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Fear The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 4 Recap | Not Fade Away

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Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) will not fade away during the fourth episode of FEAR THE WALKING DEAD, called — wait for it! — “Not Fade Away.”

On the podcast, Rob and Josh pick up right where they left off last podcast, even though the show has fast forwarded 9 days. What’s changed, what’s stayed the same. Is Travis still a wienis?

Speaking of Travis and wienis, he and Madison prove that love is not dead while living in a military state. Ophelia takes it a step further, possibly trading favors for medicine, when she hooks up with generic Army guy Reynolds.

Madison finally steps up her parenting by laying the smack down on Nick, but then steps down as a parent by ignoring Army Douche (AD) and breaking out to go inspect the Dead Zone. What’s out there? How dangerous is it? Why are you going out there? Theres no Child Protective Services in tent city…what if they are out there? Will you be in trouble?

Was the flashing light in the distance a cry for help or a message of warning? Was it morse code? Where is our morse character? Rob and Josh discuss all of this and answer your questions. As always, let us know what you thought of the show in the comments section below

Special Thanks to Justin Holcomb for this week’s episode recap

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  • prett77

    Mishonne has here sword. Darryl has his crossbow. What do you think the weapons of choice will be for the Clarke/Manawa family? Madison already seems to prefer the hammer but that weapon belonged to Tyrese.

    • Paul

      The show needs a good axe wielder. I always figured baseball bats and golf clubs would work well but I guess they break too easily.

      Other good ones would be sledge hammer, cricket bat, and more sword action would still be cool.

      • Mike Giangreco

        I feel like the good old fashioned sword and board would work wonders. Other than the riot shields (which worked very well) we havent seen much shield action. Plain stupidity in my eyes, if you have a one handed weapon there is no excuse to not have a shield. It’s much better at keeping walkers away from the biting zone than a free hand.

  • Steve Davis

    Nick finally washed!!!

    • Steve Davis

      …and then put the old man’s coat back on. While in his own home….

  • Steve Davis

    Do you see any parallels to Woodbury and wonder if this is somehow how it started there? A community gets fenced in (under different circumstances) with a questionable leader seemingly trying to command.

    • Paul

      Woodbury had less army influence (or maybe the army was gone by the time we saw it), but otherwise seems similar. I feel like this is how most of the early camps would have started.

      Problem is they dont know that people who die from non zombie causes will reanimate. That would be the downfall of most of the early camps.

      • Mike Giangreco

        I feel like the amry guys DO know that. Thats why they’re moving all the sick people out of the compound.

  • Steve Davis

    Make-Up Sex! #Spongeworthy

  • Emily Stobs

    When Daniel told Madison to keep her son close, do you think that was an indirect jab at Lori for not paying better attention to Carl’s whereabouts?

    • Steve Davis

      I think he was watching Nick look through and maybe even hopping the fence

  • Emily Stobs

    Do you think Liza went with Dr. Exner out of guilt for getting Nick in trouble, or because she wanted to help out?

    • Aisha Prater

      Alittle of both….TRAVIS and liza had that conversation last week in kitchen about her need to want to help

  • Aisha Prater

    That ass whopping Madison put on Nick WAS SO SPOT ON MUCH NEEDED…..Nick was very selfish

  • OnTheRun

    Cabin Douche, Cop Douche, this guy is definitely Army Douche right?

    • Paul

      I think there are multiple army douches. But that one guy is definitely head army douche

  • Rob Allison

    What kind of vibes do you get from the lady physician (Dr Bethany)? She sees thru Liza’s lie to provide comfort care for her neighbors and Nick faking his withdrawl symtoms. She is hot but Nick’s fast heart rate is either his withdrawl or fear over being caught. She seems a bit desparate for help but you can’t tell if she is isolating people for government testing or being altruistic. Is she the new Hershel? She would be great on the road. Even more not a fan of Nick. Quite the douche move stealing the dying mans morphine thru the toe IV site.

  • Rob Allison

    We got some of our first verses of scripture tonight on the fence (Rev 21:4). How much forshadowing to you make of the line and who do you think would have put it up? Here is the verse: “He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of thinkgs has passed away.”

  • Rob Allison

    Do you think the work Travis is doing as communty leader is going to get the group any special perks? So far him being hardballed into the nasty work of Mayor hasn’t paid off. Will his own group follow his lead or will Madison’s strong will rise to the top? The beatings she gave Nick is an interesting campaign promise.

  • ajols

    Is it safe to say when compared to Walking Dead proper there has been a complete lack of suspense so far? Maybe its just me but it seemed like every episode of the first season of Walking Dead was captivating and ended on a major cliff hanger.
    With this show I look forward to you guys making fun of these characters on
    the podcast more than actually caring what happens to them.

  • Steve Davis

    Better add “fix that window” on the To-Do list right under “repainting the inside of the house.” Did Madison not know her own window doesn’t open?

  • Steve Davis

    You think the report Travis gave to Moyers contributed to the final flashing image we saw at the end of the episode?

  • It’s so dumb that as a collective the Army Special Forces unit are not only douches, but incompetent, and lazy as well. It’s a really old and tired cliche in any disaster type movie or show that the military always does the opposite of what’s needed, so it’s disappointing FTWD went that route.

    • Allard Swart

      I agree. At least what we’ve seen from the army is very disappointing. It looks like the military will be the antagonists going into these final two episodes.

      What I’m wondering is: ‘Will they be depicted as a bunch of jerks? Or will they try to humanize the military?’

  • @Wharfrat1625

    With 2 hours of show left for the season I have to ask, do you guys expect to see this safe zone ultimately destroyed and in what fashion would you like to see it collapse? Would you prefer a classic herd into fence knockdown, a friendly neighborhood insurrection, or perhaps just a coup by some of the less corrupt soldiers?

    On a side note I really enjoyed the atmosphere of tension this episode cultivated. The martial law status was very uncomfortable and I liked feeling the palpable unease as I watched it.

    -R Filly

  • Wesley”Walker”

    What the hell happened to seeing the zombie apocalypse developing? A city of God knows how many millions that have been wiped out in nine days by about 20-40 army guys? It’s like watching the NY Jets…. Plenty of holes, lots of expectations, and cheesy mediocrity….

    Btw, can we please kill Lori, I mean Madison.

  • Wesley”Walker”

    Also, can we assume that Madison somehow closed the fence when she came back, or like the selfish person we believe her to be just left a nice walker friendly hole in the fence.

  • Wesley”Walker”

    Lastly, what term do you think Californians will use for “zombie”?

  • Wesley”Walker”

    Does anyone know if the showers are still working? My belief is that they arent as they would be dependent upon electricity. Even if they were, it would be by generator and thus rationed. Thus, how could Madison’s husband take the stench in the car scene? Can we perhaps get a podcast on feminine hygiene in the zombie world?

    • Chlsea_1905

      the water in a house doesn’t actually depend on electricity at all. Hopefully the army would keep the water plants running. I’m assuming they still work because what kind of person goes jogging if they knew the showers weren’t working? Maybe Travis will bathe in the pool.

    • Jeff Trotter

      They’re only 9 days in. That’s longer than is comfortable to go without a shower and being around people who likewise haven’t cleaned up, but I’m not sure it’s at the gagging people point yet (particularly if they’re not dealing with the stench of death in their compound yet).

      Also, it’s Travis who’s running laps. So Madison is probably holding her breath just as much as he would be.

  • John Santucci

    Why is Nick still in hobo garb? Isn’t he at home? Is this a new fashion trend I’m missing out on?

  • sunny

    I think I like Liza. It really took until this episode for me to stop seeing her as the awful Aleida on Orange is the New Black.

    It might be interesting to see Travis die and for this series to turn into a group co-led by Madison and Liza.

  • Dave_Bakker

    The preview for next week showed a quick look at a zombie that appeared to look like Nick. Red herring or is Nick the major character they kill off in season 1?

  • Dave_Bakker

    Is stupidity a prerequisite for living in the apocalypse? Sure Madison is curious about what’s outside the fence, but why sneak out in broad daylight?

    • Mike Giangreco

      Probably because sneaking out at night is an even worse idea.

  • Jeff Trotter

    I love me some Lou Reed, but “Trainspotting” already owns the use of “Perfect Day” for depicting a drug-fueled haze.

  • Jeff Trotter

    Are these military dudes the most bad ass unit in the world? There’s not but a handful of them, but they’ve somehow dropped into Los Angeles and, temporarily at least, stopped the spread of infection? Rick couldn’t contain it among a couple of dozen people locked up in a prison because someone came down with the flu.

  • I don’t know about anyone else, but I was terrified by the end of the episode, although it wasn’t overtly scary. Nice job by the writers.

  • Mike Giangreco

    Wheres the podcast 🙁 lol

  • Russ W

    I knew that I recognized Army guy Reynolds (Shawn Hatosy) from something else. It was from a couple Dexter episodes…Boyd Fowler, Dead Animal Pickup.

  • HomerBrannon1

    I think Maddie is well on her way to becoming Rick Grimes West Coast style. She’ll be a hardened bad ass in a couple months. She needs a Daryl, though. None to be found in this group of losers. Although that old man (sorry, can’t remember his name) would be a good lieutenant.

  • Jay

    Rob and Josh, I think the reason maddie kept returning to the car is because, like she said, her home has turned into a refugee camp. The car appears to be her only place of privacy.

  • KB

    Not sure but I think the bf drew on her with a sharpie and it’s going to wash off and so she’s making it a tattoo because he’s gone.