The Walking Dead

Deep Dive: The Evolution of Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead

Angie Caunce does an in-depth analysis of the character of Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead. In this multi-part video series, Angie discusses themes, symbols and the key relationships that shape Daryl’s development.


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  • Reynaldo Hernandez Aponte

    Just saw part 1 and I’m impressed by this attention to details on Daryls behaviors and Norman Reedus’s acting, I’ll be looking for these traits from him from now on. Ironically I heard you for the first time yesterday while listening to the character type podcast for last Survivor. So pleased to hear you again, and see you as well, take care, I’ll watch the rest later.

    • Angie Caunce

      Thanks Reynaldo! There is certainly a lot going on with his character. I’m so glad you liked it.

      • Reynaldo Hernandez Aponte

        Just finished it. Again I’m amazed that you’ve picked up on all this detail and thoughtful analysis.How do you think he’ll react to arriving to blasting Pete(was it Pete?)in the head? But yes Daryl has long been the rock of the group, one of the many reasons everyone loves him and riots would ensue when his time comes. Loved the “His life is fine” reference in part 2 while he’s watching the barn burn. Eager to hear you again on a podcast, your voice is lovely and I could easily hear you read audiobooks, anyway, take care, great work.

  • anapaularj

    I’m glad it took me a few years to hop on this train, because it was awesome to watch it and talk about it with you. Your passion, your insight, your sharp humor, it all made it so much fun for me. You gave me a sharper eye and helped me understand much more of all the show’s nuances then if I didn’t have you.

    Amazing job, Angie!

    • Angie Caunce

      I’m so glad I was able to convince you to watch this show Ana. It has so much depth and I’m such a obsessive fan of it. I want everyone to drink the Koolaid!

      I’m flattered that I was able to help you enjoy the show more.

  • Teeuwynn

    Excellent work on this series. Very insightful comments on Daryl Dixon and the show in general.