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Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Ep #8 Recap | Grotesque

Podcast Recap of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 2 Episode 8, “Grotesque” on August 21, 2016


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Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino), Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Alex Kidwell (@alexkidwell) recap the the second season of AMC’s new Walking Dead spin-off series, Fear the Walking Dead with our podcast cover Season 2, Episode 8, “Grotesque.”

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  • TrentC

    The book is real and showrunner Dave Erickson said his father gave it to him when he was younger. Dave thought it would be fitting for the show. I can’t recall the title.

    I know I shouldn’t compare the two…

    Rick and company walk out of a house in Alexandria covered in gore, new girlfriend’s son is calling out Mom? Mom…and within 10 seconds I’m sweating bullets.

    Nick walks over 100 miles to Tijuana (without food and water…really?), gets attacked by outlaws, dogs, the elements, then walks slowly with a horde of zombies… and 43 minutes later I’m yawning wondering who slipped me the Ambien, and more importantly why do I care?

    Rob you’re not being too hard on the show. The guy loses his Dad, his girlfriend, kicks heroin, then watches the world change into a nightmare. Instead of gravitating and bonding with what’s left of his family, he elects to go on some weird, selfish vision quest. In the case of Madison, she’s literally saved his life in the past and has loved him unconditionally. He in turn leaves the only people he knows and will likely become a burden for them to likely rescue in the future.

    Nick could be a fascinating character but it’s hard to feel anything for a guy who rarely helps or cares for the people closest to him.

    And don’t get me started on Chris. It’s like the world has been inundated by constant tornadoes and the kids are crying and run away from home because Toy R Us is closed.

    Take out Chris or better yet Ophelia…that way Daniel will become enraged over her death and become even more of a badass.

    • I do wish we would have discussed whether or not we think Nick is “cured” of his obsession with being among the walkers after all this. I certainly hope he can put this behind him now.

      • TrentC

        Heroin is relaxing, walking with zombies has gotta elevate the heart rate. I’ve never been on board with it as Nick’s replacement addiction.

        He leaves his only source of water with a smaller girl (?) who was hitting him with a baseball bat. Why? Self preservation…bit of a disconnect for someone who thinks he can’t die.

        Potential to be a great character yet I find it so hard to invest anything in Nick. What’s next…some funky zombie love with a blonde haired zombie?

      • Wesley”Walker”

        Rob, let’s just state the obvious. This show sucks. From your commentary, I know you feel the same way. In my opinion, your buddy Wigler needs to put on a disclaimer that he will not say bad things cause he scores interviews with Dave Erickson, who should be giving lectures on how to turn a hit series into a train wreck. I am so disgusted with this show, and even more disgusted with myself for continuing to watch. I really want everyone to die.
        Your discussion on flashback backwards and will it work is stupid. How can backstory draw a viewer in when we don’t give a shite and even hate the characters to begin with. In Lost and TWD, the story was well told and we loved or at least hated ( but in a fascinated by way) the characters. Do we really give a shite about Trevor’s divorce and poor Chris being in the middle? Madison (lorie) pouting during parent teacher conferences while her daughter discovers her interracial/ lesbian/incestual boundaries on tinder and poor nick is strung out. I guess strand could be interesting but we already got his backstory and that was the best episode. I am so pissed I could go on and on. Can’t they just start this show over?

        • Wesley”Walker”

          Also, can anyone explain timeline how Madison is married when nick is in rehab. Husband killed, nick released from rehab with junkie (horrible actress) girlfriend presumably a short time later, and Trevor is now the new fiancée . Seems like a pretty quick turnaround. Oh god, flashback on how Madison ignored by hardworking husband, driven to arms of indecisive New Zealander, whose ex wife hates him, and whose psycho son takes up social justice by day and tortures small animals at night. And Madison’s kids resent them both…

          • Craig

            Also, Nick is sad about his dad dying (also “daddy works too much and doesn’t spend time with me” is a 5 year olds problem, not a teenager who understands where his rehab money comes from) but has never shown any ill will towards Travis despite this quick turnaround you’ve mentioned.

          • Wesley”Walker”

            I think think that nick tolerates Travis cause as long as his moms adulterous cooch is being attended to, she doesn’t focus on him leaving him to pursue to his heroin hobby

  • Craig

    I’ll break the comment reply thread, but I will say I agree with everyone on this show sucking, and I think AMC agrees too. Look at this week. There was hardly any promotion for the show. I didn’t even know it was on until Friday, when I was going to record the more promoted (and underrated) Halt and Catch Fire and saw the show was new. Even after it aired none of my news feeds were showing the review for the episode, which is a first for Walking Dead.

    This is a little embarrassing, but I wasn’t really paying attention in the beginning (the show was already boring me) so I was confused on how Nick connected with the woman and the kid, but the problem I had was this show is so unmemorable that I spent the first half of this episode trying to remember what Nick’s name was. I could not remember. Bad sign for a main character on the second season of the show.

    What a stupid way to start the second half of the season. A solo episode! A solo Nick episode!

    Also, was the death of those guys like the worst death yet in the entire series? I mean the fat guy basically just stood there and waited for them to surround and drown (sorry devouter) him.

    Nick survived more certain death situations here than Matt Damon did in The Martian. Beaten with a bat, roaming the desert with no water or food, dog bite from dogs that would have definitely had rabies (no shot, dog bite. Whoof whoof, not bang bang), eating uncooked dog meat, walking in a hoard of walkers as they are being shot in the head, and likely massive blood loss.

    Also, he has one of the stupidest runs I have ever seen. When he was running from the Jeep Trio, his legs and arms were just flailing all around. It’s like he was trying to get a role in the neighboring organization to The Ministry of Silly Walks, The Ministry of Silly Runs.

    Nick and everyone but Strand and Daniel are total crap characters. Why are we following these people? The Simpsons follow The Simpsons around because they are the most interesting ones in town. Rory and Lorali Gilmore are followed on Gilmore Girls because they are the most interesting people in Stars Hollow. Here, though we are literally following around the most boring unit in the most interesting situation. Literally every person we have met is more interesting then this family unit. Where’s Su Su? I want to follow her around more than these fools!

    I like Wigler, but I must say I am a little concerned with his honest opinion on the podcast regarding the show when he is getting interviews with people from the show. I already have to listen to Chris Hardwick pussyfoot around not criticizing Dead on AMC’s Talking Dead, I really don’t want to have that feeling with Wigler here.

    • Wesley”Walker”

      Bring back su su… Lol…. Don’t forget how nic sleeps in a spot with no concern for walkers…and a fire… Dumb dumb dumb….yeah the two Mexicans dying was hilarious…drop bullets… Frenzy scramble to pick up….. Slow but steady walkers…. It was like watching Shaun of the dead…fat one goes to help friend… I can’t fire while walking backwards…I had too many burritos for lunch to run away…

      Wigler is the “hard wick” of rhap . Come on josh, can u at least ask show creators which nursery school they hired their writers from?

    • Josh Wigler

      Appreciate the concern. I have zero problem saying I’m not a fan of FTWD. I do think it’s positioned to address some of its issues this year, but many of the problems are so baked into the premise that it’s impossible to fully fix — hence my comment about how tough it is to kill off main characters without sending everyone else into a groan-worthy tailspin. If AMC needed a second zombie series, I wish they would’ve gone with an anthology series, ala American Horror Story. Instead, we have this. I do think the midseason premiere was one of FTWD’s strongest episodes, which is saying something. I try to find a silver lining or two in just about anything, so I’m going to err more on the optimistic side whenever possible, but I won’t hold back when I’m very sour on a show… see previous podcasts on The Strain, or even FTWD and the flagship TWD for more.

      • Wesley”Walker”

        Josh, I think you miss the point. We can all agree that some of TWD has bad points. I loved season 1 of the strain, and season 2 was off the mark. World war Z was disappointing after reading the book but in reality the movie wasn’t bad, just a bit of a letdown. At the end of the day, we go to work, and move on.

        FTWD is nothing short of a betrayal. I don’t think I ever took a show so personally and It is that bad. The producers/writers/AMC need to be called out. There is no salvaging it. It’s a money grab. TWD franchise has had its rep compromised. I just read your interview of Erickson. Is this guy delusional?

        • Matthew Murphy

          The Walking Dead is mostly great and even the bad episodes can be tolerable, especially now that Andrea and Lori are gone, but the main characters in FTWD are worse. Other than Strand and Nick is alright but so annoying to watch.

  • Charles Bikle

    I agree with Rob about the Walkers: after 7 seasons of TWD and presumably the run of the comic series, we know that “there is nothing there” – even the Governor admitted this to Michonne, later after she’d killed his zombie-daughter.

    Furthermore, even if the writers on FTWD wanted to pursue a storyline where Nick communicates with the Walkers in some way or otherwise tries to change them, I think Kirkman & co would immediately squash that idea.

    Unless there’s a drastic change in the status quo of the Walkers in TWD comic (like they suddenly start talking or a character proves to be immune from Walker bites), then I think we understand what the Walkers are and are not.

    • Wesley”Walker”

      Nick is a dumbass. It’s like watching a true movie about world war z and them focusing the movie on nic the quisling…

  • David Healy

    I have to say, I couldn’t disagree with Rob more about Nick’s character. Not only has Frank Dillane displayed the best acting chops of ANYONE on this show so far, he is one of the few characters that is dynamic and out-of-the-box from typical Walking Dead fodder. He is the best part of the show for me. I would be very upset if the show killed him off. But I’m confident his character is going to be pretty untouchable. Always best on him very last in death pool drafts.

  • Matthew Murphy

    Rob you were in no way too hard on this show, especially when Josh has become the greatest defender of the show I’ve ever heard. No problem with that when you’re getting paid. If the Walking Dead came back with even a Daryl episode of him just going around drinking and eating the grossest stuff around it would be lackluster.


    This show is at its best un-necessary and it’s it worst horrible (FTWD, not your show Josh and Rob)

    I’m in a zombie apocalypse, so I’m going to place myself in a situation that is difficult to survive under the best circumstances – walk 100 miles in desert with little water or shelter.

    Nick is a moron.


    “The walkers eat the dogs, and then, get this, Nick eats the uncooked dog meat right after the walkers ate them !!!”
    – unnamed FTWD writer

  • sunny

    oof this show…..your recaps will likely be the only thing keeping me watching…”Maslow’s hierarchy of millennial needs”?? Alex, that is A+ 😀

    I agree with others, I had a hard time paying attention to this episode. I also listened to the podcast at work so I may have missed this if it was mentioned, but the girlfriend from the rehab flashbacks….he just randomly ran into her as a zombie in mexico?? Or was he in rehab near where he was wandering and that’s why he was flashing back in the first place?