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Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere Recap | Eyes of the Beholder

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Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere Recap Podcast: Eyes of the Beholder

Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere Recap Podcast: Eyes of the Beholder

Listen to the Podcast:

Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere Recap: Eyes of the Beholder

Rob Cesternino and Alex Kidwell recap the Season 3 premiere of Fear the Walking Dead, “Eyes of the Beholder”.

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  • TrentC

    Talk about art imitating life. I was going to be that guy and not watch FTWD this season. Like the podcast, decided to take a chance. As discussed in the past, when the logic completely breaks down… even on a show about zombies, I have to shake my head.

    e.g. Madison attacks douche-son with a knife and manages to poke a spoon into his eye. She parades him in front of the other captors with spoon fully inserted and what do they do?

    Give her transportation, weapons, a fresh change of clothes, their freedom and some coffee and donuts for the road of course!

    and then…

    Wayne Unser – You inserted a spoon into my son’s ocular socket?
    Madison – Yes, that was me.
    Wayne Unser – Good thing it wasn’t a fork! Ha-ha!
    Madison – lol

    Giving Nick the gun when he was a captive, giving Madison permission to keep a stolen gun, letting Travis go and giving him a prime seat on a flight away from the military compound …issa lot!!

    They did bring race into it by referring to the captives as – The only Americans in the group. Agreed Madison is the best character on the show. Speaking of, didn’t the Nick and Madison hug get a little sexually awkward when he was feeling her butt and talking real close..

    Best part about the first two hours of FTWD was hearing from Alex. ZBMI is a real thing. 11 hours or five minutes to turn, depending on your lineage and cholesterol level.

    • Craig

      Well, looks like a spoonful of eyeball helps Madison get down… To safety, doown… To safety, doown… To safety.

  • turgid_legume

    In the locker room at some point I caught a shot of a big stack of bills. They were betting with dollars, but obviously the dollar is more or less worthless so they were probably doing it ironically, hence the enormous amounts.

    I must have missed something with the timing, because I didn’t see anything close to 16 hours. The guy they had in the locker room turned in about an hour. They were using military-style timekeeping, and had shot him at 16:15 and he came back at 17:17, so 62 minutes.

    There was a definite rapey vibe to how the two attractive women “passed with flying colors” (and why the creep had a lot to write down when he found out Travis was with Madison) while all their male counterparts and the injured were sent off to die. I’m assuming that is what the show was intentionally going for, but you never know.

    People doing stupid things has always been the downfall of this show, so I guess its consistency is at least comforting. But just once I would like to see a show where the characters actually do everything right, and chaos still ensues and things go wrong. I don’t want some idiot poking his head into a grate, or some moron handing an enemy a gun. Jesus, this show. It gets the bile flowing.

    Dayton Callie and Kim Dickens sharing a scene together makes me miss Deadwood. But then I checked IMDB and I was reminded that she also had an arc on Sons of Anarchy, so this would be their third collaboration.

  • Wesley”Walker”

    I was beginning to wonder if Rob was gonna podcast FTWD. Thank the spirit of Travis for such little pleasures in my life. Looks like the show is all in on Madison. Was hoping she would get the Lori Grimes arc. Mixed feelings about the episode. Definitely liked the action but the stupidity of Madison is nails on chalkboard. Maybe im sexist but no way she is a badass or a leader. In a real apocalyptic situation, Madison and commander lena would have been repeatedly gang raped the way they operate. Now obviously, the father will die and Madison will fight and beat Troy the governor of the west. Carol works cause she is support for Rick who is believable as a badass leader. Btw, Troy is more villian in an Austin powers movie thatn ZA villain. Let’s give Nick a gun cause , hey he grabs his mom ass.

  • Matthew Murphy

    “You just gotta eat **** and bide your time,” is essentially the mission statement of Fear the The Walking Dead and the reality for the fans until the real Walking Dead is on. Love the podcasts though, keep doing the lord’s work boys.

  • Craig

    Where do I begin with this clusterf**k of an episode

    Well I actually know where to begin. WTF with Travis’s death. That just came out of nowhere. This is a huge deal for this show. Travis was for better or worse established as the lead on this show. To kill him off is huge. I know they had to because Cliff Curtis was hired to be the lead in the next 4 Avatar movies, but I didn’t think that would mean he would leave the show this early. By killing Travis, the show has now opened the door for anyone to die, including hopefully the Clarke’s. Let’s kill them off and move the series to more of a seasonal mini-series show. Also, I’m so glad that Travis got that bite, because for him to survive in that pit unscathed would have been one of the more unbelievable things to happen on this show, and that is saying a lot.

    On Travis’s story. The producers say they always planned to kill him here, but that can’t be so because if it is, then this shows writing truly is bad. Travis never got flushed out as a character. If he did, he did so with bad writing. All I can remember from Travis is the pirate story line, him trying to save the even more poorly written character of Chris, and looking like a complete bad guy for killing those two (technically three) other guys in cold blood. This was suppose to be the lead character, and he never truly reached that potential.

    I am so with TrentC on the whole first hour army scene. Madison sticks a spoon in someone’s eye, and they give her a car, gun, freedom, and anything she could have wanted instead of, you know shooting her when she lets go, or in the back of the head when she has Sargent Spooneye captive. I also agree that the scene where Madison and Nick hugged was sexually creepy. I mean did she even say anything like “check my lower back” when he was hugging her? I was so grossed out so I didn’t really hear anything that was being said. I just saw Nick almost grabbing his moms butt for no reason. Luciana better watch out, because it looks like Nick has a bit of an Oedipus complex!

    The thing that annoyed me most about this episode though was the guy who got pulled through the wall. What the hell was that about? For one, why was the WHOLE building shaking from a Walker in the wall? Also, who would be dumb enough to check that? Why couldn’t he escape the clutches of a much weaker Walker? Why was there a vent grate so high up on that wall? I read from a site called comicbook.com that says that the walker may be a mutant Walker, but I think that’s giving FWD too much credit. I think they created a douchie character, wanted him to die in a way that would make the fans cheer, and be amazed by, that they threw out all logic like they have throughout the whole series!

    Strand’s was the only good thing about this episode, and it was more for the actor than the story. I mean Sue Ellen Mishkie just killed herself because it seemed like the writers just said “Well, we have to wrap this story up i guess”. I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but I must say the podcast, and bitching about how horrible this show is on here is the most fun thing about this show. The comments here are so biting, and annoyed filled and I love it!

    • TrentC

      I got a shoutout, woot!

      As a commenter you try not to go after the logic too much in shows like this. But FTWD seems to insult us, displaying an internal breakdown of common sense and motivations on almost every episode.

      Madison’s captors were so accommodating after she attacked Sargent Spooneye (nice one), that it deflated any sense of menace or realism that the border military group started with. A soccer Mom just undid that entire hierarchy by physically maiming their leader and not even a whisper of punishment or revenge.

      Likewise I love Strand. He saves the entire hotel group, they in turn tell him to hit the road, and he acquiesces with a sorrowful smile. And then Holy Deep Callbacks! They bring in Sue Ellen Mishkie to apologize and then die in front of him. If I was Strand, that would bring me relief. One less threat to him in the world is gone.

      When watching this show, I just wanna let go and enjoy it. Then they do something like march 100 zombies off of a pier, and in the very next episode they go swimming and jet skiing under the dock!! Arrrrghhh!!!

      • Matthew Murphy

        The shows writing is so painful. This episode alone has more questionable stuff than season 6 of the Walking Dead proper. Army guys not only don’t kill Madison but let her move in, the idiot who opened he grate and the walkers can move through dry wall now? And Nick yelling “He’s a murderer!” When they guy is within ear shot. Doubling down on Madison and Nick, the two characters that I wanna punch in the face is a bold move. Not smart, but definitely bold.

        • TrentC

          It’s nice to see I’m not alone with some of this wacky stuff. Thanks Matt.

          • Matthew Murphy

            It’s really hard to miss. I was yelling at my TV quite a bit over the two hours.

  • Matthew Murphy

    I can’t imagine what doesn’t make the cut in the Fear the Walking Dead writers room. If Strand dies, we riot.

  • Matthew Murphy

    Holy Moses everyone on these shows is either British or Australian. All of the Clarke’s except Madison, even Troy. The regular Walking Dead has Rick, Morgan, Jesus, the Wolf and Maggie. Even Chris Hardwick acknowledged it.

  • Matt Racine

    has that alex chick reappeared yet?

    • TrentC

      No she must be in contract negotiations down in Mexico. It’s too bad, other than the horrible pre-webisode format she was an engaging part of the storyline.

      • Matt Racine

        they must have a bigger plan for her right? cause if not then her last appearance was a super odd one.

        • TrentC

          I don’t know, this show seems kinda wonky with the cast. Salazar seemed dead, then the showrunner says he’s probably alive and may return (one of the best characters imo). Ofelia is MIA, Travis dies in a clunky method, Chris dies offscreen.

          It seems like they’re doing audience testing to get the ‘right’ cast. Alex was a total survivor/badass and maybe she rivaled Madison too much so they dropped her storyline?

  • Andiamo

    I shocked myself and liked this premiere! Yes, the writing is ridiculous, but I’m into the new direction. Travis always annoyed me, and he had no chemistry with Madison, so I’m glad to see him go. I’d much rather Madison (and Nick) step up and not be held back by Travis’ moral objections.

    I love Dayton Callie, and I think it’s a fun idea to see how a bunch of doomsday preppers would fare during an actual doomsday situation. My guess is that they’re a group of vigilante border patrollers like the Minutemen, and that’s why we hear the racial or at least nativist/anti-immigrant sentiment. If so, I think it’s an interesting philosophy to explore given the state of the world. Who is the Us and who is the Them, and how long can a nationalistic philosophy really survive when those categories shift? Maybe I’m giving the show too much credit, but so far I’m in.

  • Matthew Murphy

    Did anyone else completely forget about Ophelia? She’s more of a concept than a character. She’s just nothing.

  • Cheri Brown Lyon

    As far as what type of place the Unser Otto compound is, he explained to Madison that they were prepared for the apocalypse, they were just not prepared for it to be zombies. They were survivalist.


    following FTWD solely through this podcast this season