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Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is dead! Long live Daredevil!

At last, Matt Murdock embraces his true name and dons his iconic red costume in the final episode of DAREDEVIL season one. Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Kevin Mahadeo (@kevmahadeo) dive straight into the first season finale of Marvel’s first Netflix series, talking about their take on Matt’s costume (spoiler alert: they don’t love it), their conflicting opinions on Murdock’s final fight, and much more.

Plus! Hear Josh and Kevin’s first reactions to the news of DAREDEVIL earning a second season order, which they learned about while recording the podcast. Given the news, Josh and Kevin are going to come back for one final podcast answering your questions and talking about the first season overall.

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  • Roberto

    Great job guys, I didn’t do 1 episode a day, I watched the whole thing that weekend but I did follow your podcasts.
    I didn’t like the costume at all and I agree with Kevin I prefer the movie costume.
    The head/mask/helmet looked weird specially around the eyes, the black I hope is because its unfinished and the fabric also seemed wrong for whatever reason I was expecting it to be smoother.
    And the final Battle didn’t feel as epic in scale, maybe because they were fighting in an alley behind the dumpster but ti just wasnt the grand finale I was hoping for.
    Other than that the show was amazing and I casn’t wait for the other shows or the second season to come out.

  • Kevin was right. They needed that fight. Both Matt *and* Daredevil needed to take down the Kingpin.

  • Adam Berck

    I rewatched the fight between Daredevil and Kingpin and the first part was IMO great and then when Daredevil gets the upper hand (after he gets up off the ground) it gets really bad.

    I might go as far to say I hate the Daredevil costume but I LOVE LOVE the Dread Pirate Robert custome. Personally I would have Daredevil wear that the entire next season (maybe a red armoured one). Honestly the costume made me feel like Charlie Cox’s acting was worse for some reason.

    Also did anyone find it ridiculous that Kingpin payed off the FBI. Not only is that crazy amount of money but some people can’t be bought. I think I would have prefered if Daredevil didn’t fight Kingpin just because it was ridiculous that Kingpin could escape like that.

    I do have to say the way the Kingpin was taken down through the law was very natural and the montage of people getting arrested was one of my favorite moments of the entire season.

    Does anyone else think that Kingpin was the worst acting wise from the main cast? I guess that goes to show how good the cast was at acting but I thought Matt, Stick, Wesley, Ben, and Foggy were the top 5.

    Overall though I think that Daredevil is better than anything else in the MCU so far which is saying a lot.

  • Blake Clark

    As far as the device that Matt was using with his laptop, at my university there’s a blind girl and she has a similar looking thing. She can type on it, ‘read’ pdfs, and all sort of things. It’s pretty nifty.

    • Is that JAWS or something similar(next level)?

      • willatuno

        Imagine JAWS meets Magneto, a device that creates a Braille Display, allowing what’s seen on a computer to be interpreted to Braille so that it can be read in that method.

        • That’s awesome!

  • Linus Wesley

    I just watched the fight scene a third time and I think it’s cool that you can see sparks when his armor deflects the blows, since that’s the whole reason he got the costume. Some of Matt’s punches look a bit goofy but I think it’s fine, I don’t have any problems with it. I’m really not a guy who cares a lot for action scenes like this to begin with. This show has had some really great action choreography but it’s not the reason I watch the show, just like seeing zombies isn’t the reason I watch the Walking Dead.

    While I have no problem with the fight or the way the costume looks and works in that scene, I do think it’s kinda ugly. I would agree with Kevin that it’s the helmet piece that just looks a bit off. I guess that’s the part that’s ugly about the movie costume too, but maybe a combination between the two would be better?

    But either way, it could definitely be worse. Just look at this photo from Angie Bowie’s suggested Daredevil & Black Widow show in the ’70s.

    • willatuno

      Since most superhero costumes evolve over time, I’m sure that Daredevil’s will too, but the helmet kills it for me. In the fight scene, and having the sparks when the pipe hits the helmet is too much, and just misses the mark. Surely their is a limit at what can be done with armor versus tights, but it seems that we’re all waiting for the costume to evolve. However, causing such a clear divide with people either loving or hating the costume is a good thing, for it forces discussion, the oh-so-loved, “Water Cooler Talk,” that networks seem to want so much.
      This episode is the least of Season 1, but that being said, 2 Thumbs UP, 5/5 Stars on Netflix, 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, etc. for Season 1 of Daredevil. Simply having the ability to do more and being able to do more with more graphic language and scenes is something rarely done well, and Daredevil is a good show. Not a good comic book show, not a good action show, a GOOD SHOW. No apologies for the caps, emphasis intended.

  • Avery Gordon

    It took me way too long to start this series, but my god was it fantastic. Binged all the episodes and podcasts within a couple of days. With the huge success of Daredevil my hope that maybe, just maybe we will get a Moon Knight netflix series gets grows.