Curb Your Enthusiasm | Season 9 Episode 4 Recap Podcast

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“Curb Your Enthusiasm” Season 9 Episode 4 Post Show Recap Podcast

Fresh off completing the full rewatch of Seinfeld, Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur recap Season 9 Episode 3 of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”.

  • Talkin Hockey

    Enjoyed this episode and the podcast. More energy this week. Also felt the ending this week was misplaced and off. Larry this season has thrown all cares of pretending out the window. He always had this bubbling under, but he was working, married, trying to date etc. No he just doesn’t care what so ever to hide who he is.

    The nephews photo being trampled like he got trampled by the bulls was hilarious. Also Larry’s joke about getting the balls for free was hilarious. And I would love to get so excited by something as Larry did when he saw the clock in Lionel’s office.

    Solid episode.

    • namuch

      Yeah, I loved that. lol. Little things like that had me cracking up. I also found the art exhibit scene where Richard Lewis says: “Do you understand any of it?”

      And Jeff says “No, it’s very confusing.”. Was laughing out loud at the way it was casually delivered.

  • Rubicon

    Grown men who prattle on about lowbrow-smut like Curb, with the modesty of nuns, is a special type of mental illness.

  • namuch

    I monitored Rob’s enjoyment of the episode closely and I have to give the podcast a 10/10. Although his enjoyment stayed relatively stable, my only criticism is that I noticed a slight drop in enthusiasm for something that he enjoyed. All said and done, I had to drop the score from 11/10 to 10/10 which is still an incredible feat.

  • Jiff Probst

    I noticed Rob and Akiva wondering how Suzie knew about Jeff’s infidelity with the real estate agent, and then a listener question about it too… not sure if this wasn’t perfectly clear, but to me:

    Suzie’s friend saw Jeff in a car with a woman, Jeff admitted it was a real estate agent but claimed he was shopping for houses. She seemed to believe him, but once he started dressing nice with that suit from the Barney’s sale, Larry refused to say how he knew about the sale, it set off her bullshit radar. She says right out that she’s onto them and she knows they’re lying to her about something. So she then reverted back to thinking Jeff was cheating, specifically with the real estate agent he’d told her about.

  • Jiff Probst

    also that Funkhouser line about Kenny, “He’s like the son I never had, although my daughter is transitioning” was very funny and much less questionable than Larry’s follow-up comments

  • Valkyl

    I also felt that the last scene felt shoehorned in, almost as if they were like “Hey we have Brian Cranston for 2 more hours lets film another scene” and then they stuck at the end of the episode because he’s super famous , something they wouldn’t have done if it was a regular B list guest star.