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Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Ep #13 Recap | Date of Death

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 Listen to the Podcast:

Podcast Recap of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 2 Episode 13, “Date of Death” on September 25, 2016

Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Alex Kidwell (@alexkidwell) look back in on Fear the Walking Dead, with our podcast covering the thirteenth episode of the second season of AMC’s Walking Dead spin-off series, Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 13, “Date of Death.”


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  • TrentC

    Before I listen to the podcast, found that l liked this episode. Something I find fascinating in the world of The Walking Dead is the new moral rules that people have to make. The hotel gate scene is an example. You have a huge area that can accommodate more people, but not enough supplies to support them.

    And I liked the Travis/Chris scenes for the same morality question as above. Still don’t understand why Brandon and co. had to kill their buddy rather than just leaving him behind.

    • Wesley”Walker”

      I haven’t listened either Trent, but “like” is a bit too strong. The scenes with Travis and the son were good. Then we go back to Madison at the hotel and I find myself disgusted with the idiocy of the hotel group with Madison as their fearful idiot in charge. Listening to Travis whine to her was nails on a chalkboard.

      I’m also wondering why after 2 months???(time) Madison and her group don’t seem to have a single effective weapon except Madison’s whining. No guns, no machetes, swords… It’s not believable….if I’m in the ZA, I’m carrying real weapons, not a screwdriver…

      As for next week, I m thinking Travis son and his bros coming to hotel could be interesting…. I’m thinking watching nick will be as bad as ever…. I’m guessing Madison will kill the son next week….and then season 4 without a podcast…

      • TrentC

        I liked it, in a comparative sense lol. Kinda like rating the episode 5 out of 10 as opposed to 3 out of 10. Better explanation – What would you prefer, chronic diarrhea or skinned knees? Skinned knees please!

        “…don’t seem to have a single effective weapon except Madison’s whining.” Making me laugh over here…thanks.

        Yeah they gotta find Daniel and get Strand back on his feet so they can properly gear up and put some hurting on walkers and interlopers alike.

        Agreed, next week can be interesting with Brandon and buddies showing up at the hotel. Kinda curious as to where Chris is in that preview.

        You think Maddie is going to kill Chris? They have to trim some of that cast or change something in the dynamics. They seem to keep adding people we don’t care about, rather than subtracting.

        * no podcast for season 4…if they keep it up, maybe no season 4 to podcast about?

        • Wesley”Walker”

          id take the skinned knees unless I had to listen to Madison , in which case Id certainly choose the diarrhea.
          Ok so yeah, I think Chris will die. He is taking the “Shane” arc.. And I guess Madison is Rick or something … I’m getting diarrhea comparing her to Rick..,
          My sadist side is thinking it would be really cool if Chris and his bros take over hotel and start using Madison as there ahem “concubine” as Travis is cuckolded by his own son.

          • TrentC

            I had a similar prediction about the douche-bros running into Madison and Alicia, maybe trying to hurt them and then Chris is faced with a moral dilemma. Chris ends up stopping the douche-bros because he finally gains a conscience and gets killed in the process of saving Maddie and Alicia. A form of redemption for him on the way out.

            The actor who plays Chris was on the Talking Dead and they brought up the Shane comparison. I laughed until I realized it was a serious comment.

          • Matthew Murphy

            Shane was the saving grace of season 2 while Chris is the busted leg and you have to work at it to be the busted leg on this show.

          • TrentC

            Yeah I was going to go into a few paragraphs of drivel on how Shane > Chris in so many ways…fans of the original already recognize this.

            sidebar: I bet that if anyone dies, it will be Ophelia rather than Chris. Which is really too bad because Mercedes Mason, the actor who plays her, is a totally vibrant and engaging personality outside of the show.

          • Wesley”Walker”

            When I said “Shane” I in no way meant to offend anyone… It was like being at a little league game and saying some kid plays like Mickey mantle.

          • TrentC

            I think I got your meaning. Shane was a main character, lost his crap and then *SPOILER ALERT* dies during a pretty tough and unexpected scene. Chris should be so lucky as to be mentioned in the same breath..

            Actually, Chris’ character now has some teeth to him so I shouldn’t complain. Still think some of the writing and motivations suck on the show though.

      • Matthew Murphy

        The no weapons thing really bugs me and the characters never have to pay for it because no one dies, it’s like they’re all under a dumpster but no one is at Glenn status, they’re all as bad as Nick the guy who shot himself and fell on Glenn. Tabitha is a better character than anyone on the show other than Strand and Tobias.

        • Wesley”Walker”

          Thx Matt.., I mean look at the picture above… There holding screwdrivers or something… 1 person has an axe… Maybe there were strict gun laws in Mexico before the ZA

          • TrentC

            Alicia has a straw.

            But it’s a really pointy straw!!


  • Adam Bradford

    I’m hoping the podcast continues for Season 3. Even though it’s still not the best show, it has gotten exponentially better in the second half of Season 2 (which tells you how bad it was). So what we have is a show that is good/interesting enough to watch weekly, but bad enough that you can still have fun making fun of it during the podcast. Besides, if you stopped the podcast the world would be robbed of you all’s amazing Strand impersonations! The episode Strand dies though, the podcast must die with it. #IfStrandDiesWeStopPodcasting

    • Matthew Murphy

      It was better on the boat. Being in Mexico has been brutal.

  • Paul

    I really wish people died on this show. By this point in TWD we had lost Amy, Jim, Dale, Sophia, and we were well on our way to losing Shane, TDog and Lori.

    This is the apocoplypse, there should always be loss of life through the attrition battle with the walkers. It is unrealistic that such a large group would survive for so long with no losses

    • TrentC

      Best opening line in a post bar none. *thumbs up*

  • Pacific Glass

    I listen to these podcasts at work and I was trying so hard not to laugh out loud during your guys’ Abigail / Strand discussion imitation.

  • Charles Bikle

    Rob, Alex I love you guys, but enough is enough.

  • Matthew Murphy

    Excellent podcast, surpasses the show once again. I would like to say that Chris doesn’t qualify for worst character on tv when we have Madison. Lori and Andrea put together and she’s our main character. You can’t get any worse than that.

    • TrentC

      Was Lori the one who was driving on an empty highway and wiped out the car?

      Gotta admit, I like Madison. Seems like one of the most can-do characters on the show. Although…In the Kingdom of No Feet, the man with two toes is Baryshnikov.

  • Charles Bikle

    So, going over Madison’s story about her now-dead husband:

    Commits suicide by driving into oncoming traffic, but leaves the suicide note in the glove compartment, where it probably shouldn’t have survived the head-on collision.

    Great plan.

  • Lance Davis

    On a sidenote: RIP THE STRAIN. The show is finishing up its TV run after Season4. #Strigoi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMSOK2YRFnk

  • Charles Bikle

    MADISON: “By the way, funny story about your Dad – he committed suicide by driving into oncoming traffic. I’ve been waiting to share that with you, but it never seemed to be the right time.”

  • Charles Bikle

    MADISON: “Well honey, your dad died doing what he loved…driving into oncoming traffic while uncontrollably weeping in despair.”