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The Expanse | Seasons 1 & 2 Review Podcast

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The Expanse Seasons One & Two Recap Podcast

Strap on your anti-gravity boots and fire up your best Belter Creole accent, Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) are here to cover both seasons of Syfy’s space and politics drama The Expanse.
In this podcast, Josh and Antonio discuss the premise of The Expanse before firing up the warp drives into spoiler territory covering both seasons of the show. The cast, the books, the plotting, the crazy accents…all are fair game, though NO material from the books that is not in the show is discussed.
Coming up next in this summer series, Josh and Antonio will talk Season 3 of FX’s Coen-inspired crime drama Fargo.
(The spoiler material in this podcast starts around the 31:20 mark)
  • Lance Davis

    Right on! Stoked to hear you guys will be bringing it on home w/ some FARGO S3…Bust out the pitchforks & the torches!!!

  • belinda

    I’ve really enjoyed the expanse so it was a nice treat to see the podcast pop up here. 😀 I’m in a similar boat in that I was a huge BSG fan and I’ve found The Expanse to be a good successor to a meaty scifi show that has been lacking since BSG went off the air (I actually think Caprica has merit and potential, especially in those last 5 unaired? eps, but do agree it is not a fitting successor in that BSG sort of vein).

    It’s a little odd, but from my perspective, it was very early on that I noted (to a friend who was my expanse buddy) that Miller was clearly just obsessed with this Julie Mao lady, so I don’t think the show was ineffective in showing that; however with the fact I still found Miller to be a problematic character as a whole, some guy with an obsession with a woman he has never met or spoken a word with (hence obsession rather than love). But I do agree I enjoyed the arc as a whole, and how it ended was great.

    I am a Mad Men fan too, so it was freaking fantastic to see Lane pop up as someone very different than Lane 😀 and of course, Bobbie frakking Draper. I will forever love Bobbie Draper and her love for cucumber sandwiches 😀 (Though my biggest love is still Chrisjen for sure. She’s basically The Expanse’s Laura Roslin in many ways, and I forever love her during Bobbie’s trial because she is just totally badass).

    As for Fred Johnson,I love Coleman since The Wire days when he was Cutty (a far better role and series to look at than Tyrese of TWD lol) —
    and always love to see The Wire actors pop up in any show – and to that effect, I think the casting totally works because there are some parallels from Cutty to Fred Johnson (Both had a history with the law and used to be far more shady before turning a new leaf, but still a bit morally ambiguous, etc). As much as I love Ian McShane, I much rather have Coleman in this role than him lol.