first paintball episode. I think its got to be my favorite. It was the 1st episode that made me ask “what in the hell is going on?” but I loved it. I also remember loving the Valentines day episode where Abed and Troy go out with the librarian. John Oliver was so funny in that one.

      • Craig

        My favourite would have to be Paradigm of Human Memory (season 2, episode 21). As a fan of tv, I hate clip shows. I think they are a stupid way for the show to save money, and completely unnecessary in today’s tv world, so Community doing an episode where they make fun of that exact thing is just great to me. I also love it how the cast plays up the cliche’s like throwing in words like “Remember when” and saying them in the cliche way.

        • Antonio Mazzaro

          Are you, in fact, Craig Pelton?

          BTW the “clip show” is definitely in my top 10, approaching top 5.

          • Craig

            Let me check my closet… Nope regular clothes. Payday candy bars are my favourite candy bars though.

  • Craig

    Great podcast guys. You really did a good job at covering all 5 seasons, and everything that is Community really well in less then 2 hours. Mike’s story about getting into Community is interesting because it is almost word for word how I got into Community, right down to Remedial Chaos Theory being the first episode that he saw.

    I feel Gillian Jacobs is the most underrated on the show. She had a rough start but she really came into the role by season 3. Where she shines is in the physical comedy, and facial expressions. That really shows in the second episode.

    • Antonio Mazzaro

      For sure on GJ, and thank you for the kind words. I feel like this season (though early) may be on the way to giving her some of the actual growth the other characters have really experienced. She’s been mostly Britta, not always the AT and T of people, but not evolving beyond a situation which left her bringing awareness to the homeless because she was actually homeless as we started Season 6.

  • EricD

    Really happy to see Community covered here now! It’s really hard to pick a favourite episode. I love some of the memorable ones like Paintball, D&D, Ass Crack Bandit, etc., but I hardly ever hear mention of the one with Jack Black. I watched that one recently, and I don’t know if any other episode ever had me laughing so much. Some great moments, like Jack Black’s tantrum as Jeff drags him away as his pants fall down, and Owen Wilson’s cameo at the end.

  • Matt Geoghegan

    Can’t thank you guys enough for finally doing a Community podcast. Favorite episode has to be Remedial Chaos Theory. Favorite episode of anything ever