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Fear The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 2 Recap| So Close, Yet So Far

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Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Josh Wigler (@roundhowardget back together to talk episode two of Fear The WalkingDead, “So Close Yet So Far.” This week’s episode has stepped up the pace, and does an all-too-real job of showing us what Los Angeles could look like when civilization breaks down around it.

Rob and Josh discuss the progression of the characters and show a little more appreciation for the long-winded back story from the pilot. They discuss Tobias and his ability to know everything about this outbreak — except how to kill the walkers. They discover that “The Wire” curse crosses over to all “TWD” platforms.

They look into Nick’s actions and debate whether he is a hero or a manipulator of circumstance. We find out how Travis’ problems with his ex-wife and son, Chris and Liza, affect his ability to help them as the outbreak starts to spread.

Rob and Josh speculate on who will live, who is not long for this world, if a Burning Man society is best for these people and, ultimately, who will be our pseudo-family when all the initial hysteria is said and done.

With a week off next week, we hold our breath and pray that all our favorite characters can hold out that long. But while they wait, Rob and Josh feel like we have enough characters to have a death draft. Tune in to see who drafts whom.

Until then, let us know what you thought of the show in the  comments section below.

Special Thanks to Justin Holcolmb for writing this week’s episode recap!

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  • B. Chappell

    Nick: Everyone is acting like this isn’t really happening… Almost like it’s not real.
    Papa Bear: Nick… It’s Real.

  • Rob Allison

    Young Tobias is showing his worth. He has become a walking post apocalyptic encyclopedia. How do you think he will stay connected to these three families? After his first experience with the principal you think he would be hooked to Madison’s waist. Even though he knew where the stockpiles were he doesn’t appear to have a home base.

  • Jennifer Grasso

    Do you thing Tobias would last longer on his own or if he went with Madison?

  • Emily Stobs

    Why the hell didn’t Madison and Tobias get the rest of that cart full of food? All that effort to leave most of it behind?

  • Jennifer Grasso

    Why do you think Madison left her neighbor for dead? And would you do the same?

  • Rob Allison

    Did Madison walk across the street and tell the neighbors what she thought was going on like she said she would? Looked like her neighbor was a snack for the neighborhood walker at the end of episode two.

  • Rob Allison

    Do you think the school could be a major setting/refuge for our heroes? No weapons but lots of stockpiles. Also no traffic and lots of locked doors. A little mini prison compound.

  • Fernando Castro

    What is “the flu” going around? Could this be the infection early on as it’s mutating (possibly related to the prison flu in original series), maybe reports of walkers mistaken for the extremely sick, or an unrelated deadly flu with bad timing that’s mass producing the first walkers fast?

  • 1. Who has the bigger character upside in terms of show value: Eugene or Tobias? The social misfit that’s 2 steps behind or the social misfit that’s 2 steps ahead?

    2. How many zombies will Kim Dickens have to see before she gets what’s happening?

  • Steve Davis

    Would you tell your family & loved ones about a possible zombie apocalypse? If so, what would you say? A teen like Alicia could then run out and try to save her boyfriend? Everyone has someone they’d want to save So how would you approach it?

  • Chlsea_1905

    How exactly did the principal die? He didn’t look sick when he was walking the halls and then later he had some kind of wound on his back.

  • Matt Racine

    this episode was SO much better then the premiere. starting to get invested in these characters. Especially Madison, and like Josh, i’m obsessed with Tobias haha. Hope he comes back, and IS related to Eugene ha.

    also think i’ve been listening to too much TEOS lately. when Rob was clarifying his thoughts about last week’s premiere, I could of sworn I was listening to Jonathan Penner. i’m clearly still groggy this morning.

  • CP

    What if Tobias is the “Morgan” of Fear the Walking Dead? When he shows up again in season 5 I want you to call me so I can yell “nailed it!!”

    • B. Chappell

      I had this exact thought! But in my version he shows up weilding some type of samurai sword to show that he has evolved from his current steak knife weapon of choice.

  • Meren Roberts

    Hehe, how long has Clif Curtis been on the walking dead.??

  • Andrew Garcilazo

    Do you think we could see a celebrity walker? This is LA, after all.

  • Rob, I think this is one of the best recaps you’ve ever done, at least about a scripted show. Some great analysis, on the ball points, and insightful discussion that mostly only comes out for Survivor. I’m thinking maybe a show that Josh doesn’t have more knowledge on due to existing material could be much better for you.

  • Craig

    Here’s my question. Why the hell are they taking a week off to run a night of reruns of the first two episodes? What is this the 1980’s? People don’t need to wait for the show to re-air to watch it and catch up anymore AMC!

  • Matt The Golem

    The “old man” in the barber shop is Ruben Blades, a very well-known actor. He should survive for a while due to having experience in previous battles with otherworldly entities.

  • Will Morgan

    Can you envision TWD and FTWD meeting in Nebraska? Nebraska was kind of hinted in season 2 of TWD with the episode ‘Nebraska’. Do Rick and crew decide less populated Midwest is safest bet and FWTD seems they are gonna head east through desert.

  • homertownie

    People watch the show because it is in LA? There must be 30 or 40 B movies about zombies in LA. More movies about zombies in LA than all other places in the world combined.

    Seriously, any TV show in LA and NYC is at a huge disadvantage to viewers, but it is a cheap show. A TV show in the LA River/reservoir is just an obvious cheap show with minus points for creativity. Even shows like “Monk” at least pretend to be in SF even if they are green screens in LA.

    “Walking Dead” wouldn’t be a hit if it was in NYC and LA. “The Strain” is so ridiculous because they put it in NYC. 90% of the USA no longer knows where or what “Long Island” means or how “Brooklyn” is different than “NYC”.

    I don’t know where “Fear the Walking Dead” is going, but if it stays in LA it is going to die fast. We have seen a hundred movies and TV shows about zombies in LA.