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Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Ep #9 Recap | Los Muertos

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Listen to the Podcast:

Podcast Recap of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 2 Episode 9, “Los Muertos” on August 28, 2016

Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino), Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Alex Kidwell (@alexkidwell) recap the ninth episode of the second season of AMC’s Walking Dead spin-off series, Fear the Walking Dead, with our podcast covering Season 2, Episode 9, “Los Muertos.”

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  • TrentC

    I enjoyed this episode, however…

    Agreed on the dumb choice of daytime drinking in the Dumpster Bar & Grille yet part of me understood the need to let go. Do they not realize that noise attracts walkers in this world? No one is going to die there.

    Agreed on Ophelia either being the savior or they find her body.

    Agreed on the idiotic move of stealing a small package of food rather than placing it in the cart. Talk about a plot device to instigate the Supermarket guys to attack the Hershel’s Pharmacy guys.

    I thought a huge oversight occurred when they spelled out Abigail gone, head north. How vague can people be in this world?? Not mentioning Travis is one thing, but having three distinct groups with nary a word of discussion saying – Hey, after all of the crap is done let’s meet ‘here’ and regroup. For a couple of families these people seem to let go pretty easy.

    And Rob was killing it in this podcast…the pull was fantastic. Thanks gents for the review.

    Alex – You used to sound so positive on this series and seemed to defend it with different ways of looking at various issues. Now you sound resigned to accept whatever critique is lobbed at the show. Have we worn you down or is it just time for a B12 booster? Either way I hope you get the fire back gringquito 🙂

    • Alex Kidwell

      LOL I don’t think it helped that I had the same criticisms of this episode coming in. Some things are just hard to ignore. Hopefully I’ll be a better “good cop” next week. 🙂

  • Charles Bikle

    Good podcast guys.

    I agree with Josh – having the first zombie-immune human show up is too big a deal (esp for FTWD) and I think it could only happen if Kirkman himself were writing the episodes (and he’s not, Alan Page is)..

    Of course, if a similar development is currently happening in the TWD comics, then maybe…

  • James Griffin

    “It’s not like a David Carradine situation”, spits out drink in laughter. I’m doing my best to enjoy this show, even if it is overly dramatic and hokey, most of the time. Nice podcast all 🙂

  • Wesley”Walker”

    Rob, funniest line ever with caradine… I have come to realization that I watch show only so I can listen to podcast… Wigler made good comeback from last week…pretty apparent he thinks this show is an infected pimple on Rupert bonehams hairy ass that needs to be popped drained and cauterized.


    Do the same rules apply to this show or are the SoCal/Mex walkers a different breed?

    The camouflage with blood trick seems very easy to pull in this world.

    The survivors seems to be extremely casual around walkers early in the time line compared to how long it took TWD characters to figure out how to kill the walkers with moderate ease.

    I think it’s ridiculous that the hispanic survivors relate to the dead in such a dead seeded religious way. While a very finitely small % of people may behave this way, most people would just want to survive and not drown in their religious beliefs. human sacrifice??? the plot line has been used twice and it’s dumb.

    Nick would have been killed by the drug dealers. What is he, an Oxycontin between language and culture savant?

    – walkers finding the fastest way down (although they didn’t seem to suffer broken limbs)
    – the grocery store/warehouse as an asset post apocalypse

    • Charles Bikle

      A very minor nitpick, but in the early seasons of TWD, the Walkers could sprint and use tools (at the most rudimentary level), so you’d think that FTWD Walkers would be like that as well.

      I kinda get the impression that TWD showrunners are saying: “yeah, the stuff with Walkers running and throwing rocks didn’t actually happened – we’re retconning that.” (Retconning is a comic book term)

  • Charles Bikle

    After Rob made that David Carradine joke, Josh really left him….hanging !

    tee hee

  • sunny

    i’m now officially only watching the show for the podcast, and i’m obviously on my phone much of the time because you referenced many things i didn’t even see

  • Wesley”Walker”

    Man this show sucks…. I’m only watching so I can follow the podcast….

    • Matthew Murphy

      Yeah same. I go into each episode with an open mind only to be disappointed 80% of the time. In the OG Walking Dead they made Daryl and Merle just for the show two amazing characters. In this all we have is Strand and a bunch of self absorbed idiots.

      • Wesley”Walker”

        Do you also notice nobody carries any weapons with them? It’s so stupid. Our Twd cast was carrying anything they could get a hold of.

  • Wesley”Walker”