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It seems that Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) has totally changed his skin/build/persona/hair this week, but Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) and Jeremiah Panhorst (@jpanhorst) are joined by Mike Bloom (@amikebloomtype)–who may or may not be Josh in some sort of evolved form–to discuss all things Fargo Season 2 and the finale episode “Palindrome”.

So change everything about yourself, or go corporate, or just collapse in a meat locker, or have visions of the future, whatever is your desire. But please do share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • TrentC

    The electric opening of the episode using War Pigs turned into what I thought was a lackluster ending to a great season. On the fence about this one unfortunately, was expecting better for the finale.

    And I guess Lou did see the UFO based on his comment to Betsy and Hank.

    *For what it’s worth (great song), the stories Lou was telling Peggy about leaving Vietnam were absolutely true. Last Days in Vietnam is an excellent documentary.

    • aardvarkratnik

      Yes I found it disappointing as well.

  • S_Carl_Dixon

    Am I the only one that can’t get a play button on the website? Cos it’s there on the app, and I can hear the show there….but not on the site though. 🙁

    • Charles Bikle

      I think the Fargo finale podcast has been forgotten in the wake of the Survivor finale. I figure they’ll post the podcast someday…

    • Mike Bloom

      Thanks for pointing this out, guys. All should be fixed now. Hope you enjoy!

  • Gal Baum

    Hey guys, what do you think about the theory that Hanzee would become Mr. Tripoli thanks to plastic surgery?

  • dapete

    I dunno…Mike did get one of them swank IBM Selectrics in the end…

  • dapete

    Definitely an epilogue but a welcome one. I felt real, honest-to-goodness relief when Hank showed up for dinner. And that says something in this post Sopranos world. I was emotionally invested in this family and the hell they were going through. I’m going to miss them.

    While Dunst CRUSHED it, we shouldn’t overlook the sublime portrayal of the cow that is Ed. Plemons marched right into that meat locker and laid down a great death scene.

  • John Gormley

    Hey guys I think where Peggy tried to stop the toxic smoke coming in by holding a little rag up to it was the funniest moment of the entire series!

  • My initial impression of this finale was, “WEAK” I felt like the only resolutions we got were disappointing or pointless. Thinking about it more, there were some good moments, but if ep. 9 were the ending, I think we wouldn’t have missed much.

  • About the Alien stuff, I was thinking, the only way for me to buy into it is to pretend that aliens actually DO exist in the real world. If they do, then thinking of this as “True Crime” is actually kind of interesting. I just thought of the Aliens as weird Sci-Fi stuff, but looking at it from the point of view of a person who believes aliens have really visited earth, is kind of fun.

  • dapete

    RE Hanzee stopping his pursuit: He showed many times that he knows when to back off and wait for a better opportunity…especially when Lou is on the scene. If his mission was only to get Ed, then it turned his job was done.

  • Lance Davis

    What did you guys make of the scene in which Hanzee gets his new identity as “Tripoli”, and then proceeds to save, what appears to be a young Mr. Wrench & Mr. #’s from bullies on the baseball diamond? Good connection– or are the writers trying too hard to force and shoehorn in a plot point connection by being overly clever? Thoughts?

    • dapete

      Antonio goes off on this at about 1:24 of the podcast. The bottom line is, they got a better actor to play Hanzee and couldn’t go back to fix season one. Maybe they can get Lucas to CGI Hanzee into the Special Edition release on Beta.

      • Lance Davis

        Yeah, I asked this ? before I got a chance to listen to the podcast yesterday. Hopefully there is a special feature on the Beta Max Special Edition where the creators of the show talk about how they drew inspiration from Lou Diamond Phillips’ character, Jose Chavez y Chavez from the 1988 film– YOUNG GUNS, for the overall look of the Hanzee Dent character. To me, there is an uncanny resemblance here that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

        • Smookey

          Interestingly, both Lou Diamond Philips and Zahn McClarnon are in Longmire.

  • Lance Davis

    I guess we know who cornered the market on those pristine typewriters from earlier on in the season…Mike Milligan’s KC bosses! We had a brand spanking new model in his office, all ready to be broken in for those quarterly reports! Did you guys see the parallels between Milligan and The Shield’s Vic Mackey? My mind instantly went back to THE SHIELD finale on that scene!

    • TrentC

      I thought of The Shield finale as well. Didn’t notice Mike got one of the shiny new typewriters though, good catch.

    • Kathie

      Loved the typewriter. I did a lot of typing on an IBM Selectric over the years. Never saw the a blue one though.

  • Lance Davis

    Do you think we see any of these characters who survived Season 2 down the road in Season 3 of Fargo in some way or another? And if so, which ones do you think we see and which ones do you guys WANT to see again?

  • Smookey

    I’m pretty bummed by how negative this recap has become over the course of season 2. I feel like Antonio totally dominates the podcast with his views. Maybe that’s because he is a lawyer and pontificates for a living. I vote that next season, you find someone that can take (and stand their ground) on a counter-position to Antonio. This stuff is all subjective, and I’m not saying Antonio is “wrong.” But there are plenty of people that completely disagree with Antonio and I think his one-sided negativity deserves a counter position.

    • GeekFurious

      Antonio is the most amiable negative person ever. Calm down.

      • Pierre DeCoubertin

        That’s right. He’s amicably negative for almost the entire episode without any real counter balance.

  • Smookey

    Also, jeez, stop spoiling “the wire.” I’m making my way through and I’m on season 4.

  • Edwin Johnson

    The reason I’m not bothered by the Tripoli situation is that Fargo has really steared into the idea that it is a telling of this book on midwestern crimes. I think they are expressing that this book is full of fudged details and supernatural explanations. The chapters dont line up perfectly, but have an overarching, almost biblical, message, style and theme. I’m going to predict that season 3 gets even more weird.

  • Omega Kin

    An above 50% divorce rate & Neglected youth raised by the TV/media as a result, proves the dysfunction in Peggy’s argument & modern societal views of gender roles. Lou’s was trying to get Peggy to see her selfishness ruined Ed, & his sacrifice by highlighting that Vietnam story which parallels Ed’s sacrifice for her.

    She’s so selfish & delusional in her argument she uses (now) modern views of genders roles to validate the destruction & dysfunction she has brought to many families by getting people killed with her decision. I think the show wasn’t doing the usual pandering to the so-called modern views.

    • laugust5

      Agree totally with your take. Of all the criminal characters in the series, (let’s not forget, she is a criminal), Peggy was the least sympathetic in my view. Not because she was clearly suffering from mental issues, but because her crazy pseudo-feminism obsessions were just so annoying and frustrating. Her pathetic attempt to claim in classic Fargo style, “I’m the victim here.” Only served to underscore that point and left me feeling just as disgusted with her as Lou seemed to be when he had to remind her that people died. I’m mystified why anyone would focus on, “well she had some valid points” in light of her really terrible behaviors. Bravo to Fargo for not bowing to our modern PC “values” and trying to give her that out.

      As a side note, let’s not glorify Mike Milligan or Hanze either, simply because someone might have insulted their ethnicity in the show, again these are two horrible criminal killers….

      My sympathies belong with the very brave Betsy, Lou and yes even a little bit with Ed, who like Adam was led astray by his own Eve in the form of Peggy.

  • GeekFurious

    I loved the finale for not trying to be some payoff end-point. Also, that final scene with Peggy felt like it was about the best intended concepts having potentially the worst outcome possible. Much like the Vietnam war… or the War on Terror… or almost every war in modern history. We go in trying to do the right thing for our respective sides but cause unintended harm because we can’t control anything outside of our selfish interest.

    • TrentC

      Touching on your post, laugust5’s post and Charles Bikle’s. I believe the Coen brothers in most instances, try to show us that life is flawed, there are no deserving heroes and that violence is random and often ‘not cool.’ I feel the TV series has demonstrated this point over the past two seasons and has done it well.

      As laugust5 aptly pointed out, I loved character of Peggy and it took the scene in Lou’s police cruiser to remind me that yes, she is responsible for other people dying. Same feeling I had for Lester Nygaard in season one. I liked the character, felt he was unfairly treated and wanted him to come out of things unscathed, both by the criminal element and the police. I had to remind myself that he committed a horrible act and then lied and jeopardized other people’s safety from that moment on.

      Early in season two I suspected that Hanzee was going to help someone by making a good moral decision and show us he was made of better stuff than just being Dodd’s brutal henchman. Only a small part of the prediction materialized when he shot Dodd. Again I had to remind myself that leading up to that point he killed random strangers without remorse and was in effect, a monster. Mike Milligan was the same type of character.

      Charles Bikle’s post exemplifies the Fargo world. There are no glorious deaths, no unbeatable larger than life villains. Just people who die senseless deaths, whether they deserve it or not.

      I’ve warmed up a bit to the finale for reminding me that yes, life is not cut and dry and that real resolutions are rarely neat and tidy. This season almost every bad guy died, while good people we expected to die like Betsy and Hank, pulled through. I could have done without the UFO portions of the season yet two pivotal scenes were tied to that element. Rye and Bear both getting distracted and dying as a result. Another random component of life I suppose.

      I haven’t heard the podcast yet, thanking the guys ahead of time. Antonio, Josh, Jeremiah and Mike – cheers.

  • John Davis

    There are only two Coen Brothers movies I don’t like: Hudsucker Proxy and O Brother Where Art Thou? In movies where they write and direct, I pretty much love them all, except for one outlier, Inside Llewyn Davis. That movie was depressing and uncomfortable to watch and as I sat squirming and waiting for it to finally be over it was redeemed at the last minute by a fabulous resolution. The pain was worth it and it was one of those movies that reflected my World View perfectly. It was a great movie for me after all.
    Now, I know the Coen Brothers didn’t write or direct the Fargo TV series, but I bring up my Llewyn Davis movie EXPERIENCE as an example of how the exact opposite thing happened to me here in Season Two of Fargo. I loved everything up until the last episode and despite my desperate attempts to deny flying saucers and force a rational world into a narrative that didn’t even attempt to deny them, and despite the redeeming qualities of the narrated book sequence, and regardless of some sloppy writing here and there, I really hoped for a Llewyn Davis resolution and all I got was Stranger Than Paradise.

    I applaud you guys, Antonio, Jeremiah, Josh and Mike Bloooooooom for such great analysis, insight, and fun.

    • TrentC

      Yes kudos to the podcast crew. It’s nice to walk through a TV series with others beside you and hear their opinions and discoveries.

  • Charles Bikle

    The Gerhardts: Here’s my choice on how to look at them – they’re this big scary crime family, where each member figures they’ll go out guns blazing and on their own terms and that doesn’t happen for ANY of them.

    Rye gets taken out by a combo of UFO distraction, speeding car and gets killed in self-defense by a confused local butcher.

    Otto gets paralyzed by a stroke and finished off by random gunfire at his dining room table.

    Dodd leads an assassination which only leads to his getting captured, tortured & humiliated by Fargo’s version of Dagwood & Blondie which leads to his getting killed by his own henchman after saying something stupid one too many times.

    Floyd unwittingly leads the remainder of her family into a shooting war with cops and gets herself and her family killed.

    Bear starts to have a memorable death, but gets distracted by a UFO (like Rye did) and killed by Lou.

    Simone tries to manipulate her way to the top and miscalculates.

    No larger-than-life, cinematic deaths for any Gerhardt – they all get clowned by random circumstances as well as themselves. Each Gerhardt gets an awkward, anticlimactic, bordering-on -comical death.

  • Charles Bikle

    By the way, Hank didn’t invent the emoji.

    The emoji was first created in 1991 by Louis W. Emoji.

  • Gal Baum

    Thank you for all the recaps!
    It was a great season. Hope to hear you during season 3.

  • TrentC

    Great job on the podcast, thanks guys. I picked up Sepinwall’s book and was pleased to find out that his pantheon of 12 pivotal TV shows mirrored mine. I haven’t watched all of Oz or 24 yet. Bit of a warning as he does discuss episodes in detail and plot points for each show. It’s a good read, thanks for the recommendation.

  • Kathie

    I just finished a binge of this season and all the podcasts. Day1 watched episodes 1-5, Day2 listened to recaps for 1-5, Day3 watched episodes 6-10, Days 4 & 5 finished up the recaps. It was really interesting listening to the recap for an episode and hearing the speculation, when I’d already watched the next couple of shows and knew who was going to be right or wrong. When I watched episode 9 and the blinding lights flashed down upon the massacre, I could still hear the cosmic echo of Antonio’s head exploding. I generally agreed with Antonio’s overall take – not thrilled about how literal the UFOs turned out, but it wasn’t enough to ruin the season for me. I really enjoyed all the observations and commentary in the recaps. Good work guys!