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Fear The Walking Dead Season 1 Finale Recap | The Good Man

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The final episode of FEAR THE WALKING DEAD season one, called “The Good Man,” is over, but we’re just getting started ripping it apart with a helicopter blade here on Post Show Recaps!

Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) are here to break down the season finale, from the massive zombie outbreak to any and all casualties incurred along the way.

Rob strikes first in the death draft with the death of Liza, and our crew finds out that there is no cure. How will this information change the outlook of Travis and co?

What is the deal with Strand? Is he a good guy? Bad guy? Are his motives pure? How long can a group of 7 last on a boat in the middle of the ocean? Will they incorporate zombie pirates?

Is Travis pulling out his inner Rick when he beat down Army Douche? And how does somebody make it through army training and only manage to inflict a flesh wound on Ofelia at such a close range?

Rob and Josh discuss all of this and answer your questions. As always, let us know what you thought of the show in the comments section below, and join them back here next week as The Walking Dead returns.

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  • Humberto Urrutia

    Has Travis finally learned his lesson? And how badass was Madi saying: it’s okay! She didn’t bat and eye.

  • Humberto Urrutia

    So, are we going east or west?

  • Humberto Urrutia

    The Dr killed herself right? I kinda wanted to see her character more.

  • Humberto Urrutia

    Are we getting some MadiStrand action? He thinks she is funny, and he’s dapper than wuss Travis.

  • Alan Karnofsky

    When Ofelia got shot, why did no one care? They were all just staring at Travis beat down Army Douche.

  • Dave_Bakker

    Will Strand’s house become Fear’s equivalent of Herschel’s farm?

  • Jennifer Grasso

    Is anyone else not as excited about TWD next week b/c FTWD is just so good right now? Or is it just me?

  • Dave_Bakker

    Is Nick right? Is everybody catching up to him?

  • Dave_Bakker

    What did you think of the special effects in the finale – specifically, L.A. in ruins and the hundreds (thousands?) of walkers at the base?

  • Paul

    Is this show being too careful with it’s main characters? On the main show, after 5 seasons I can understand why they are reluctant to kill off main characters whom the fans have huge attachments to.

    But the FtWD producers seem to be treating the characters here with kid gloves, I would like it if they killed a few more people.

  • Justin

    So Travis beat the guy to death after he shot Ofelia… Was this just a reaction to the moment or has Travis actually changed and adapted?

  • Humberto Urrutia

    Wowww! How superb was the acting on this episode? Cliff Curtis, Kim Dickens and Elizabeth Rodriguez all nailed it! The last episode gave me all the feels!!!!

  • Emily Stobs

    Where do the show picking up in season 2?

  • Steve Davis

    Big death. But the bigger story is how Tyrion Lannister is able to have a dwarf-sized change of clothes while on the run but Nick is still condemned to that jacket even after he has access to Strand’s elite wardrobe! Are you more sad to see Liza go or Nick’s Jacket stay?

  • Coach

    If our crew can’t make it to Abigail, did they just get Strand-ed?

  • Rob Allison

    Did we get a brigade of rejects monitoring the walls of the hospital complex? I’ve never seen so many missed shots and chain link fences appear to be near bullet proof.

    • Coach

      I don’t think they were aiming for the head.

  • Rob Allison

    Still not sure what skills Nick has that are essential for Strand to have on Abigail or the zombie apocalypse. It’s definitely not fashion coordinator.

  • Rob Allison

    Dr Exner was a loss. I’m sure the cow gun got an additional use. The ash pile out back is curious. I assume it’s patients that couldn’t be saved. Has Cobolt been completely implemented? Or was burning LA more humane termination in progress?

    • Paul

      I was disappointed we didn’t get to see Cobalt executed

  • spicywasabi

    So we won’t get season 2 until next summer? And how many episodes will we get?

    • Steve Davis

      15 episodes with a two hour premiere. So essentially 16 episodes. Probably split

  • Dave_Bakker

    Did you see Flight 462? Any guesses yet on who makes it to season 2 of Fear?

  • Steve Davis

    Do you think they will stumble into Mr. Friendly’s boat out there?

    Mr. Friendly: ” The thing is….we’re going to have to take that coat”

    ….they take the coat….they blow up the boat….were stuck with Nick as he screams for his coat sailing away in the distance

  • Steve Davis

    A a lot of similarities to Travis and Jack Shephard both in their rookie seasons. Both are unwilling to get their hands dirty to get keep their group safe. Jack not willing to torture to get answers from Sawyer. Jack letting go of Boone when he is mortally injured – Travis somewhat doing the same for Liza (a bit more intense). Now that Travis has killed, do you think he will evolve quicker than a character like Jack?

  • vnflcards

    So, the people on FTWD are the worst. 9 days into the apocalypse and they’re already torturing, leaving people to die, and committing mass murder via zombie horde.

  • This solidifies my feelings that any iteration of The Walking Dead is at its best when there’s a mid-sized group on the go & on the run. It’s nice for a half season here or there on TWD to be settled, and the first 5 eps of Fear were decent enough as a set-up, but I’m with Strand – Always gotta be on the move.

  • rottenpear

    How can I watch this on YouTube? I can’t see it in the uploaded videos/etc…. plus this thing on this page I can’t get full screen. How do I watch this video full screen in YouTube?

  • HomerBrannon1

    Nick definitely could use some fashion tips from Strand. Just because it’s the end of the world doesn’t mean you can’t look good.

  • Shauna Kelly

    Did anyone else notice the large amount of something red in the ocean at the very end? Was it just seaweed/algae? Or was it something else? Trying to figure out if they were showing us something or if it was something typical in the ocean.

  • Charles Bikle

    Think the Yacht storyline will provide some elements of “light piracy” – maybe a rogue Coast Guard unit seeing what they can intimidate out of the FTWD crew.

    Also think the yacht storyline will end the 1st time a big storm or typhoon heads their way and forces them (either voluntarily or not) onto one of the Catalina islands or some such locale that will provide an inexpensive place to film most of season 2.

    • Paul

      I think the biggest issue with the yacht will be a constant source of fresh water. Finding water will be an extremely time consuming process.

      Ideally they would find some type of island with a fresh water source.

      Islands really are the best idea of this type of apocalypse becuase you can control the population.

      • Charles Bikle

        Yeah, but there are salt-water purifiers made just for yachts, which I’m guessing are probably standard equipment you’d find on a yacht.

  • Charles Bikle

    Also, I suspect that there might be a bunch of guns on the yacht, prompting some of the characters to ask: “Why are there a bunch of guns on this yacht ?”

  • AndyMcGill

    If this show wasn’t connected to “The Walking Dead” it would be a B or C series on SciFi summer reruns. (1) Nobody on this show has a believable reaction to the zombie apocalypse. (2) The use of the LA River as a location is a definite mark of B and C shows, and this show used it in both the premiere and season finale.

    A million people in the USA are already armed and prepped for the zombie apocolypse, but the people on this show don’t get or make weapons and don’t make their house into a defensible fort? Not a bit believable.

    They put the show in LA for whatever reason, but the whole city in this show has about 500 people??????? Don’t put it in LA if you don’t have the budget for a lot of zombies or huge

    The military has a hospital to treat what? The only injuries would be bites, and they kill the bite victims right away. How do any soldiers get “wounded”? And why not have trenches dug and barbed wire — you know, like 100 years ago in WWI? That would entirely stop the zombie hoard, but NOOOOOO.

    Next season they will probably go to Catalina Island like most other LA low-budget zombie movies.

    • dangerbrain

      This is true. I thought how ridiculous that the entire basin of 50 million people has emptied out in the show timeline of (I think) a few weeks. People in L.A. are smart and violent enough to fight zombies and there are so many places to hide. Not to mention plenty to scavenge including the Port of Los Angeles with hundreds of shipping containers. Information about people changing after they die and how you have to destroy the brain would have traveled fast especially in all the ethnic and tight knit neighborhoods. There are so many 2nd generation immigrants from places like Armenia where they already experienced a holocaust. Most people outside affluent areas are not naive about personal survival but many have never traveled through the US or do not drive and so would not leave the city unless forced. I can’t see people volunteering to get on the government truck/train and go to the desert either and it seems like there would have to be more survivors–like ten million more minimum. EDIT: There also are tons of industrial buildings and warehouses surrounded by high fencing and razor wire. Figueroa south of downtown has lots of these plus army surplus stores and all kinds of resources. Water might be a problem but that’s all I can think of. The climate is perfect for year-round gardening.

  • dangerbrain

    I haven’t had time to listed to these podcasts yet, so you may have mentioned this, but I watched the series and wanted to mention the final scene is at a place in San Pedro called the Sunken City. I used to live in LA and I went there a couple times and sat on the slabs by the ocean. If you get a chance, go, it looks like they are going to officially allow people onto it again soon instead of having to climb over the barricade. This was an urban development from the 20s that slowly collapsed into the sea. You can still see trolley tracks. Such a metaphor for civilization at the end of the show! http://www.yelp.com/biz/sunken-city-san-pedro