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The Crown | Interview with Royal Historian, Robert Lacey

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The Crown: Interview with Royal Historian, Robert Lacey

This is a sponsored episode of Post Show Recaps brought to you by “The Crown: The Official Companion, Volume 1 – Elizabeth II, Winston Churchill & the Making of a Young Queen”

Rob Cesternino and Taran Armstrong talk to Royal Historian, Robert Lacey, about his contributions to the hit Netflix series, “The Crown”.  Robert worked to provide historical details to the production and is the author of “The Crown: The Official Companion, Volume 1 – Elizabeth II, Winston Churchill & the Making of a Young Queen”. 

Be on the lookout for our review of Season 2 of “The Crown” coming on Monday, December 11

  • TarafromLI

    Wow! Who knew Rob had this in him? lol I am a huge Anglophile and I loved the first season of The Crown. I am looking forward to the second season and any ensuing podcasts that cover it. Thanks, Rob! This was a great surprise for me.

  • Caitlin Ash

    Loved this interview! So interesting, and I didn’t realize season 2 was out on Friday! Can’t wait

  • Rebecca

    I’m with Tara that this was a big and happy surprise. I did freak out a bit when I heard about this podcast on The Wiggle Room and immediately listened to it. I’m flying to Florida to visit my father, and I picked my dates because my dad and I want to binge Season 2 together and this was a great warm up for the binge-fest.

    I hope whomever covers it/cohosts for Season 2 is a BRF fan/Anglophile – some of us are better and quicker than Wiki when it comes to this crazy family and the history! 😉

    If I had know Rob would do something like this, I would have represented RHAP better on my last trip to London! My photo with the Queen’s favorite ceremony horses would have been way better with the RHAP t-shirt on display.

  • Saundra Schmidt Brook

    This was a great interview!!! I am so glad you announced it on the RHAP feed so I knew it was there. I don’t listen to things on this feed as most of them are shows that I don’t watch and they don’t interest me. ( Well SNL but I subscribe to that feed) But this really interests me, it was well done and very fascinating… AND I AM GOING TO BUY THE BOOK.

  • Savannah

    Thank you great interview. I am just getting ready to binge all night on new season 2 today ! I love this amazing TV series…..the British are good and exuberant!

  • Ana Horvat

    I just finished binge watching both seasons and it was a treat to listen to this afterwards. Such a clever idea they made a book companion as I found myself on google dozens of times fact checking during the show.