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Podcast Recap of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 2 Episode 5, “Captive” on May 9, 2016


Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Alex Kidwell (@alexkidwell) set sail once again to recap the the second season of AMC’s new Walking Dead spin-off series, Fear the Walking Dead with our podcast cover Season 2, Episode 5, “Ouroboros”.

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  • Charles Bikle

    Agree about Jack & Alicia – a little too CW and not enough TWD. I feel like I’m watching “Gilmore Zombies”

  • Charles Bikle

    Nice job on the podcast guys and no, I don’t think you’ve been too hard on the show (maybe on Nick, but you guys are coming around). I do think the show has been improving and, hate to say it, but the show still needs a game-changer and I think that game-changer should be the deaths of BOTH Maddie & Travis – once that happens, all the kids become emancipated and are no longer restricted to having to obey their parents. Opens a lot of room for story-growth.

    • Matthew Murphy

      Yeah both Maddy and Travis dying would be a plus. If Maddie dies this season, we got a stew goin.

  • @Wharfrat1625

    100% agree about teeth grinding through Jack & Alicia. Very Dawson’s Dead Creek. If anything the dynamic left me with contempt for Alicia as a character. She’s crushing on this douche who wants to leave her entire family for dead. If the intention is to depict her as someone we should feel negatively about to create more value in her growth from here out than so be it. It was still done very poorly.

    Nick as Strand’s padawan has some great potential. Really curious what kind of impact Alex’s little morality lesson will have on Travis has once he’s back on the boat with his barely-keeping-it-together-son. Feels like Luis & Salazar will have some kind of major confrontation pretty quickly here.

    Great show guys. I’m really psyched to have Kidwell on for the rest of the season!

  • Charles Bikle

    Also, I think Alex was full of crap; Strand was not going to allow her and Brendan on the boat, no matter what – Travis’ solution at least gave them a chance and this is exactly what Travis SHOULD have said.

    • I got pretty defensive for a second when I thought you were talking about Kidwell at first.

      • Charles Bikle

        No, I like Kidwell and he’s not completely full of crap.

  • Matthew Murphy

    Great as always. Sad to hear that Josh got sucked into the Mazzaro zone, that or he just can’t make time for the red headed step child of Sunday nights, sadly not even a Phillip Shephard can bring him back. However Alex is great. And don’t worry about being too critical Rob, only worry about that when you’re making Chris Hardwick money. If anything you’re being too nice. Good stuff can’t wait for more. I’ve been Shiptonized since they got on the boat, the show is a lot bette than it was.

  • Matthew Murphy

    Also does anyone notice that Jack looks like a jacked up version of Nick? Kinda creepy.

  • TrentC

    I can’t believe I’m going to try to defend this, be gentle please.

    When Alicia and Jack were chatting on the radio it was still pretty early in the apocalypse. Maybe a week or two since everything fell apart?

    Their talking initiated one of the biggest plot points in the season. After realizing she was responsible, Alicia said outloud it was her fault and she has has to correct the problem. So I saw all of the CW interactions with Alicia and Jack as her baiting him to get out of a jam. Less teen angst and more hidden agenda.

    I found Luiz’s perfect sniper headshots from a fast moving, bouncing Zodiac on ocean harder to stomach than the teen romance portion of the show.

    Thanks for the recap. Nice to see Alex on board! (good podcasting Alex, not vindictive attractive Kiwi Alex).

  • Alli P.

    Ruben Blades 1980 salsa concert Passaic NJ https://youtu.be/ylBIyQaraSA

    Here’s some “fan fictionnnn” for Rob and Alex….

    I’d like to think that sometime between being a villainous soldier in the Salvadoran Civil War and operating his own Barber Shop in LA that Daniel Salazar was a promising young musician playing small gigs across the US. Things were looking bright for Daniel until he came across a shady (Strand like) business manager who left him penniless and “stranded” in the slums of Los Angeles. Looking to his now pregnant wife Griselda, Daniel makes use of his Razor/knife skills and becomes a barber, eventually becoming his own boss and operating his barbershop until the new world beckons him to be the best damn character in Fear in the Walking Dead!!!

    • Craig

      Seeing this, I searched him up on Wikipedia, and holy crap what a awesome person he is in real life. He’s basically a hero in Panama. This almost scares me though, because by the looks of it, he may not consider himself a full time actor, which means that he may not want to stay on the show for more then a couple of seasons. Especially if he wants to go for that second run at the Panamanian Presidency in 2019. Wouldn’t that be something if FWD had a future world leader shooting zombies on their show?

  • Swamp Fox

    Welcome, Alex. Really glad you got the FTWD call over Mazzaro or Bloom.

  • Sylvia Aponte

    Great review guys, was lol’ing throughout. Alex was a great change and love his “bio”

  • sunny

    Jesse mccartney! Thank you, i knew i recognized that guy lol

    Great podcasting, the past few weeks ive forgotten about the show and only go back to watch once i see the new podcast pop up in my feed.

  • I’ve been gritting my teeth throughout each episode of FearTWD. Kim Dickens (Madison) complete lack of any expression whatsoever is making it almost unwatchable for me. I have no idea how she got a lead role in this. She needs to go. Cliff Curtis (Travis) isn’t much better. These people actually had acting training? It’s hard to believe. I love anything and everything “Walking Dead” but I won’t be happy till Madison and Travis take their places on the dead side of the cast.

    • Craig

      I don’t think it’s their acting I think it’s the writing. I mean last season, Kim Dicken’s Madison was one of the bright spots of the show. She seemed to be realizing what the world was, and she slapped the hell out of Nick which was a highlight of the season. Travis also seemed to be realizing that the world is going to hell and seemed to be turning towards doing what he needed to do. Now it’s like that never happened. Madison has done nothing all season but complain about how dangerous everything is, and Travis despite doing a lot of things like taking the hand out of the boat, and stalling Connor’s crew by taking his time to hotwire the boat, it feels like he has done nothing all season. It’s perplexing because these two were really suppose to be the main characters by what the show installed in the first season, and now they are really just boring.

  • Craig

    So glad to hear Alex Kidwell is going to be doing the podcasts for the rest of the half season. I’ve liked a lot of what I’ve heard from him, but I don’t really get to listen to him often because I’m not a Big Brother fan. Nice to hear him for the rest of the season, and yes, the rumours are true. The Kid is hot on the FWD podcasts!

    People say they are coming around on Nick, I’m not. I just find myself annoyed by his face. When he was loading that gun at the table, his face just looked like his mind was thinking “Duhh I load the bullets into the gun, but I have to load them with the shootie part facing away from my face because if I don’t I might shooted myself. Duhhhhhhh!”

    Everyone on the boat should have been pissed at Chris for shooting Jesse McCarney (too lazy to look up character name or correct spelling). The fact that they all just seemed to be ok with Chris doing this when they all likely had their suspicions that McCarney wasn’t turning was out of human character for me. Chris really looks like he is going full Shane now. The only difference is that Shane was likable at some points in the show.

  • Reynaldo Hernandez Aponte

    AMC should cut you a check Rob. This podcast has kept me watching this show. I can’t stand Maddie, Travis or Alicia. I watch the show and I’m screaming at the screen at the stupidity I’m constantly seeing from them.

  • Stefano Cappelli

    The Jack and Alicia scenes were the worst. Is this show trying to bee a teen version walking dead? It was also weird that Jack was upset at Alicia, telling her that her people are bad because they left Alex on a raft. His people tried to kill all of her people. That is worse.

    They are not doing a good job of making compelling women on this show. Maddy is too overprotective. Alicia is too CW. Daniels daughter is forgettable (Can’t even remember her name). The most interesting is Alex at this point and she isn’t with the group.

  • Emily Stobs

    I knew Rob would grow to love Nick…

  • William Northrup

    No character bugs me more than Chris.

  • William Northrup

    Were the flashbacks a one episode thing?