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Fargo Season 2 Episode 3 Recap | The Myth of Sisyphus

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Listen to the podcast:

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward), Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) and Jeremiah Panhorst (@jpanhorst) are skipping the movies and heading straight to the latest episode of their FARGO podcast!

Speaking of Skip… well, we’ll get to him. Josh, Antonio and Jeremiah break down all the happenings in the latest episode of the Coenesque crime series, from Lou Solverson rolling up to the Gerhardt compound, to Peggy and Ed Blomquist’s desperate attempt to destroy their own car. Oh, and watch out for the asphalt.

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  • Steven526

    Peggy has been very adept at getting Ed to do her dirty work. With Constance seeming to connect the dots between Rye and the Blomquists, will Peggy pressure Ed to kill Constance? Would Ed be willing to go that far, or would he stand up to Peggy? And would Peggy kill Constance if Ed refused to?

  • Beefcake

    Who is the bigger stone-cold badass: Lou Solverson or Hank Larsson?

  • Lance Davis

    With both Gerhardt brothers having dissension between them and each one’s respective offspring, Charlie & Simone, do you guys see Simone joining her Uncle Bear’s cause and Charlie joining his Uncle Dodd’s cause for this Kansas City/Finding Rye conflict? Thoughts?

  • Lance Davis

    How tense was that scene at the Gerhardt’s farm when Lou wouldn’t back down during his conversation with Floyd and company? And on a side note, Officer Ben Schmidt is obviously in the Gerhardt’s pocket, right? Holy smokes!

  • Lance Davis

    Has Antonio ever had to run his fingers through Wigler’s hair due to soft water/shampoo issues? Thoughts?

  • Lance Davis

    What did you guys make of the “cold open” with Ohanzee out in the woods with that rabbit and the corresponding flashback with young Ohanzee at school not being impressed with the magician pulling the rabbit out of his hat during the trick, and the older Ohanzee ultimately killing and gutting the rabbit later in the episode?

  • Let’s vote on who was ‘True Detective’ this week.~

    • Lou Solverson is a good pick, but Betsey Solverson basically figured out the murder already, I think she might be my pick.

  • Chanan

    I believe the No Country for Old Men connection is how Anton Chigurh uses his stunbolt gun to break into doors..

  • TrentC

    Solid recap, thanks gentlemen

  • Tom Polite

    My favorite recap yet. And although it’s not my favorite episode yet, I have a sense things are really going to pick up with after this. Getting more excited about season 2 with each episode!