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Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 6 Recap | Red Dirt

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Fear The Walking Dead 2017 | Season 3 Episode 6 | Red Dirt

Podcast Recap of Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 6, “Red Dirt” from July 2nd, 2017.

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Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Alex Kidwell (@alexkidwell) gear back up for another recap of AMC’s zombie spinoff series ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ with this week’s recap podcast of episode 6 of season 3, “Red Dirt”.

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  • TrentC

    Troy killed Vernon’s entire family (and his best friend) just to point suspicion at Walker? I thought it was little much to imply leaving the compound = death.

    The rest of the episode was entertaining. Madison keeping Troy’s secret…she’s either gone full-on badass or she’s planning to use him and take him out at one point. I really don’t think her character would support someone killing an entire family just to make a point for the ‘overall good’.

    Quick progression with Unser hitting the booze. I wonder about the chain of events. Did he suspect Troy killed that family or did he start drinking before Troy and the crew got back?

    Agreed, Ofelia is probably going to make an appearance next week and we’ll find out she’s been mistreated by the Survivalist Peoples. Enter Steamin Mad Salazar.

    • Matthew Murphy

      Madison basically has no soul and as long as her family isn’t dying she supports it. That’s the only reason she’s okay with Troy’s family murdering.
      On the Talking Dead Hardwick was reading tweets and one suggested that Ofelia be the Morgan of the series and not come back for several seasons. I think that would be cool and would at least make Ofelia interesting. Pretty faces does not make for a good character, just ask Alicia.

      • TrentC

        Aww man you hit me right in the Ofelias…I think she’s beautiful. And yes agreed, pretty faces don’t always equal good characters. I’d like to see her become a badass rather than a victim, but Salazar just reappeared and scripting 101 says he needs to save or avenge her. Hope I’m wrong.

        Madison is a good mama bird and she must have a soul in there somewhere. I almost laugh when she mentions Travis. Total deadpan, no emotion, not even fake tears and she says something like – We should do this for everyone we’ve lost….and oh yeah, that guy, old whathisname, umm dark hair…Travis!

        I get this feeling that since they’re trimming down the main cast, we can never have an interesting new character like Otto, Troy or Jake join our happy wanderers.

        • Matthew Murphy

          I’m still expecting a Travis walker in the next two episodes.

  • Adam Bradford

    I still don’t like the land dispute post-zombie apocalypse; there has to be so much land available now. It’d be one thing if the Ottos stole the ranch with all the supplies, but that seems unlikely. Is it really worth getting you and your people killed Walker?

  • Not that I don’t appreciate your humor Rob but it was refreshing that you were less cynical about this episode!

    • Matthew Murphy

      When the writing and series as a whole improves there’s much less to be cynical of. I enjoy when Rob and others point out and make fun of a series’ flaws.

  • Matthew Murphy

    The Talking Dead was the best it’s been since they had Jason Alexander on. Jeremiah was on there and he gave 0 f’s, which leads me to think he’s dying on the mid season finale or is at the very least not surviving this season.