Daredevil: The Path of the Righteous | Season 1 Episode 11 Recap

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Pick up the phone and answer our call already, unless you’re currently on the receiving end of Karen Page’s wrath! It’s the DAREDEVIL podcast, covering the antepenultimate episode of season one!

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Kevin Mahadeo (@kevmahadeo) pour one out for the show’s first series regular death, and speculate on what the death could mean moving forward for a variety of characters, Wilson Fisk and Karen Page included. Plus, Matt Murdock makes strides in his efforts to clean up his act — and add a new costume to his repertoire, too.

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  • “spider in the hands of an angry god”? I actually had to listen to that a couple times to make sure I was hearing what I thought I was hearing. 😉

  • I was pleasantly surprised to see Gladiator show up!

  • Linus Wesley

    Very sad to see Wesley die. Very good character. In the comic book he’s basically just a fairly anonymous henchman of the Kingpin’s who appears in a 6 issue story arc, only to never be heard from or seen again. Kingpin doesn’t really have a lot of underlings that we learn the names of, so I guess that’s why they chose a Wesley to be his right-hand man in the Daredevil movie, and another one here on the show. I’d like to think that us Wesleys just always serve the Kingpins.

    I agreed with Kevin at first about Karen not having to kill Wesley, since she could have escaped without shooting him, or at least only wounding him, but I think it’s true about no half-measures. She had no reason to think that Wesley wouldn’t have followed through on his threats and come after everyone she cared about, if she had just escaped or shot him and left him alive. In a way, it was definitely self-defense; she feared for her own life as well as the lives of everyone she knows.

    Melvin Potter is a character I used to really love. I guess because he was a bad guy who wasn’t all bad, kind of forced into supervillainry the way a lot of characters are forced into superheroism. Like Kevin says, he was a long time enemy of Daredevil’s who then becomes one of his biggest allies, but the big difference on the show is that the character is clearly has some mental disability. I think it’s Leland who says during Melvin’s first appearance that he’s “half an idiot.” I wonder if they did this to make the character less of a force to be reckoned with. He seems pretty strong and he’s clearly very talented as a costume maker, but if he was the big strong guy with a costume that he was in the comics, would it be difficult to write stories where Matt has befriended him but doesn’t ask him for help when he goes to fight bad guys, and they don’t want it to become the Daredevil & Gladiator show? I definitely hope we’ll get to see more of his costume making on the show though!