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Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 4 Recap | 100

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Fear The Walking Dead 2017: Season 3 Episode 4 100

Podcast Recap of Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 4 “100” on June 18th, 2017.

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Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Alex Kidwell (@alexkidwell) dive headfirst into this week’s episode of AMC’s ‘Walking Dead’ spinoff series, ‘Fear the Walking Dead’, covering episode 4 of season 3, “100”.

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  • TrentC

    Another improved episode I thought. Salazar’s backstory adds so much to the character pool.

    Barber to stranger holding a straight razor and his mangled leg – You gotta have a steady hand.

    Me – Dinner can wait a few minutes.

    • Andiamo

      I liked this episode too. This season has been a big improvement and I’m actually starting to look forward to it instead of just hate watching it.

      Hey did you see that I’m going to be on the Talking Dead next week? (I must like you, because I don’t know why I’m playing into this joke.)

      • TrentC

        Snookie is gonna be on the Talking Dead? How cool. I haven’t seen the previews so I don’t know who you’re talking about.

        Agreed, the subtitle thing was engaging. Not sure how many times I want to read entire episodes though. And what the FrankDarabont was up with that haircut? Daniel asks him if he’s ever had his hair cut by a professional and then gives him one the worst helmet-cuts in recent history?? You know the hair game is muy importante to me.

        Last couple of eps have been improvements, hope it continues.

        • Andiamo

          Lol. Yup, it’s Snookie. Can’t wait for that amazing insight.

          Daniel is definitely a better killer than barber. Poor Efraim, maybe he should’ve asked for the “Dean Winchester”?

          • TrentC

            Reading my mind about the Dean reference, too funny.

            So Snookie is going to regale us with her FTWD wisdom. I can hardly wait.

            Question about Talking Dead. I’ve only seen one episode since the season started. I think Hardwick said it encompassed the first two episodes. (the one with Travis on it). Have there been other Talking Deads and my source just wasn’t picking them up?

          • Andiamo

            The Dean W. cut is forever implanted in my brain. 😉

            I didn’t see that first Talking Dead episode, but yes, there have been two more since then. I guess they’re doing them every week?

            Last week was the woman who plays Alicia and an actor from This is Us. Not very insightful. This week was Ruben Blades, Efraim (he was in the movie Fame!), and some guy from a house renovating/flipping show. Ruben Blades is a fascinating guy, but the episode was also not terribly insightful. You haven’t missed much, but you may need a new source.

          • TrentC

            Yes I find the FTWD Talking Dead show a little sparse when compared the TWD version. Thanks.

  • Andiamo

    This is the first time I can remember a network show having an almost entirely Spanish language episode with subtitles. I thought it was a pretty bold choice that really worked for me. This is usually what my friend and I call a one eye show (something you watch with one eye while doing other things), but the subtitles forced me to be more drawn into it, and Daniel is a character (maybe the only one) that feels worthy of more attention.

    It’s still not a great show, but overall I like the changes they’ve made this season. I’m optimistic that it can at least rise to the level that The Walking Dead has sunk to, and they can both be mediocre but fun shows to watch.

  • Matthew Murphy

    This was a great episode, probably the best of the show period (probably because there was no mention of the Clark family and it focused on the two good characters on the show). The only flaw was Salazar’s leg, on the verge of needing to be cut off. Not only did he survive being knocked out after seeing the lighting strike, he wasn’t but somehow fell into the water. This wasn’t must’ve any water. It was LOST water heading to the source. Not only did this water prevent death, but healed his leg. It’s like the writers are trying to top the insanity of Dumpstergate. Here’s hoping Strand and Salazar survive the season, logically.

    • TrentC

      Yeah only the instant healing was the main dumb issue in this episode. Did you happen to notice that Salazar has gained some weight since leaving Thomas’ compound? Life on the Zombie Road must be good.

      • Matthew Murphy

        Haha didn’t catch that.

  • Adam Bradford

    Did the writers of Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead swap? While the 2nd half of Walking Dead’s Season 7 was pretty terrible, Season 3 Fear the Walking Dead has been surprisingly really good so far!

  • Ben

    I know I’m WAY late on this, but you guys were wondering how many people Daniel has killed. He already had 96, and he actually killed 4 on the dam, not 3, bringing him to an even 100……which was the title of the episode. Surprised this didn’t get brought up on here or Talking Dead.