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Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) give “The Dog” a bone on the latest episode of the FEAR THE WALKING DEAD recap podcast!

Now that we have our pseudo family put together now, what things will happen to keep them together going forward? After the desert seemed like the answer for Travis and co. how long, and how safe will they be with the National Guard now in charge of quarantine?

While man eating dog is slowly becoming a normal thing in this world, fear start monopolizing our characters lives, so they strike fear back by monopolizing its time, literally.

Rob and Josh discuss proper home safety etiquette at the onset of citywide mayhem. After seeing how the undead act firsthand, how do Travis and Madison not take Griselda’s Infected foot more seriously? Josh takes it further and questions if Travis is even built for this world, and wonders if he make it out of this season alive.

They wrap it up by answering a few viewers questions. As always, let us know what you thought of the show in the comments section below.
Also, we will be recording after the episodes, so each Sunday, leave your questions for us in the comments section of the new episode.

Special Thanks to Justin Holcomb for the episode recap


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  • Mike Giangreco

    In some ways I feel like Daniel is being smart in not joining the others as he is clearly the most fit for this type of situation and would have less people to protect. On the other hand he is only one man and everyone has to sleep. What do you think his best decision in this scenario would be?

    • Aisha Prater

      Go with group…

  • Chlsea_1905

    If things are so bad that Travis is now burying people in the back yard why is he still putting the trash on the curb?

    • Aisha Prater

      Lol I know right..

      • Craig

        Also, he put that body in the regular trash. That belongs in your organics bin Travis! They can fine you for that!

        • Steve Davis

          He buried the body. He threw out the rug after

  • Owen M

    Was it the right call to stay til morning, or should they have listened to Madison and left at night?

    • Aisha Prater

      I say stay until morning….but my God, STOP with the lights in the windows….

  • Chlsea_1905

    Would you guys ever approach a man eating a dog!?! How much do they need see before they understand the gravity of the situation.

    • Paul

      Remember the bath salts thing a few years ago. I would imagine most people would think the person is on drugs.

      • Chlsea_1905

        True, but remember this isn’t the first thing that they have witnessed. Also, unless it’s a person in your immediate family, I don’t buy that anyone would see this and react like that. Wouldn’t you just call the police/paramedics and get the hell out of there? I wouldn’t come close to a person tripping on drugs like that let alone put my hands on them. Maybe, I’m just seeing things through The Walking Dead lenses and should cut them some slack.

  • Aisha Prater

    Omg why is TRAVIS ACTING like this now, when in ep 1 and 2 he saw what was going done, and wasn’t afraid obviously going to the church ALONE, now in ep 3 he went all HERSCHEL…ugh

  • @Wharfrat1625

    Whats the over under on how many episodes before Granny Salazar turns and they have to put her down?

    Did this episode create an effective sentiment of dread and terror at being trapped in a major city as the zombie apocalypse blossoms around you? I felt like the run from the barber shop was done very well.

    Do you guys like any of the kids in our group yet or did you find them all as frustratingly emo as I did?

    I really liked Daniel expressing the sentiment that “Good people are the 1st to die” to Ofelia. Did you guys think that scene was done well or is he to one dimensional for that line to carry the weight it should in the Walking Dead universe?

    -R Filly

    • Aisha Prater

      Kids were annoying..Chris pissed me off..enough of the attitude…seriously

  • Emily Stobs

    Did this episode give you as much anxiety as it did for me?

  • Steve Davis

    Viewers always comment that in these situations you should clearly know it’s a zombie apocalypse and everyone would be fleeing immediately (easy to say as a tv viewer). But this episode demonstrated how society riots and falls in real life.

    1. Seeing how hard it is to get to/from certain places… What’s your escape plan if you were in this situation? What do you do with your family if this starts to happen in LA and you can’t really get out, and even if you can travel, your family is spread out?

    2. Even in the early stage of the apocalypse, it’s starting to settle in that these people are dead and “turning.” Would you feel like you are murdering a friend or killing a zombie?

  • Emily Stobs

    What do you think about when Daniel said “Good people are the first to die?” I season 4 when we re-meet Morgan, he told Rick that “The weak are the ones that inherit the earth.” Do these two statements ring true, or is one more true over the other?

    • Steve Davis

      That’s always been a theme in TWD

    • Paul

      I would think the weak (physically and emotionally) and indecisive people will always die first. I don’t see any reason why a good person can’t survive as long as they are strong willed

  • Mike Giangreco

    Nick seems to be the first to realize what is really going on. Interesting contrast to the first episode where he was convinced that it was all a trip.

  • Paul

    Madison and Travis have no excuse for their continued skepticism about the zombies (especially Madison after the principal).

  • Paul

    You know Travis’ kid sucks when you wish he was Carrrrrrl.

  • Sean McKaveney

    Seriously, do TVs, radios, smartphones/Internet not exist in this universe??? They play monopoly instead of looking for info…

  • Rob Allison

    Walker kill count: Madison Clark=1(Principal douche), Nick Clark=1(Drug dealer douche); Daniel Salazar=1(Neighbor Mr Dawson)

    I’m loving the Madison character building up as the series progresses. She is a combo of Rick and Carol – cool leader and badass when needed. Nick is a setup for a random kill. His pasty skin and grandpa Jones wardrobe are haunting me more than walker neighbor Susan and her garden death maze.

    Don’t you think it’s a bit odd that Travis’s truck can survive a full scale riot when all other cars are burning and turned over? Have to admit it was pretty cool watching the rolling blackout shut down civilization. Makes you wonder when the grid will finally fail. There still is a bit of half preparation going on. Looks like our heroes were packing for a weekend camp out instead of scrambling at Cabella’s for gear.

    I thought the hospital scene was a bit anticlimactic. All the firepower on the site, destroyed vehicles and the hospital burning for the one walker we saw? Wasn’t too convincing that Sister of Mercy Hospital was a death trap.

  • Chlsea_1905

    Can a full grown German Shepard be killed by a walker? I don’t think even I have fast enough reflexes to kill one with my hands and mouth.

  • I think it was pretty terrible to take a week off for Labor Day. For a 6 episode season you can’t afford the viewing experience to be so disjointed. I found it took me a while to really get back into being invested in the characters, emotions, scenario, etc.

  • Reynaldo Hernandez Aponte

    I also wondered how it got so out of hand. And then I remembered that everyone is infected my friends, Also love Nick, like a real life junkie, nice work son of Stannis.

  • Eart

    Rob and Josh! In all the talk about Travis and killing a main character in season one…. how could you possibly forget about Shane?!?!

    • Josh Wigler

      He made it to the end of Season 2!

      • Eart

        What? He did? I’m an idiot. I just associate Season 2 with Rick and Hershel having the same conversation over and over again. I didn’t realize how much TV Shane really outlasted comic book Shane.

  • Tim Forbes

    Thought this was easily the best episode of the season so far. I like the pace a lot too.

  • bubsandscrubs

    How ’bout that Carcosa maze in the backyard? I don’t typically like to criticize TWD/FTWD too much, but I really don’t get the lack of awareness and common sense. With a crazy attacker outside I would hunker down, stay quiet, lights off and lock all the doors. Instead our characters did the opposite on all counts, and they got the dog killed. I can’t wait to see next week’s antics (cue the Benny Hill music.) 🙂

  • AndyMcGill

    They are hardly pretending this show is in LA anymore. No traffic? Lots of deciduous trees in every lawn? Everybody wearing jackets? Stupid to even start the show in LA, home to 90% of all zombie apocalypses.

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  • Aisha Prater

    The struggle to maintain normalcy is REAL

  • Aisha Prater

    What is meant by keep your son close? Loved the ass whopping Madison gave Nick….he soooooo needed it……