Marvel’s Daredevil Season 2 Episode 1 Recap | Bang

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Listen to the podcast:

Bang! Grab your dance partner and hug them like they’re your cousin, because the Marvel’s Daredevil podcast is back on Post Show recaps!

After podcasting about the first season in 2015, Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Kevin Mahadeo (@kevmahadeo) return to Hell’s Kitchen for the second season of Matt Murdock’s war on crime. In the season two premiere, “Bang,” Matt learns he’s not the only vigilante in town — except the other vigilante is more army than man, without any remorse toward his enemies. Josh and Kevin break down the first appearance of Jon Bernthal as the Punisher, weigh in on the dancing skills of one Foggy Nelson, the developing “Karedevil” romance between Matt and Karen, and much more.

A new Daredevil podcast will drop every week day for the remainder of the season, continuing tomorrow with “Dog to a Gunfight.”

  • Reynaldo Hernandez Aponte Yes he exists guys. Great podcast.guys.

  • Linus Wesley

    Hey guys, great to have the Daredevil podcast back! I previewed and wrote about the show before binging it with my girlfriend and definitely think the first episode got better after watching it two or three times. While I thought it was good the first time as well, there’s just something missing. Sure Wilson Fisk didn’t appear until the end of the fourth episode in the first season, but I think a lot of us expected to see his story continue here in season two, whether he’s in prison, awaiting trial or having been set free. That initial chase-the-robbers scene still does nothing for me though.

    To answer Kevin’s question about if all viewers knew it was the Punisher all along, I can say that my girlfriend who I make read a lot of comics and who loves the Daredevil show, did not know the Punisher was in this season and therefore didn’t have any idea that it was a one-man-army carrying out these attacks. She was hoping it would be Bullseye.

    And as for Grotto, Kevin you just had to say “as far as I know, he’s not like Turk.” Grotto was actually Turk’s best friend back in that same era as Elektra and Kingpin and Punisher all appeared in Daredevil! They were always getting into trouble together, always hanging out at Josie’s Bar playing cards.

    I look forward to doing a bit of fact-checking and sharing easter eggs etc. in the comments if you guys miss something, with no spoilers for upcoming episodes of course.


  • Tiffany

    SOOO I was dying to reply to your podcast. I actually listen to Josh for TWD podcast and I’m newly into daredevil so I figured I would listen AND yall had some questions about how this is being viewed by newbies.
    As a person who is comic-book adjacent (i.e. my hubby is into them), its sometimes hard to enjoy stuff with comic-book lovers because there is no pleasing you.
    The reason I was interested in Daredevil S.1 is because it wasn’t Ben Affleck and I really wanted to see what someone else could do with the story, told a different way. LOVED it. One of the highlights was the fact that I knew of Kingpin, but didn’t connect the two until like episode 6 when I turned to my hubs with eyes wide open, like ‘IS THAT THE KINGPIN? MOTHER F”ER…” (needless to say he was proud).
    The only thing I knew about the new season is that The Punisher will be on there. Now I LOVED the punisher movie from 2004 (and so did hubs) but I was so tired of hearing people tell me I don’t know nuffin’ because I apparently liked a watered-down version of the Punisher. BUT the watered down version from 2004 is what has prepared me for the “real” punisher in 2016.
    just a few things:
    1. As a non-comic book reader, I DID NOT connect batman to daredevil at all. I think they are wildly different characters serving wildly different purposes.
    2. I had NO IDEA that the Irish Mafia guy was going to get his face blown off as well as the rest of the room…I was SHOCKED
    3. Did not know the Punisher was more than one person. mostly because I was just engrossed in the story.
    Its as if you guys know so much about the story that you can’t suspend you belief and than you complain that 1. the rest of the world doesn’t know the “real story” 2. how can the rest of the world enjoy XYZ, without knowing the “real story” 3. if we know the “real story” but still enjoy it its current form, than obviously the rest of the world are dummies who you shouldn’t even bother podcasting for..
    The comic-book reader problem:
    On one hand you want to see new and exciting ways to do stuff but it seems as soon as they stray from the source material, comic book readers start the bytching and moaning. And not just complaints, I mean boycotts to shows, they swear they could have made a better show if they could just leave their basements. PLEASE DO NOT BECOME LIKE THE DICKWEEDS OVER AT BALD MOVE. (I hate them so much. They literally watch the walking dead on mute, talk through the whole show, than show up to complain on the podcast about how they missed EVERY SINGLE THING. One episode the guys said, I’m a fat bastard, I don’t run…sooo how could Rick believably run for that long..WTF? EVER HEARD OF MARATHONS…I’m sorry I’m getting ahead of myself).
    And thanks!

  • Cameron

    I gotta say, like Murdock, I came into this show with no preview on the second season whatsoever as I was sold from watching the first season. Had no idea the punisher would be in it, but I did know a new “bad guy” would reveal himself the first episode. In the irish gang scene I 100% thought the irish dude was the main bad guy and didn’t even see the massacre coming. This made for the reveal of the punisher to be even more epic than it sounds like you two thought it would be. Chills ran down my spine as the dude from the meat room said “It’s not an army, its one man”. I am very invested in this season and am already having a lot of fun with it and the show you two do!