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It’s time to make the chimi-expletive-deleted-changas!

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Kevin Mahadeo (@kevmahadeo) are here to talk about DEADPOOL, the R-rated Ryan Reynolds not-a-superhero movie that debuted over President’s Day weekend, and is currently taking the world by storm. As of this posting, the movie has earned an impressive $150 million and counting at the U.S. box office, making it the highest-grossing debut for any superhero origin movie about a single hero, excluding sequels and team-ups. Not bad for a movie that almost didn’t exist.

Rather than picking apart every detail of the story, Josh and Kevin spend much of their time examining the meta story behind DEADPOOL — specifically, the almost ten-year journey Reynolds and his collaborators embarked on to get the movie made, and why it seems to be resonating so much right now. Don’t worry, they talk about the movie too, discussing the origin of Wade Wilson, the comedy of the film, the absurd opening credits, and the even more ridiculous post-credits scene… plus the imminent arrival of a mutant with an even more complicated back story than Deadpool.

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  • Craig

    To be honest, I thought the movie was going to be more raunchy and violent then it was. It was only rated 14A in British Columbia and I feel that it was appropriate for what we got. It was enjoyable though. I hope we can see more of these kind of movies. I’m much more of a comedy and parody fan so I enjoy seeing movies that make fun of the superhero genre. Considering I get disgusted looks every time I don’t shower a superhero film with undying love and praise (example: The Avengers = Meh) It’s would be refreshing to see more films do that.

    Glad to see Reynolds with a hit. I’ve always liked him even when his career was in a bit of a rut after Green Lantern, a film that I also don’t hate as much as most people.

    Also, what is breaking the fourth wall on a podcast? Breaking the microphone cover?

    I will end this by saying that the most disappointing part of the movie was the fact that there was not one Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place reference (I know it ran as “Two Guys and a Girl” longer, but you can just get out of here with that name!) What happened with Pete and Ashley and their fan voted pregnancy? Are Berg and Irene still together or is Roger still threatening to steal Irene away? I need closure in some capacity!


  • GeekFurious

    Just to correct a little bit… Ryan Reynolds admits he is not a “huge comic-book fan.” He’s a Deadpool fan. So, he knows that character really well and it shows in pretty much every scene.

    I need to see the movie a few more dozen times before I can be sure… but right now DEADPOOL is my second favorite superhero movie of all-time! After THE DARK KNIGHT.