DAREDEVIL: Stick | Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

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Stick to the plan and stick around to hear about a sticky situation caused by Stick!

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Kevin Mahadeo (@kevmahadeo) are sticking to their daily DAREDEVIL podcasting schedule, talking today about “Stick,” an episode that introduces Stick, the man who taught Matt Murdock how to hone his heightened senses, and mentored him in various combat methods, including how to fight with sticks.

Tune into the show to see how many times Josh and Kevin intentionally and unintentionally say the word “stick,” as well as some other non-stick storylines, and let them know what you think in the comments section below, or stick a message into our feedback inbox.

Should we say “stick” one more time? Let’s go for it: STICK!

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  • David Tapia

    Thanks for getting this out so quick… no mention of who the guy that Stick is talking to at the end of the episode really is? You mentioned Hand related but no guess as who he is from the comics

    • Charles Bikle

      I think he and the Black Sky kid are connected to Iron Fist/K’un -lun

      • Linus Wesley

        I agree. They mentioned a door being opened, which could definitely be the door to K’un L’un, which for those who don’t know is a mystical city where Iron Fist was trained and given his mystical powers. I recently read the original Iron Fist comics and thought his origin was way too crazy to be used on the Netflix show, but maybe not!

  • @Wharfrat1625

    Given where the MCU is going, I thought the Black Sky kid was an Inhuman.

    That said, When you guys do sports, the world becomes a better place. Love the X-men reference, and please, I beg you, Bane voice in every podcast moving forward. Not just the Daredevil ones. I want Bane voice Lannisters, Bane voice Rick Grimes. And of course this summer we can look forward to Bane voice Kevin Garvey Sr on the leftovers. Thank you.

  • Rei

    no mention regarding “meditate… even heal your wounds faster”?

    i think stick says he’s still alive, even after 20 years because of meditation

    cool podcast

  • You “yada yada”ed through the hospital scene. But there was a huge hint about Matt’s Mom.

  • Linus Wesley

    I was very much looking forward to seeing Stick appear on the show and I think they totally nailed portrayal of the character; maybe even more than any of the other characters on the show. I think Matt, Kingpin and Foggy are also perfectly embodying the essence of their comic book counterparts, with Karen just being a huge improvement. She’s come a long way from Daredevil #1: