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Fear the Walking Dead S2 Ep #3 Recap | Ouroboros

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Podcast Recap of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 2 Episode 3, “Ouroboros” on April 24, 2016


Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) set sail once again to recap the the second season of AMC’s new Walking Dead spin-off series, Fear the Walking Dead with our podcast cover Season 2, Episode 3, “Ouroboros”.

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  • Reynaldo Hernandez Aponte

    I can’t stand Madison anymore. Her constant let’s save everyone and her attitude, no. All she does is suggest something, gets immediately shot down because her suggestion is stupid, then she goes to Travis expecting him to back her up on her idiocy. Then she has the nerve to threaten him if he looks at her family wrong. I would’ve thrown her out the boat right there. I can’t…

  • Edwin Hernandez

    Everyone not named Nick,Victor,and Daniel can die.

    • Matthew Murphy

      Really though. The whole Clarke family is just bad. And not in a good way.

  • Tim Forbes

    I have liked Strand a lot but I thought he was too much of a dick this episode. I don’t see how he was acting for the audience at the end. Surely the audience wants the cool new character on the show. I think Nick has become by far the best character on the show. He is the most interesting to me.

    • TrentC

      Nick is turning the corner for me. Same with Chris. In fact Chris seems to be turning into a killing machine and he got his first human kill this episode. It took Glenn six seasons to kill non-zombies.

      Madison, Ophelia and Alysha haven’t done anything except complain about not helping other people. As much as I like Kim Dickens, she can die next episode and I’ll still sleep well.

      Rob and Josh really nailed it comparing this show to Star Trek away missions. “Hey, let’s go 200 yards over there and look at that luggage on the beach.” Nothing bad can happen….


      • Matthew Murphy

        I hope that Ophelia turns from infection while Alicia’s in the same room with her headphones on. Alicia gets bit and then Madison tries to help her and Strand shoots them both with the AK. Bam best episode of Fear so far and the show has a chance to be good in the future.

  • Tommy Ramirez

    Ophelia can actually be a major asset if they go to Mexico. She doesn’t have much of a roll now but the natives in Mexico will be much more inclined to help someone who looks and speaks like them as opposed to “gringo’s” Sounds kind of harsh but some people are like that

    • Matthew Murphy

      I stopped reading after the first sentence. Ophelia is useless.

  • Tommy Ramirez

    I actually like the entire cast BTW. They all have potential, they just need time to develop. I remember thinking Carol was absolutely useless and look at her now.

    • Matthew Murphy

      Yeah but we didn’t say that about everyone in season 1 of the good Walking Dead. The characters in this show are all garbage other than Daniel and Strand.

  • Matt Racine

    this show’s lost me for the foreseeable future. to me it is seriously lacking direction as there are just no characters to root for yet. I enjoy the podcast more then the actual show. I think i’d enjoy FTWD better in the binge format, probably catch up on netflix before walking dead proper returns in the fall.

  • Matthew Murphy

    I don’t know what planet would see Madison as a rootable protagonist but jeez it’s hard watching her on my screen. Poor Sawyer knows how to pick em.

    • realtrinilostgirl2007

      He choose Juliet!

      • Matthew Murphy

        Yeah but he’s now been with Lori and Madison, two of the four worst Walking Dead women.

        • realtrinilostgirl2007

          True and I want Lori to die on colony. He had to go through some bad to get to the good.

          • Matthew Murphy

            My entire Colony watching experience was waiting for Lori to die. Alien’s would be nice, but she needs to go.

          • realtrinilostgirl2007

            Agreed. I think they will kill her when she sees her son and is instantly killed.

          • Matthew Murphy

            I have to pray. And she’s going back to Prison Break so there’s a greater chance she’ll get killed.

          • realtrinilostgirl2007

            Praise be to the old gods and the new and all the gods in the world of ice and fire.

  • Craig

    To paraphrase Homer Simpson on this Fear the Walking Dead cast (besides Strand and Daniel) “They sure do suck. I mean they just plain suck, I mean I’ve seen casts suck before, but they are the suckest sucks who ever sucked”.

    I just don’t get what they are doing with this cast. Chris is an annoying whiny little s**t, Nick just spouts garbage episode after episode like the writers are trying to make it sound like his couple years of drug use has made him “wise to the world”. Ofelia is so boring and so useless, the only way her character can get interesting is if she goes crazy like Ophelia in Hamlet, but since that would involve Daniel dying that’s a no go. Madison is losing what made her character great. What happened to the woman who snuck out of the safe zone to get to the hospital? Travis has had a regression in his character development in my opinion. He looked like he was coming around to the world, but now he seems to be turning on that. As for Alicia, I only saw a couple episodes of The 100, and stopped watching because it wasn’t keeping my interest, but if the actress who plays Alicia is as good as Josh says, then she is being wasted on this show. She’s like the Aaron/Ross Marquaid of this show. A talented person who is doing nothing on this show.

    I’m still sticking with it because I like zombie shows and the struggle of people in post-apocalyptic worlds, but the show is pushing my patients, which is something TWD would never do (tongue and cheek). That Mexican compound better be a drug lab owned by a crazy Mexican cartel, or else!

    • Matthew Murphy

      She was okay in the 100 but that show is incredibly silly. But I agree with everything you said. The biggest thing that Fear has going against it is the piss poor Clarke family.

  • Gypsy Snider

    Long time fan, first comment EVER:-I love how just before they send the two castaways to hang back in the dingy, Madison explains IN DETAIL where the Abigail is headed!!! Sounds like a revenge story in the making.
    -In general wish FTWD should spend more time discovering the problems of the apocolypse and figuring them out. We don’t see the learn how to survive! Seems like that would be the fun thing: Apocalypse for dummies.

  • Matthew Murphy

    I hate how every episode we have to hear that Nick is better suited for this world than the normal one. I swear they say it every episode when Madison isn’t smacking the words out of his mouth.

  • Matt The Golem

    Rob, Josh: Can you please analyze the timeline of this show. I can’t figure out how long that airplane was flying. The outbreak has been going on for weeks all over the USA but the people on the flight had no idea about this, and either took off or were going to land in LA but it was overrun long ago and burned down by the military…it hurts my brain to try and figure it out.

    • Matthew Murphy

      The timeline doesn’t add up at all. That guy in the plane would’ve died in a couple days let alone two weeks.

      • Matt The Golem

        Similarly, the burn victim in the lifeboat, without treatment or medication would be in constant pain and crying, whimpering then passing out. And maybe begging for someone to put him out of his misery.

        • Matthew Murphy

          Not too mention he could die in his sleep and turn, given people turn in 5 minutes on this show. He was a threat and suffering.

  • Spencer Watson

    There are a lot of people who are down on characters in this series because the characters want to “save people” and saving people is a bad idea. I feel like I need to make a case for saving people and why this might turn out to be useful.

    The entire purpose of having a group (aside from the meta-purpose of having more than just one character to show on tv) is to have more people with which to do something. Anything that is ever accomplished has a minimum number of people for the task. Having a group of a limited size reduces the number of accomplishments you can achieve. Also, some tasks will require people with particular skills (Travis is apparently the only person on the show with any plumbing experience). There are other, simpler reasons for having a group such as having someone to protect you from zombies while you sleep. Adding to the number of people in the group adds to the number of resources and knowledges at the group’s disposal when it comes time to solve some kind of problem. These are things that are anthropologically true of any group/nation/community at any time throughout history regardless of the existence of zombies.

    There are two reasons to not add to the group. First, more people requires more resources (Daniel might have to keep teaching others how to fish). This is potentially offset by the fact that having more people allows for the greater collection of food (hopefully people get the knack of fishing before they starve). Second, they might not be people you can trust. The characters have to ask: will these newcomers make decisions that are counter to the interests of the people already in the group? The audience seems to almost universally say: NO! But the audience has a perspective that is not available to the characters. If the characters have not witnessed any reason to not trust newcomers then their default position may well be to trust them.

    The characters must also follow their own individual moral guidelines. They have lived their entire lives knowing that the resources to care for others in need are plentiful or at least quickly obtained. While it is not actually instinct it is certainly instinct-like to make a choice without considering all the consequences (or perhaps they don’t fully know all the consequences). In this manner our characters, having lived in plentiful California, have undoubtedly developed a somewhat hardwired switch to help people whenever it is asked. Also keep in mind that both adults in the Clarke/Manawa family worked in a school (an environment where they were expected to look for people in need and offer help when necessary). Reconfiguring that internal moral wiring doesn’t happen overnight.

    I see comments about how stupid the characters are and how they aren’t being portrayed true to their characters. I argue that they are true to their characters. Strand was cutthroat before the zombies showed up so he is cutthroat now. Nick was morally ambiguous about a lot of things before the apocalypse and he is also that way now. The parents worked in a school and have been conditioned to give a helping hand, they still do that now (though maybe less and less as we go along). The kids have had less time to set their moral values in stone (one reason we don’t let them vote or drink yet officially) and they are therefore more morally flexible when the world ends. To me, this is what separates this series from the camp that is most zombie fiction: the characters don’t just immediately start distrusting and killing the moment the zombies show up. They are real, average people.

    • Andiamo

      Good points. I think our perception of the characters is heavily influenced by The Walking Dead. It took us, and the characters in TWD, a long time to realize that the biggest danger in this world is other people. The FTWD characters are only a couple of weeks into the outbreak. They really haven’t encountered the cruelty of other humans (outside the military response), so it should really only be a question of resources for them. Oddly they also seem to know things the TWD characters didn’t know for a while, like the fact that you don’t have to be bitten to turn (Strand’s reason for not letting the burned kid on the boat was that he would die and turn.)

      The choices of Strand and Salazar seem a little harsh for the reality of THIS show. Imagine how we would view these characters if we didn’t have the knowledge from The Walking Dead. But, like you said, Salazar and Strand are different because that is how they were before this started. Many people are acting like they are the only ones doing the smart thing, which may be true, but it’s only smart because we know what’s coming. Their perspectives are already suited for this world, but it does make sense that the others aren’t quite there yet.