Daredevil: World on Fire | Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

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The shifting of bones sounds like an old ship, and the flapping of gums sounds like our daily DAREDEVIL podcast!

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Kevin Mahadeo (@kevmahadeo) continue their march through Marvel’s new Netflix series, one episode and one day at a time. Today, it’s all about episode five, “World on Fire,” which ends with Matt Murdock in a very bad position. Frankly, it ends with all of Hell’s Kitchen in a very bad way, as Matt’s world quite literally goes up in flames.

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  • Chris England

    Love ya wigler, Im Brian Benngger.Just catching up Who is Cookie Carol. Mayby Rob is the monster. he wears blue and white alot. Coooooookie

  • @Wharfrat1625

    I also totally got the feeling Karen was a little to interested in Matt during her “date” with Senior Fozzy Law. I’m still kind of confused about where that was going, which I expect is precisely what they wanted when filming the episode given the explosion truncating their romantic evening so effectively.

    I don’t know know the back story on Vanessa specifically, but I am familiar with the Kingpin to a certain extant from all the Spider-Man I’ve read and I have some suspicions what role she will come to play for him. Right or wrong however I was super surprised to see her show up for a second date with him and look forward to seeing their dynamic play out further for us. They have some terrific chemistry and the hype surrounding D’Onofrio was well deserved. That guy’s a muther flipping titan.

    As to Kevin’s question about his “I wish I had said that to you” moment, I felt like he conveyed a kind of incongruous innocence with his delivery and it came off more complimentary and hopeful that straight up sexual and creepy. Keep em coming boys!

  • It’s far more likely that Atlas was a reference to Atlas Comics:

    (Which is also the reason for the team’s name)

  • Linus Wesley

    Great job with the podcasts guys! I fell a bit behind but catching up now that my girlfriend and I are rewatching the show. We kept humming that song that the blind guy sings in the back of the car all evening; it’s very catchy!
    Here’s the original version, which is not at all as good. Makes you wonder how they found the song and why they picked it;