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Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 5 Recap | Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame

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Fear The Walking Dead 2017: Season 3 Episode 5 - Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame

Podcast Recap of Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 5 “Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame” from June 25th, 2017.

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Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Alex Kidwell (@alexkidwell) plunge back into AMC’s zombie spinoff series ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ with this week’s recap podcast of episode 5 of season 3, “Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame”.

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  • Tim Forbes

    Think you are missing the point and meaning of the Alicia storyline.

    • Matthew Murphy

      She’s is still remarkably dull, almost like Stephanie Meyer has been writing her character. Crazy how she went from Lexa to useless.

      • TrentC

        Shof up wid cwaze tv blabber skaikru! *

        * The 100 and Lexa could have been great. Too bad the show tanked right after she left.

        I agree with the podcasters. The people in FTWD need signature weapons and/or moves and/or talents. I don’t find Alicia dull, maybe non threatening and ‘just along for the ride’ would be better descriptions? At least with Nick we get a sense this guy could go nutso at any time.

        • Matthew Murphy

          The 100 has such an interesting world but the writers seem more interested in putting 17 year old girls in charge of everything without question then telling a good story.

          • TrentC

            Hey let’s follow Clarke, she’s only got 300 or so people killed up to this point! This probably won’t be popular but Clarke on The 100 reminds me of Jax Teller on SOA. Charismatic leader who if you’re being honest, gets people killed every week because of their personal decisions.

            Don’t get me started on The 100, we’ll be here forever not discussing FTWD.

            I guess the flat portrayal of Alicia is why I like Madison’s character so much. She’s the guidance councilor Mom and does whatever it takes to survive in the new world. Her kill count must exceed every other character on the show and I can see why people compare her to Rick.

          • Matthew Murphy

            I’ve never seems SOA. The 100 and FTWD are the two shows I hate watch. Granted Fear is actually telling an interesting story this year. Although now that we have natives vs white guys it’s essentially parallel to the 100 at his point.

          • TrentC

            Yes I’m with Rob when talking about the native Indians and land rights, tribal laws etc on FTWD. It seems a little much considering there’s only so many humans left in the world. I gave up on The 100 last season.

            This may hurt Josh Wigler. I wasn’t the biggest fan of SOA. Unfortunately I thought the lead Charlie Hunnam was a terrible actor in the series. There was also a lot of shoulder patting between the bro’s on the show. I worked with an ex biker and he said SOA gives a fair portrayal of bike gang life. Despite my lukewarm opinion there are some very good performances by the supporting cast, and some pretty shocking events throughout the series. I would recommend only if you can watch all seven seasons.

            Dayton Callie played Wayne Unser in SOA, possibly the most laid back sheriff of all time. That’s why we keep referring to Jeremiah Otto using that name.

          • Its not too much..in that world, now is the time if any. There’s no big government coming to stop anybody, now the privileged don’t have the benefit of an army built of their treacherous history to protect them. The ranch is clearly a white supremacist doomsday prepper site and you know they were not kind to Luciana. That’s why there’s nobody but whites there. Otto stole the land, killed for it and had every intention of allowing his to continue to reap the benefits of his treachery well into the apocalypse. But this time to hold it, they would have to fight a fair one.

        • Ya I do miss her on the 100. At some point this season for a second there when I thought she was gonna die I had hope she might go back k to the 100 lol but no such luck.

  • Haven’t listened yet but wanted to say how glad I am you guys still kept this up. In my opinion this season is shaping up to be what WD used to be… about the stories.. the people. Not the blood and guts crap thrown at you for shock value WD seemed to be hemmoraging last season. Its actually getting really really good and I feel hopeful after really being discouraged by WD and last season of Fear. I actually want to go back and watch those webisodes and figure out what’s going on with ophelia.. (I thought I heard she was in some of those). So thanks for hanging in there.. hope you are feeling similar!

  • Stylez

    “Where are the troops Jake”

    Bravo this had me laughing big time!

  • TrentC

    The Alicia jump into water maybe signifies a rebirth, where the character was just putting in time before and now has better reasons to live? The jump ‘woke her up’.

    Alex is doing a great job on the Unser imitation, keep working on it!

    Luciana…it may have been my imagination, but I detected a subtle undercurrent of racism right when they captured her at the border and again in the Wayne Unser camp. Not referring to the recent native Indians we met, more of an illegal alien Mexican vibe. The Luciana character will probably only last until we need Nick to get all angsty and enraged. I predict she dies before this season ends and she’ll be offed by Sheriff Unser or one of his lackeys.

    I get the sense with the Salazar and Madison in jeopardy scenes, that they’re trying to reintroduce the idea that the walkers/infected can be dangerous. They kinda skipped that progression in this series and went right for the – Walkers are nothing and people are real threats.