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Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Finale Recap | Ep #14 Wrath and Ep #15 North

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Podcast Recap of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 2 Finale Episodes 14 & 15, “Wrath” & “North” on October 2, 2016

Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino), Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Alex Kidwell (@alexkidwell) cross the border one more time to close the book on Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead, with our podcast covering the finale, episodes fourteen and fifteen of the second season of AMC’s Walking Dead spin-off series, Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2, Episodes 14 and 15, “Wrath,” and “North.”


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  • TrentC

    Thought they would kill off Ofelia instead of Chris. He had just become mildly interesting. Almost an offscreen kill, I was skeptical he was dead too.

    I agree that Alicia doing the heart-stab move was a little sudden. Congratulations Manawa/Clark family, you have now killed more humans than zombies during the zombie apocalypse. Rick Grimes has a couple of questions for you…

    My only problem with the scene where Travis beats up the Douche brothers is when Andres was looking at the injured Oscar (I may have the names wrong) and he says – His pupils are dilated, his brain must be swelling. I have to remove part of his skull to alleviate the pressure! Don’t ever complain of a headache around this guy.

    Madison is a bad ass and right next to Strand in my books. To answer Rob’s question, I didn’t get the sense she was admitting any responsibility to her former husband’s death when talking with Travis. It seemed like she was saying that she had a dark part within too, capable of violence.

    Nick pushes a zombie right into the beds of other patients, much mirth ensues, Nick looks on in horror just long enough for the zombie to bite a nose, a finger, and then he uses the lost art of two point palm exploding eye technique.

    The address on the card made me laugh. Unless it had a dotted line path on a colorful relief map starting from you are here…

    There’s only one way to save this series. Put up a placard that says five years later. Cut to a shot of Negan holding a baseball bat at night. Pan across the crowd in the background revealing Madison in a leather jacket and eye patch, Alicia in black leather pants holding two knives and Travis smiling menacingly.

    • Wesley”Walker”

      I predicted the Chris death last week. I feel like an expert that deserves to be on podcast…. How did I know? I realize that these idiots would kill the one storyline on the show that was remotely interesting.. I do like josh idea of having different characters each season…. Unfortunately, we get to see pouty little Madison next season… TWD season 7 better goddam be good or there’s gonna be trouble in the zombie world

      • TrentC

        Gotta admit, I like Madison and her tenacity. If they whittled down the cast to four people, I would hope that she makes it.

        Guy who plays Chris was on the Talking Dead and he mentioned getting a part on Agents of Shield. I wonder what the chain of events was.

        I can’t see how Fear will survive another season.

        • Matthew Murphy

          It’ll survive another season by having the Walking Dead in the title.

          • TrentC

            It’s too bad. They could make a handful of offshoots from the original show that could take place anywhere in the US or the world. The potential for intriguing storylines in almost limitless…and we get this.

            Kirkman was on the Talking Dead and Hardwick asked him a question that hinted at a questionable scene – Well how did THIS happen? Kirkman just tried to laugh it off.

            I think the WD label is only going to take them so far.

          • Matthew Murphy

            Kirkman has as much credibility with me as George Lucas around the prequel era. It’s all about money, quality is out the window as long as it’s profitable.

          • TrentC

            Have you watched Outcast? The first couple of eps were great I thought, then went downhill. Kirkman is at the helm of that one too.

  • Steve Davis

    1. The Narcos left Nick alone so he can go back to the Colonia to tell them to leave without a fight. Turns out they may have been better off against armed humans than unarmed zombies!

    2. It was very symbolic how Chris left the world in a similar fashion as Liza. It’s not stated in the episode, but now Travis gets to experience the very same haunting feeling he deprived Chris of. He loses Chris the very same way that Chris loses his mother, without saying goodbye.

    3. It sure did take them a while to bust into that room where Travis was laying the smackdown! With their one code of conduct being violated, was it really worth it to save the integrity of the door and run off to find the key?

    4. What on earth was playing in the faint background of this podcast? Was there like the news or a youtube video playing?

  • sunny

    this was ridiculous but thanks for the recaps guys, I’m out of FTWD at this point, will maybe binge someday if word gets out that it improves.

  • Paul

    If Maddy had died this finale would have been almost perfect, aside from another stupid cliffhanger ending.

  • Paul

    The only thing FTWD had on TWD was the ability to show the time period when Rick was in his coma, before Cobalt. And for the most part they botched this time period, and then “yada-yada’d” over most of the early days. I feel like they very easily could have spent two full seasons before executing Cobalt.

    The only other way I could see this show being interesting is if the group finds it’s way into a very heavy government/military lifestyle/storyline. This would be able to offer a much different viewpoint then TWD.


      Agree. They needed to super slow play (even do “24” style w slightly longer periods) what information and skills the characters’ learned as the outbreak was first happening.

      Instead, they put everyone in the neighborhood compound so the characters and the viewers were not able to learn what was going on outside the fences.



    the show is sh*t

  • Adam Bradford

    Like Flight 462, this season started off poorly and crash landed. But love the podcast!

  • Corey Shaw

    Colman domingo was in Philly at Walker stalker con. Thats prob why he skyped in…

  • Wesley”Walker”

    Commander Lexa is hot hot hot…. One idea to make show better is to have some lesbian scenes with her and Nicks new girlfriend…. We could force some drama where Nick and his sister Commander Lexa fight over the same girl…… (Madison stares disapprovingly)

    • Matthew Murphy

      That’s when I stopped taking the 100 seriously. Where everyone is suddenly a lesbian and all groups in the future are lead by women.