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Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Ep #10 Recap | Do Not Disturb

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Podcast Recap of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 2 Episode 10, “Do Not Disturb” on September 4, 2016

Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino), Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Alex Kidwell (@alexkidwell) rise once more to recap the tenth episode of the second season of AMC’s Walking Dead spin-off series, Fear the Walking Dead, with our podcast covering Season 2, Episode 10, “Do Not Disturb.”

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  • Wesley”Walker”

    Haven’t listened to podcast yet but am I hallucinating or was that episode actually good?

    • TrentC

      Like Alex said, it held his attention throughout.

      And for 42 minutes I was interested as well. Still seems like faint praise for a show that should be in the very least…interesting.

      • Wesley”Walker”

        I think as Alex said, from what we’ve had so far, it held my attention, and I didn’t find myself cursing at the stupidity of the show. I did kind of enjoy the chris/Travis story. I’m not optimistic the show can keep it up but for the first time since S1 E3, I am not totally pissed. I’m guessing next week we will be complaining again.

        • TrentC

          I know what you mean. I keep watching and thinking – How will it disappoint me this week?

          Finally figured out what it’s missing. The ‘fear’ part. The hotel scenario is a good example. It could be so creepy and interesting, yet I fear…that it will be another wasted set piece. They’ll move on and we’ll forget about it.

          I’m a Travis/Hershel type person. Find a place, fortify it and try to live there. This group seems to be aimlessly wondering around with no regard to keeping their own family together.

          • Adam Bradford

            I would love it if they stayed at the hotel longer. I think it’s one of those locations that people say they would go to if a zombie apocalypse happened. Got a little taste of a grocery store/Walmart last week. Makes me wonder if they’ll ever go to a mall or if they’ll just wait until the inevitable 3rd spin-off: Night of the Living Dead: The TV Series.

          • TrentC

            I’d stay at the hotel too. Multiple levels, tons of doors, the amenities to store supplies.

            Jonah Ray was a guest on The Talking Dead and said his ideal apocalyptic hideout would be a cabin in the woods, right next to a lake. Every night he’d go out to his boat in the middle of the lake and sleep. I’m not sure I could sleep anywhere in that world, unless it was inside a vault… with an armed friend guarding it.

            I hope they don’t do another spin off, maybe there’s not enough material for two series. I did think the supermarket/ barter center/ indoor campground was interesting. Kinda wondered why the heavily armed bad guys didn’t make Nick give them the drugs and show them where he lives.

            My first stop would be at a new car lot. Vehicles and gas = The (not) Walking Dead.

          • Adam Bradford

            If I had to survive the zombie apocalypse, I think I’d go to the Opryland Hotel in Nashville. It has a lot of indoor outdoor areas where you could crow crops, raise animals, and fish. Plus it’s so big you wouldn’t feel trapped.

            It’s just too bad it’s pretty much impossible to have any cast holed up in one location for too long before it becomes another “Herschel’s Farm”.

  • Charles Bikle

    Regarding the heart-attack dad turning into a Walker too quickly and the Hotel Walkers breaking through the glass.

    if you had to rationalize it, remember this show takes place before/same time as season 1 of TWD, where walkers could jog, climb, turn doorhandles and pick up rocks to break glass. Perhaps the early generation of Walkers had more “chutzpah” or maybe it has something to do with some walkers operating better/differently in certain climates and humidities.

    I get that S1 TWD had “Darabont” Walkers and Nicotero has said on Talking Dead, that some Walkers move with more energy because they had more “life” in them when they died (like heart-attack Dad for instance)

    IMO, there doesn’t have to be a cookie-cutter set of rules regarding the occasional Walker quirks.

    • TrentC

      I was thinking about the same thing. It seems that walkers have varying abilities. It must be what you mentioned, or perhaps it’s tied into the actual method of death coupled with how much energy is left. Could be as simple as if the person was in good shape in life, they may be faster/better/stronger in death?

  • Charles Bikle

    If the showrunners were smart, we’d just see a separate storyline showing Killer Chris’s rise to power and this story (if popular) could continue until the last season.

  • TrentC

    Two words…REC 3

    Okay a few more. Question – At one point didn’t the manager say that the hotel was at capacity? So she locks the wedding party into the reception room and people start turning. What caused the balance of the hotel guests on the other floors to turn…peer pressure?

    Ironic thing about Travis worrying about Chris hooking up the New Kids. Chris is already ten times worse than any of those guys.

    For the prediction I believe it will be similar to what Alex mentioned. Chris and the Douche bros head off alone and somehow encounter Alicia and Madison. The Douche Bros will want to rough up the girls or worse, and either Chris or Travis will have to stop them.

    I caught the same thing as Alex spoke about on Reddit. Travis smashes the car window and now the car door is open. I don’t get it. They have a budget, they have great built in source material and they have a cast of good actors. That points to the writing and the show runner. If they can’t get simple logistics correct …walkers speed-turning, glass not breaking under force, car doors opening…how are we supposed to suspend disbelief during the more supernatural aspects of the show?

    I thought of two things during the opening scene – Wow, Alicia is a butterfly knife badass… and Wow, Alicia changed from baggy sweatpants to tight jeans, wonder if she did some laundry up on floor seven?

    Thanks for the podcast guys

  • Matthew Murphy

    It’s unfair of the show to tease us with a Madison walker. Please please make it happen.

    • Wesley”Walker”

      Yep. That would have made show better.

  • ToledoDave

    So there’s a Survivor connection with Brenda Strong (Mother of the Bride in this episode) and Andrea Boehlke. Brenda played Ann Ewing the aunt to John Ross Ewing the son of JR. John Ross Ewing was played by Josh Henderson who dated Andrea. Andrea appeared on an episode of Dallas, no talking just one of the pretty girls around the pool.