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Podcast Recap of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 2 Episode 7, “Shiva” on May 22, 2016


Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Alex Kidwell (@alexkidwell) recap the the second season of AMC’s new Walking Dead spin-off series, Fear the Walking Dead with our podcast cover Season 2, Episode 7, “Shiva”.

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  • Derek_Sye

    I didn’t bother to watch S2 of Fear the Walking Dead, but I just finished binging all the recaps and I have come to two conclusions.

    1. It was a solid choice not to watch the second season.
    2. Rob committed an unforgivable crime by not making at least one “abandoning a sinking ship” joke regarding Josh’s choice to stop doing these recaps.

    • Matthew Murphy

      Season 2 is a lot better but it’s hard to keep a show a float when you’ve got massive boulders who think as such representing the main characters we have to follow (except for Strans and Salazar).

  • Matthew Murphy

    Rob don’t worry about being too hard on the show. When you make Chris Hardwick money you can suck as many knee caps as you want. It’s hard to be positive when something ends with two teenagers running away in separate storylines. Kudos to Alex for making chicken salad out of the anyalsis of these incredibly unlikeable characters. I can’t for Salazar’s rise from the dumpster. Also it’s hilarious when you compare Lexa to Alicia. All she got to do this week was wave goodbye.

    • Eart

      Yeah, Rob, if anything you weren’t hard enough on this show. I found your venting very entertaining. This episode flat out sucked and the kids are the worst.

    • Charles Bikle

      I agree; no need for Rob to apologize. Like Big Brother, laughing at the stupider parts of the show is part of the fun.

      • TrentC

        I found myself more looking forward to The Talking Dead show than FTWD. That’s a bad sign…

    • David Alexander

      The comparison is apt. Fear the walking dead is on par with The 100. Both are complete trash. This last season of The 100 makes the final seasons of BSG look like a Greek tragedy..

      • Matthew Murphy

        The 100 is a comedy to me. The men in that show may as well be slaves.

  • Ana Horvat

    The worst episode of the season for me. Characters are getting more and more unlikable and common sense is nowhere to be found. How is this mid season finale material? I was really hoping this show would get its footing eventually, but I’m starting to doubt it will happen.

  • Charles Bikle

    With all those visions Daniel was having in the hacienda, it was more like a “Hallu-cienda”, Ha Ha , lol, HA Ha , ROFLMAO, ha ha.

  • TrentC

    Enjoyed the yin and the yang of the podcast guys. Completely agreeing with Rob on all points. Long post ahead, apologies ahead of time.

    What is wrong with this show:

    -They’ve removed the Fear portion. It’s still very early in the apocalypse and killing zombies has become a no brainer. Last week the entire cast walks up to a church. Zombie people, zombie priest, zombie alter boys pour out and attack. Our group doesn’t even flinch and they kill them all. In fact, the most ‘terrifying’ part of the sequence is when Chris stands there while Madison is in danger.

    – Inconsistencies abound. A week ago Maddie is inviting every stranger within range onto the boat. This week she locks Celia in a room with zombies, effectively killing a human that has not done a thing to Madison’s group other than give them food and shelter. Badass move yes, morals be damned now?

    – The millennial emo angst factor. As Rob mentions, the real priorities are thrown out the window. During the end of the world, aren’t things like food, water, shelter, and existing with people you know and trust, like your family, the focuses you should seek and hang on to? Instead, we see three pouty kids railing against any and all decisions their parents make.

    Chris – He has punched his Dad, pulled a knife on his Dad, pulled a gun on his Dad and ran away from the only possible safe shelter for miles. Coupled with his creepy knife wielding bedtime stories when the girls are asleep, cut this dude loose now.

    Nick – He dressed up in the red goo suit three times this episode. The implied rush he gets from doing it and the heroin analogy seems accurate. So let him live with the walkers and be happy. Given the choice between driving to safety with his Mom, a person who has helped him and put up with a lifetime of his BS, or staying at a burning hacienda riddled with walkers and not much else, he chooses column B. Bye Nick.

    Alicia – Only a few days into the apocalypse and she’s rescued by Strand and lives on a boat. She gets lonely and decides to chat with possible Tinder contacts on the ship’s radio, never once thinking – Hey, the people out there could be murderers, just trying to survive and willing to do anything for a mouthful of food. Not thinking about stranger danger in any form is idiotic and irresponsible in this world. 12 year olds probably realize this without issue.

    Random mechanics:

    – Strand left his boat and now part of our group will be returning to the Abigail. So you mean to tell us that a 10 million dollar fully stocked luxury yacht will be waiting untouched? Even if people can’t start the boat, there’s a lot to like on the Abigail.

    – Torching the winery. They had a self sufficient, fully defensible outpost that was lovely. Within one episode – poof. This is why we can never have nice things.

    – Travis looking for Chris and electing not to even try to arrange a later meeting with Strand’s group. Yes, Chris is his son and needs help. As Rob said, you walk for miles without shoes and find Chris. Then what? Go down to the local walk-in medical clinic and hope the line isn’t too long? Food, water, shelter? Travis you ain’t that badass to survive in the Mexican/zombie wilderness without help.

    Ophelia – She gets the Purple Ophelia edit for a season and a half, then has no problemo killing some alter boy zombies and assorted undead folk. She’s not as bad as the under twenty crowd, it does feel like they’re just trying to put her into a slot.

    This show has the potential to be good. They have great actors and a premise that just screams to be cool. I found myself thinking of the exact example Alex mentioned about Carl eating the pudding. While Carl has never been the favorite character on The Walking Dead, he has proven himself to be a badass and rarely made any dumbass mistakes that jeopardized the group, or jeopardized the viewer’s IQ. One eyed Carl > three millennials on FTWD.

    • Matthew Murphy

      Not to mention Carl is like 8-12 in the show. These kids are 15-19 and act like winey idiots. It’s like having 5 Enid’s and it’s all about JSS, Just Sulk and Suck. Also Madison is just there to tell people to do things and bring down the mood.

      • TrentC

        Just suck and sulk LOL!

        hilarious and completely correct

  • Michele P.

    I feel like I’m the only one who likes this show. ?!

  • Ben

    Gonna try and devil’s advocate a little here. I do see a lot of valid complaints on here but I feel like some people have to stop wishing that this show is The Walking Dead. This is a different show, and you have to take it in some different directions so that it can stand on its own. If that means more character drama, so be it. I don’t know, I actually like the character stuff. When the world goes to hell, you gotta think everyone’s going to go a little crazy, don’t you think? Keep in mind, this is MUCH EARLIER in the apocalypse than TWD is, so you can’t expect every character to be a badass who always knows what to do. The fact that characters like Daniel and Strand seem to know what’s up already is impressive to me. At this point in TWD, everyone who doesn’t have the stones to make it in this world has already been weeded out, but in Fear, we’re not even close to that point yet. All that said, Chris going from 0 to 100 on the crazy scale in about 2 seconds flat seemed like a stretch to me. Same with Madison all of a sudden turning into a murderer. There’s definitely some bugs to work out and I’d like to see some more exciting plot elements in the future. But as far as the overall premise, I like it – I had always wanted to see more of the transition TO the new zombie apocalypse world that we missed on TWD. It’s a lot more of characters still figuring it out than on TWD, where most of them pretty much have it figured out already. If that’s not your cup of tea, that’s fine, watch The Walking Dead instead. But I think at least acknowledging the fundamental difference between will help people enjoy the show a little bit more.

    BTW Alex, I really appreciate you on this podcast, and how well you were able to balance Rob out! I love him but Whiny Rob is a little bit much for me and I kinda feel like Wigler would have been in the exact same camp as him.

  • Charles Bikle
  • A-M

    I think Rob nailed it with two observations: the kids are full of teen angst and self-centred, and there are no leaders. TWD had the more interesting issue of too many strong leaders.

    I think the writers made a mistake in killing off Abigail. He could have been a leader, and his relationship with Strand could have been extremely interesting.

    Strand digging that hole seemed an apt metaphor for the whole episode.

    When the cell was burning, were those the zombies Daniel was seeing, or people from his past? Celia was visibly absent in that scene.

    The show is entertaining, but we’ve been spoiled by stronger shows lately.

  • BearMustaine

    Maddie is so annoying..she was happy enough to let the old lady kick Strand out..but Strand was the biggest asshole in the world just cause he didn’t let her bring every waif and stray onto his boat..Fear The New Lori..Don’t even get me started on Chris..gack