Daredevil: Rabbit in a Snow Storm | Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

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alley starting to close? Don’t muscle your way into someone else’s game; you’ll just wind up hurting yourself. Instead, come play with us as we talk about the third episode of MARVEL’S DAREDEVIL!

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Kevin Mahadeo (@kevmahadeo) dive into episode three of the new Netflix series, titled “Rabbit in a Snow Storm.” At long last, the show has finally introduced us to the big man pulling the strings behind Union Allied and all the other nefarious villains we’ve met so far… and he’s kind of a teddy bear?

What do Josh and Kevin make of weepy Wilson Fisk? And what are their thoughts on how the episode’s final fight between Matt Murdock and Healy upped the ante in terms of violence? And which one of them is right as far as their Legends of the Hidden Temple allegiance is concerned? Find out all those answers and more in this week’s episode, and let us know what you think in the comments section below or by using the feedback form.

Josh and Kevin will return tomorrow for a recap of DAREDEVIL episode four.

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  • Matt Racine

    watched the first six episodes last night. couldn’t stop! dark, gritty superhero show. i love it. stoked to catch up on the podcasts!

  • This is tagged “Game of Thrones” instead of Daredevil. So it is not showing up on the proper page. (I’m glad that I thought to go looking for it!)

  • Turk is *well* established in the Marvel Universe: to the point that I remember him from the Marvel role playing game!

  • Linus Wesley

    Ben Urich is my favorite character in Marvel. He was the co-lead with Jessica Jones in the Brian Michael Bendis comic The Pulse which was the sequel to the original Jessica Jones series Alias, all of which is really great. Haven’t read any newer stuff like Civil War yet, but Ben Urich is just such a great, normal, human character.

    Turk was introduced by Frank Miller and quickly became the guy Daredevil goes to to beat up and get information from. He’s a fun character to have appear on the show and that short flashback at the start of the episode where he sold the gun was perfect.

  • @Wharfrat1625

    I adore Ben Urich as a Marvel character also, and I love Vondie Curtis-Hall the actor they have playing him. Great casting choice. I really hope that he will carry over into some of the other MCU stuff we have coming in the future.

    Really enjoying the podcasts so far guys. I have to thank you for tipping me off to the series in the first place. I knew it was being made, but I didn’t realize it was being released so soon, and I honestly would have over looked it if not for the preview you boys did. Thanks for the heads up and keep up the good work on the recaps!