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DC Comics: Arrow, Batman, Flash and More!

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Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) is joined by Albert Ching (@albertxii), senior editor at, to recap the Arrow finale, plus talk about all of the big DC Comics movie/TV news from the past week. Topics are sure to include Gotham, Flash, Constantine plus the Ben Affleck Batman suit!

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  • Matthew Gregg

    Do you guys talk about how the studio is taking “creative liberty” on Ant Man and in my opinion unnecessarily changing things, in order to neuter the character so as to explain why he won’t be in the second avengers movie.?

  • Noah Groves

    A suggestion for Josh. When the fall season starts up how about one podcast at the end of the week instead of separate podcasts for each show. So ‘Superhero round up’ or something like that that covers Agents of Shield, Arrow, Flash, Constantine and later Agent Carter and any other shows. Just covering the week of superhero tv and also discussing any superhero news. I feel like it would be a nice coverage of the rising superhero tv schedule without cluttering PSR with smaller podcasts.

    • Josh Wigler

      Thanks Noah! Been thinking of something similar. We’ll see how it shakes out — still plenty of time between now and then.

  • waggenx2

    Not the biggest fan of super hero movies but the podcast was fun to listen to, good stuff. My favourite is probably the first Sam Rami Spider Man movie.