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Fear The Walking Dead Season 4, Ep #7 Recap: The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now

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Fear The Walking Dead | Season 4, Episode 7 Recap – “The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now”

Rob Cesternino & Jessica Liese recap “The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now”, Season 4, Episode 7 recap of “Fear The Walking Dead”

  • OutsideLookingIn

    “Hey we know the exact plan they’re going to do so when we see them driving up to the stadium, we’re going to just stand there as it all so very slowly unfolds.” So many terrible decisions in last night’s episode. I thought this was supposed to be the better written one between it and TWD.

    • Charles Bikle

      It was. Last season was very good, but Scott Gimple is the new showrunner and one of his trademarks is inconsistent character decisions.

  • XmanIce

    I definitely agreed with this podcast, except Morgan is a problem. He’s just going to get people killed with his kill switch in the off position. I like Morgan but not enough to say I LIKE Morgan. His character is too unrealistic and actually dangerous.
    I have really been enjoying this season but after last night I felt like the story needed to progress.Enough already! get to the point of this season.

  • Jimmy B

    I agree with the odd decisions of Madison and company regarding Charlie but the reason she is currently on the SWAT bus is simply because Morgan is not going to let a child die and I imagine the writers won’t let him either. Morgan knew Nick for, what, an hour? He has no real idea what is happening he is just not going to let a kid die.

    I think John being shot was necessary for two reasons. One, the shoot out needed to start to thin the Vulture herd and two, if he wasn’t incapacitated, the battle wouldn’t have lasted long as John is the best shot. Of course he is going to live but someone needed to get shot in order to move the story to present day baseball stadium, to get Charlie with Morgan and even to get John and Naomi back together. It’s how TV works.

    I am interested in seeing how this show goes in the second half of the season. The flashbacks should be done as we will be pretty much up to date. If Madison is dead, that will be two regular cast members gone for good. Also, apparently, Alicia, Strand and the other one are now the antagonists and we are following Morgan and company. As long as we are past all this nonsense of the stadium, I can live with this.

  • aardvarkratnik

    I’m getting so that I no longer care about any of the characters in either one of these shows.

  • aardvarkratnik

    Anybody ever wonder how they always seem to have electricity even though all the grids are down and there is never the sound of a generator running? And how do they keep getting the endless supply of gasoline and diesel? You need electricity to pump it and I don’t think any of them have the know how to access the underground tanks and pump it manually. The more I think about these things the stupider the show is and the harder it is to keep watching. Not to mention that they can’t even come up with an explanation for what caused the apocalypse in the first place. Stupid.

  • Charles Bikle

    In regards to the main series, The Walking Dead, at least when Rick, Maggie & co leave the show, we’ll get to spend more time with the NEW main characters, Father Gabriel & Jadis/Ann.

  • Bry_Lander

    Too many of the characters on this show have been written as one dimensional in that they seem to be willing to risk their own lives to save people who are not worth saving. They will put their families and allies at risk and squander resources to save awful people who don’t deserve help. Why do the writers think this unconditional mercy is such a compelling characteristic? Real people don’t think or operate this way