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DAREDEVIL: The Devil You Know | Season 1 Episode 9 Recap


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The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen needs a hand, after facing The Hand, in episode nine of Marvel’s new Netflix series, DAREDEVIL!

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Kevin Mahadeo (@kevmahadeo) break down the big fight between Matt Murdock and Nobu, followed by an even bigger fight, in the ninth episode of the new series. Making a deadly situation even worse, someone close to the Nelson & Murdock team loses their life, sending Matt on a downward spiral of destruction — his own destruction, potentially.

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  • Trevor Douglas Allen

    You know who also don’t need to fight; Captain America and Iron Man, but that’s going to happen too.Also, in reference to a previous podcast, Superman killing is within the source material unlike the Mandarin being an actor or the origin of Ultron (not to mention Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver which they don’t own the right to do properly). The X-Men fills are so all over the place and different from the source. You love all these films. It’s alright to not be a fan of what DC is doing, but the hypocrisy is frustrating when you criticize/make-fun-of things that are also a part of (if not more prevalent in) the films you love so much. I like most of these films and want to like them all, regardless of which side they’re on because they don’t have to compete for my affection.

    • Matthew Gregg

      I agree in the end all I want to see movies that are enjoyable with characters I care about when discussing these superhero movies. That’s ultimately why I’ That is why as DC fan I’m excited to see Ant-Man and Black Panther, but also Suicide Squad and Aquaman. (Despite being extremely pissed when I found out that Hank Pym would not only be in the first Avengers or the Second, but the also took Ultron away from and not even making him the lead in his movie, essentially stripping him of many of the key elements that made me enjoy the character. Though I have warmed on Scott Lang and were they are going because in the end I just want the movie. Despite all these changes)These are characters I’ve grown up enjoying and reading about and never dreamed that would be given the opportunity to be made as a kid, but now will be able to see that materialize, which tbh I’m absolutely stoked about. Both studios are using no name directors (besides Avengers) and I’m at least willing to give DC the benefit of the doubt before completely dismissing them as DOA, just because it’s the cool thing to dismiss them and their characters.

      • Trevor Douglas Allen

        Well said. I try to think of these film universes as parts of the Marvel and DC multiverses. Plus, with DC having separate TV and movie universes and Marvel having 2 different Quicksilvers we can get varying creative directions. There’s going to be stuff we love and stuff we’re not too happy about on all sides.

        • Josh Wigler

          Hey, I’m rooting for great movies from everybody, too. For me, I think it’s pretty clear that Marvel has their business together in a way DC hasn’t mustered quite yet. I did not love Man of Steel, and while I’m trying to give BvS the benefit of the doubt, I’m not impressed with what I’ve seen yet. The Marvel movies, on the other hand, have not let me down. I’m admittedly more of a Marvel fan to begin with. That being said, I firmly believe DC is the king of the castle on the TV side of things; Arrow and Flash are fantastic. Daredevil is a huge step in the right direction for Marvel, but even still, DC’s been kicking butt on television for a long time now, while Marvel’s doing the same in the movies.

          Just one man’s opinion!

          • Charles Bikle

            There is a great degree of synergy between Marvel Studios and Marvel Comics, whereas there’s pretty much no synergy between DC and its parent company (partially because DC is going through it’s own behind-the-scenes “civil war”).

            Also, WB needs to give a rest to all the “Christopher Nolan-ization” of it’s onscreen properties.

          • Matthew Gregg

            The sample is far too small at this point to make such a heavy handed statement like DC is “Christopher Nolanizing” their movies. Given since Nolan we have received only 1 movie in that universe in Man of Steel. There are movies in their lineup that should veer in a less serious tone like the Shazzam and Flash movie (that is being written by the guys who did 21st/22nd jump street, Lego etc.). And honestly I would be extremely disappointed in Snyder and DC if they didn’t take BvS very seriously. It’s a very serious story and one of great significance to their comic book world. (just as Civil War will be MCU) It needs to have that kind of weight of significance behind. I like that there is consequences to ones decisions and the trailer cemented they will exist. With people both in support and against Superman.

          • Charles Bikle

            WB stated that they are specifically aiming for “realistic” and “grounded” in their DC related movies. Of course, things can change.

          • Matthew Gregg

            Just because they are looking to make their movies realistic and grounded doesn’t mean they can’t be different in tone. Especially when looking at the stand alone films.

          • Trevor Douglas Allen

            I agree that Marvel has been able to get it’s stuff together before DC. I don’t have an issue with people not really liking what DC is doing with it’s movies, but I just got a bit agitated with what I felt was hypocritical. I’m also probably in defensive mode right now since the BvS teaser release, as more of a DC fan who loved MoS.

          • Josh Wigler

            No sweat, as a huge Lost fan I know what it’s like to get a little defensive. :)

  • FC

    I don’t know if you all already know this but do you guys know that Deborah Ann Woll’s boyfriend (EJ Scott) in real life is also blind? (or at least going blind but not completely blind yet I think) and also has a podcast himself :)

    • Linus Wesley

      Didn’t know that; interesting!

  • Linus Wesley

    I wasn’t surprised that Wesley was actually his last name, because for some reason, all my life I’ve always seen it as more of a last name than a first name.

    After your recommendations in the previous recap, my girlfriend and I used the audio description for this episode on the rewatch, and it was really good! I agree with everything you guys were saying about it and we left it on for the whole episode. I’ll definitely tell friends about it.

    Karen mentions in this episode that her parents “were” religious. Makes you wonder if they’re dead now or at least estranged. In the comics Karen Page is from Vermont just like my girlfriend which we think is funny but on the show I don’t think they ever made any references to where she’s from. Why not? I guess there’s some mystery to her past that maybe they’ll want to explore in season 2.
    In the comic book, her parents only appeared, as far as I know, in a couple issues back in 1969 in a really bizarre storyline that I can’t imagine them ever referencing on this show, but anyone curious can read about that here: