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Fargo Season 2 Episode 9 Reactions Post | The Castle

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So THAT happened. All of it. In what is sure to be the most controversial Fargo episode (and podcast) in the series’ history, there is so much to unpack: Death Draft updates, UFO talk to top all UFO talk, and, oh yeah, THE MASSACRE AT SIOUX FALLS.

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) Jeremiah Panhorst (@jpanhorst) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) are back together to break everything down, fielding your questions and comments written out below, and debating their own takes on the alien warfare.

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** Noah Hawley breaks down the UFO twist with Entertainment Weekly

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  • Mike Bloom


    So we heard the line “This is Rapid City all over again” mentioned in this episode. One would think this would allude to the next place we’re heading, as Lou said the same thing in Season 1 about the massacre that occurred this episode. However, interviews have been released recently where the creators have said Season 3 will take place AFTER the events in Season 1, in a time closer to our own.

    That being said, do you think the line was more of a tongue in cheek throwaway, or a reference to an incident that can flare up once again in the Midwest decades later?

    • dapete

      Could be a seed cast for a later season.

  • Mike Bloom

    Was this the most Monty Python-like the show has ever been? Between the narrator throughout and the Lancelot-like slaughtering that occurs in Sioux Falls, I was having extreme Holy Grail flashbacks.

    • TrentC

      Yes it seemed to take on a playful tone with the book and narration. I’d expect that sort of device in the final episode and probably enjoy it more if it occurred then.

    • John Davis

      It’s more like Life of Brian when the alien spaceship catches Brian as he falls from the tower while being chased by the Romans. Remember it turns out that they are teenage alien joy riders and they crash and Brian just walks away unscathed? A literal Deus Ex Machina. And by the way, Brian never mentions the experience to anyone in the rest of the movie just as I’m sure Lou never mentions the flying saucer to anyone ever.

  • Hannah

    After having time to think on it…I felt like Floyd was really put on the back burner. Her parts earlier in the season really felt like they were setting her up for something other than an abrupt death.

    Does anyone else feel a bit let down with Floyds ending?

    • TrentC

      Yes. Such a good actress and a great role that never felt fully realized.

  • Lance Davis

    So fellas,– I’m kind of curious to get your guys takes/predictions on where this episode leaves Mike Milligan. Milligan escaped (with his trusty Kitchen Bro of
    course) from this whole conflict that ended with the demise of the
    remaining Gerhardts, completely unscathed.Does he take credit for this incident, and will it get him back into the good graces of his bosses in KC? What is his ultimate play or endgame here as we head towards the finale? Could you see him making a play for moving up the ladder in KC by some sort of betrayal, much in the same way as Hanzee did with the Gerhardts? I can’t help but see the parallels between these two characters here since both work for rival organizations, are in similar positions in terms of pecking order when the series begins, and also take orders from highly racist individuals in positions of power. The racial aspect has clearly bothered both characters at different times throughout the story this season, last week especially, with Hanzee reaching his boiling point with the town drunks and Dodd and ultimately betraying the remaining Gerhardt family at the Motel in this weeks episode. Thoughts? P.S.– Sorry about the long-winded question…I got on a little stream of consciousness kick there. Take care.

    • TrentC

      I just took inventory of who was left at the end of the episode. Hanzee is chasing Ed and Peggy, Lou appears to be okay and Hank will either die or likely end up out of action in the hospital. Mike and Kitchenette (Mazzaroism) round out the group of survivors.

      Hanzee catches up with Ed and Peggy, Mike catches up with Hanzee and Lou catches up with everyone? I won’t even attempt a prediction as this show sets up confrontations and then goes to completely new places.

      We know that future Lou from season one has an injury, so that’s the only thing I was anticipating happening.

  • Tom Palmer

    The storybook set up the start of the “story” in the 1800’s somewhere (I believe 1874) A) have the writers locked that in as the earliest they can go back? B) What happened in 1874?

    • Lance Davis

      I also noticed they listed a couple additional states, where it says the story plays out. Wisconsin, Iowa, and Nebraska were all listed.

      • Tom Palmer

        well I assume all the flyover states are on the table.

  • Lance Davis

    For those scoring at home,–Hanzee –1 & The Inept Dakota Cops wearing Wranglers and White T-Shirts– 0

    • TrentC

      I’m telllin ya…when I saw all of the cops sitting around in the matching tshirts and jeans I kept thinking – the new uniform of the expendable ensigns.

  • Lance Davis

    Has Mazzaro ever had to resort to using the “South Dakota Neck-Tie” on anyone to get a point across?

  • Tom Palmer

    I know Antonio isn’t happy, but this episode seemed very realistic. Sometimes flying saucers randomly interrupt a big shootout. You just gotta move on.

  • @Wharfrat1625

    Given the context of the episode as being a story retold by a voice with a British accent (Was that Martin Freeman?), Is the presence of the UFO more palatable because of an unreliable narrator? Was that detail of the story placed there erroneously to ensorcel and tantalize the listener?

    • dapete

      Yeah, that was Freeman

  • Lance Davis

    That was interesting how this episode had a couple scene that took place literally on the state-lines of Minnesota and South Dakota. Off the top of my head, one with Milligan conducting business from a payphone with KC, & the other with Lou deciding to go back into South Dakota, even though he was banished by Buford T. Justice of South Dakota State PPD. Any meaningful interpretations to be taken from these scenes?

  • Lance Davis

    How would the PSR Ringside Wrestling Announcement crew describe that vicious Bear Gerhardt charge of Lou Solverson in the Motor Motel parking lot after being shot multiple times and he just kept coming! That is one big ol’ mean sum bitch!!!!

  • Michelle Forbes

    Ok, I have go cry foul…..really? Spaceships? I know that Antonio’s head probably exploded and mine was close go it….

    • TrentC

      I didn’t expect such an in-your-face UFO appearance. One thing stood out to me. The large spotlights focusing down onto the parking lot, highlighting the various melees. I’m hoping it’s a military vehicle and/or helicopter. At least we didn’t see people get sucked up the shafts of light.

      They’ve never mentioned the real newspaper article featuring the deputy who claimed to see a UFO. I didn’t think they’d travel down this particular road and throw it in our faces. I’m still holding out for a more down to Earth explanation. One thing gives me hope. In the future when they refer to the Sioux Falls Massacre, they talk about the violence and the body count, not the Close Encounter.

      Peggy’s line while her and Ed were fleeing the motel was hilarious. I said the exact same thing as Mike Miligan did when the episode was over.

      • kang

        I think part of what’s going on with the spaceships follows along with how this episode opened. This episode opened and proceeded as a telling of a “tale” or even a “fairy tale”.

        The fact that there’s apparently a “for real” spaceship which performs some deus ex machina reinforces the notion that this is a tale as opposed to reality. That is unless you believe in the whole UFO thing…ymmv ofc 😛

        • TrentC

          I think you’re right. And Peggy’s line is the other bookend of the storytelling opening.

  • dapete

    “Up a tree without a paddle” is my new go-to phrase

  • Tiffany

    I thought that was an incredible episode.

    I don’t have an issue with the UFO. I noticed earlier in the episode at the grocery store a sign said “We are not alone” I don’t think it’s that a bunch of aliens are ever going to be there;it’s just letting you(the characters) know that actions have consequence and everyone is watching,God and people from space. It was a time in which a good amount of people claim to have saw UFOs or thought they were possible as well.

    • dapete

      The aliens that weren’t there.

  • John Davis

    Well, so much for train headlights and horns. Yikes!

    I like how the introduction of the book and narrator allows an element of story telling and fiction to give context to the UFO and Peggy Blumquist’s line “It’s just a flying saucer, let’s get outta here” gave it a dismissive end. I’m such a Coen Bros homer that I am fine with it but I agree with Antonio that worlds are colliding here. I had the same feeling about another Deus Ex Machina moment in a movie that Mike Bloom reminded me about in an earlier comment.

    In Monty Python’s “The Life of Brian” an alien spaceship picks up Brian as he falls to his certain death while running up the stairs of a stone tower. The aliens fly him around for awhile then crash right back where he started. Brian walks away from the wreckage unscathed and he never mentions it to anyone for the rest of the movie. I think that Lou never says another word about it either for the rest of his life.

  • TrentC

    After listening to the podcast and reading some of the comments here, I’m going to agree that the UFO incident is part of a tale. John Davis puts it well in his post:

    “I like how the introduction of the book and narrator allows an element of
    story telling and fiction to give context to the UFO and Peggy Blumquist’s line “It’s just a flying saucer, let’s get outta here” gave it a dismissive end.”

    Would Hawley repeatedly show us alien propaganda in almost every episode, and then actually install a real UFO into the climatic scene the series had been building towards? Seems a little ham-fisted to me.

    I feel the same way as Antonio where the legend of Sioux Falls would have a pretty large footnote if a UFO showed up. We’ve never heard anyone refer to it when talking about the massacre.

    Perhaps it was real and Lou is such a pragmatic and no-nonsense guy that he may have chosen to bury that part of the night. It could be too embarrassing or he may suspect his own version of the truth because he was almost choked to death during an intense gun battle.

    Peggy’s comment at the end clinches it for me. Like the UFO itself, it’s too brash and flippant at that moment in time to be real.

    I haven’t finished the podcast yet. Antonio your Beethoven analogy making it feel too discordant to have the UFO as a physical and thematic presence in the Fargo world was articulated very well and I agree.

  • GeekFurious

    I love the UFO. Absolutely love it. Because it requires you to ask tons of questions that may or may not be explained. Unlike Antonio, I don’t need to know whether I’m watching a cop drama or a sci-fi story. If we keep drawing lines, then eventually we will only be telling the exact same stories in different ways. Time to cross all the lines and make something great and different. Granted, I don’t want a UFO just to be different… these surprises should be introduced to the story for a reason, not just because the creators say “And then UFOs! Hah! Why? WHO CARES?!”

    I doubt that’s why the UFO is there.

  • C05EDEN

    Little late to the party here but just have to say that listening to this review, as always, has greatly improved my feelings re: the ufo. My quick take is that we’ve learned throughout two seasons of this show that the resident’s in this part of the country can’t believe that these horrific events are taking place in their quaint towns. In season one, the only explanation is that Lorne Malvo was pure evil and his presence affected those he touched (Lester particularly). In this season, the introduction of the narrator and the historical perspective allows those people in that world who are currently reading/watching the story to justify the horrific acts with a supernatural element. In other words, these things don’t happen in “Fargo,” there had to be some other forces at play. The introduction of the narrator here justifies this kind of outlier story line that has been discussed all season.

  • Omega Kin

    Can’t tell when the ranting ended or when the reviewing began, kind of zoned out while listening & typing on word.

  • Anna Mays

    This is not when Lou gets shot (Sioux Falls). Molly is telling the story in Season 1 and she says she was in algebra class when she finds out about it. A six year old isn’t taking an algebra class. Lou also says he was a trooper for 18 years in Season 1. I don’t think he is old enough to be four years from two tours in Vietnam and 18 years as a trooper.

  • Matt Palmer

    I think that there is complete context for the UFO. We must look at how this story has been set up from the beginning, within the theme and world of absurdism. Many Coen brothers films also live within an absurdist universe. I don’t believe Noah is straying at all from the rules of the the absurdist universe by giving us the UFO, because even the device of the true crime story is just that, a device. this whole season has many thematic threads from the treatment of First Nations people, to the demise of family and family business, to the search for meaning and self within an absurd universe. I get that many people are questioning and turned off by the UFO but this was a real thing in the seventies in terms of the fascination with them, so it totally fits within in the world of the story. Peggy’s comment I believe is Noah saying come on you accepted everything else in this story, it’s just a UFO now let’s get to the rest of the story. I think Noah deserves the brass balls award for this season and all that he has pulled off, and brilliantly. Not many other writers would take this risk.

  • AndyMcGill

    Do you realize that your entire podcast is the podcasters pretending to know that the show should be about, and then complaining that the show isn’t what they expected? Now I remember why I hated English literature class in college.

    When you get Academy Awards and Emmies and millions of viewers, then we might care about a podcast which is 80% re-writing those who do.

    • GeekFurious

      You sound very young… to be this hostile about someone’s opinion.

    • Antonio Mazzaro

      Thanks for listening!

  • Hi guys :)) somewhere in the comments of the Fargo podcast world I asked about where Season 1 was and I got my answer after listening to the first episode so wherever that question was ignore it. So okay but the reason I asked was I actually just finished binging Season 1 (I don’t have cable so I had to get it from the library lol) and the throughout the time I’m watching I’m thinking how great is that podcast (Season 1) gonna be… then I see –you guys didn’t even recap it!! After all those posts I’ve seen for the Season 2 eps, I just assumed. Well, I was wondering is it too late to go back and recap it? Its going to be a down time coming up, tv wise, I think. Yes, its a shame because it isn’t your first time watching it, but maybe you remember your first reactions, idk. So I’d like to propose that idea, you know if you guys aren’t busy in the future. Won’t be able to listen to this season until it comes out on DVD so that’s about all I’m gonna say in these comments again for now, but thanks guys. 😀

    OHH!! AND, can I just say how nice it is to hear Jeremiah on here! I LOVED your Mad Men podcast guy. So sorry that show and your podcast had to end, it was so great!!!

    • jeremiahp

      Thanks Laura for the kind words! I do miss Mad Men, but I very happy to be covering new shows on PSR.

      It would be a lot of fun to look back at season 1, but we are covering so much content on PSR it may be hard to find the time to do something like that. Stay subscribed, because you never know.

  • George Vargo

    My guess is Lou’s wife died and Lou will play off the ufo as some sprint full event from her to save him and will not mention it