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Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 FinaleRecap | The Unveiling & Children of Wrath

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Podcast Recap of Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Episodes 7 & 8, “The Unveiling” and “Children of Wrath” from July 9th, 2017.

Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Alex Kidwell (@alexkidwell) are back for one last cup of anthrax-laced coffee and to recap the last two episodes of the front-half of the third season of AMC’s ‘Fear the Walking Dead’, episodes 7 and 8: “The Unveiling” and “Children of Wrath”.

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Thanks for listening! We’ll see you in September for the back half of season 3!

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  • Tim Forbes

    A slightly frustrating recap where Rob does not seem to understand even the most simple/obvious things. I am glad Alex was able to explain things clearly, even though Rob didn’t seem to deserve.

    -It is hinted that Madison had a dark past from the very first season. It is revealed when she was talking about Nick early on I believe.

    -Rob complains that Ophelia is invested in helping someone that saved her life but seems to be fine that Madison is invested in this feud even though her family was nearly killed by Troy. In fact he seems to give her often inconsistent character a lot of leeway, because he likes the actress, compared to almost every other character, where he is usually overly harsh.

    -It was hinted from the beginning that Jeremiah was racist. As Alex mentioned, the whole Luciana situation had racist undertones the whole time. He also made a racist comment in one of the last couple of episodes.

    -Rob obviously clearly missed that Alicia’s relationship was somewhat strategic as was referenced several times rather than because he was “hot”. It is clear she was using him early on as she was depressed after killing someone at the end of last season. You seemed to have completely missed all her character development.

    • Matthew Murphy

      Alicia was still dumb AF for following her boyfriend. Idk how she caught up with him at the beginning. This show has more plot holes than Batman v Superman so you can cut Rob some slack for not remembering every last detail. I like to repress a lot of the memories from the shows first two seasons.

    • Its obvious as hell the ranch is a community of undeclared white supremacists. How is it that there’s only white folks there? Its not just Jeremiah who was racist. Its obviously intended to show that they all gathered there to prep for the end of the world & escape all the “others” in the process. None of them had one black/asian/latino/muslim/buddist friend who got an invite? LOL. Why do people think Luciana was clear that she couldn’t stay there? She wasn’t welcomed first of all.

  • Matthew Murphy

    This was definitely the best half season so far. That being said, what’s the point of having people on guard if your the Otto’s or even Walkers people? There was at least 3 attacks and the camps and no one ever caught them. The Clark’s could start fires and steal an RV and only got noticed when they were most of the way done.
    Also Ophelia actually did something on the show for once! Astounding. I was really hoping Madison would kill her right as Salazar made it to the ranch, setting him up as the big bad for season 3 part deux.

  • TrentC

    This mid season finale had a clunky moment or two, yet the season has improved since the outset.

    I commented about the potential Jeremiah Otto racism thing earlier and it felt like the show really skirted the issue until this episode. The whole Otto/Walker interaction seemed like a waste of time to me. I didn’t feel any kind of heat from either side and it made me long for the days when our heroes had to fight and be wary of zombies.

    At first I liked the Ofelia progression, then it seemed that she was just another plot device to balance two sides of a conflict. Anthrax…really? Madison beating her was one of the most honest scenes of the entire series.

    Madison jumping back and forth between alliances reminded me of Survivor. I didn’t realize or I missed the implication that she had a dark past, killing grandpa! I did like the speech she gave saying she had to carry a lot.

    Agreeing that Nick is most improved and Alicia just sorta hangs out and watches Madison and Nick do the heavy lifting.

    I thought Salazar and Strand may have made up and would be traveling together. Both were wasted during this finale.