Daredevil: The Ones We Leave Behind | Season 1 Episode 12 Podcast

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Wilson Fisk, you are an extraordinarily mean man.

The Kingpin kills one of Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Kevin Mahadeo’s (@kevmahadeo) favorite characters in the penultimate episode of Marvel’s new Netflix series, DAREDEVIL, and your friendly neighborhood podcasters are none too pleased. Hear what they have to say about the shocking death in “The Ones We Leave Behind,” as well as some of the other surprise twists and Easter eggs hidden in the Madame Gao storyline.

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  • Phil The-Issues-Guy

    This was so hard to watch in the best possible way i weeped . It was the first killing of Fisk that i was really horrified. As when he killed the Russian that was another man of crime. THis is the first time we see him hurting a really good man directly. SO horrifying! Such an amazing show. THis show may be the best superhero adaptation ever on any screen anywhere!/ And yea yea, i am being prsnor of the moment. But this 13 hr movie beats any other show or film. And that is coming from a batman/xmen fanboy to some extent. Never been a huge daredevil fan. Till NOW!

  • David Tapia

    great recap… hope you guys go extra long on the finale and add some predictions for the other netflix series and the confirmed S2 of Daredevil

  • Linus Wesley

    It’s so sad. I’ve gone on record before the show even came out as a big fan of Ben Urich. I think he’s probably a very difficult character to get “right” on the screen, since he’s kind of an introvert surrounded by big personalities and costumed egotists; a normal guy in a crazy world. I think they did a terrible job in the Daredevil movie, where he was more of a quirky weirdo. This show did a really good job though and I quickly got totally on-board with the casting.

    I think as far as shocking deaths go, it’s definitely up there with some of Game of Thrones best (worst?) moments. Like you guys said, the scene just filled you with dread and you kept thinking (wishing) that somehow he’d get out of this. A big emotional impact for sure, which I guess is what they really wanted here ahead of the final episode, but was it worth it?

    Kevin talks a lot about all the stories Ben Urich is part of in the comic books. There are issues of Daredevil that focus on Ben and his point-of-view and they’re definitely some of the best ones. The Pulse which Kevin mentioned was a fantastic ongoing book that functioned as a sequel to the Jessica Jones series Alias, so I too completely expected the Ben Urich character to be carried over to the Jessica Jones show and other Marvel properties in the future. All things considered, I don’t think this was worth it.

    Like you guys said, he’s the most expendable of the bunch, but that’s only because they’ve done such great character work with Foggy and Karen. It’s a shame that this happened and I feel like maybe they weren’t thinking too far ahead and just wanted to prioritize the present and this big moment, but I think you could have achieved almost the same scariness by having the Kingpin break all of Urich’s fingers and then have Matt or someone chase Fisk off before he’s able to kill Ben.

    Maybe they’ll get someone else to fill the Ben Urich role in the future. There’s another Bugle reporter named Kat Farrell who was the focus of the limited series Deadline and later worked with Urich on The Pulse. She’s a bit of a Jessica Jones-esque character who I now would love to see on the screen.