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Fear the Walking Dead | Season 4, Episode 10 Recap: “Close Your Eyes”

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Fear The Walking Dead | Season 4, Episode 10 Recap: “Close Your Eyes”

Rob Cesternino & Jessica Liese recap “Close Your Eyes”, Season 4, Episode 10 of “Fear The Walking Dead”

  • Matthew Murphy

    Rob the intro music is louder than you and Jess, not sure if you know.

  • TrentC

    This time I’m going to listen to the podcast before making any comments.


    • Pink Pearl

      I don’t think the basement getting that flooded that quickly is too farfetched, although in fairness my only firsthand experience with this is what happened to the subways during Hurricane Sandy. I had far more difficulty swallowing the zombie drop.

      “Imagine the beach” totally should have been the new “look at the flowers.”

      • TrentC

        It seemed like just a rainstorm to me on the show and I’ve never seen a basement fill right up with precipitation. I’ve seen homes get about two feet of water when river banks let go. (our city flooded in 2013). I’m probably wrong, still seemed a little wonky to see that much water gather that quickly.

        And yes a blunt falling object like a body wouldn’t do much to a chained door other than maybe dent it. Those cellar doors keep stuff out.

        The best part of the episode was when Alicia was trying to convince Charlie to come out by saying – I’ll probably kill you given the chance if I stay here.

        Carol’s look at the flowers comment finally clicked and reminded me of another classic. Lennie saying – And I get to tend the rabbits!

  • Matthew Murphy

    I’d say this was a pretty bad episode. For me it’s one of the worst of the season. Alicia’s acting in the scene where she contemplates killing Charlie was good but her delivery of lines earlier in the episode was questionable to me.
    I dislike Charlie but killing Nick isn’t one of those reasons. If we’re going to blame her for Madison’s death, that only makes her more likeable. Sadly, I don’t think Madison’s gone, so her and Alicia can be besties by the end of the season. Also am I the only one that thinks Charlie looks like a mini Tara?
    When I saw the ad for Talking Dead I didn’t even recognize the actress that played Ophelia. It’s like her character never existed.
    I’m more hopeful that we have an episode with John Dorey and Strand who make the show watcable. The Morgan episode should be good too.
    Also Pro tip: if you wanna make your characters look incompetent, few things work better than having them knock themselves out while opening a car door.
    As an aspiring writer, FTWD gives me hope that anyone can write a prime time television show.

  • XmanIce

    This really was a very boring episode. I don’t know if I can continue with this series. I’m going to finish this season though. The ONLY original character I liked was Madison. I don’t think she’s dead either. Until I see a body, nobody is dead.
    I never liked Strand, Nick, or Luciana. Nick always looked so gross with his old man khaki close and dirty oily hair. And he was annoying. Luciana is so hard. She looks hard and angry all the time and never really has any reason to be on this show.
    I didn’t like Alicia when she was boy crazy and too trusting. At some point she stepped up and I liked her, but then at the ranch she got a boyfriend and was horrible daughter again. Those kids always running away to live on their own in the zombie world never made sense.
    Morgan hasn’t added anything to this series. He’s still either kill everyone or kill no one which I will never understand that.
    If they make Alicia the lead character I’m definitely out. I don’t watch shows where kids are the lead.
    As for Charlie, I don’t like her but I’m glad Alicia didn’t kill her.She’s not a look at the flowers kid. Maybe because I was glad she killed Nick.

    • TrentC

      I like how they keep forcing the other characters to ‘act like Madison’, implying that she was this kind, altruistic person who saw the good in others and never hurt people.

      Madison was one of the biggest killers on the show. Whether it was to ‘protect her kids’ or looking for a roof to sleep under, she wasn’t averse to shooting humans as well as zombies.

      I thought Nick was interesting when he was drying out and getting suicidal around the walkers.

      My dream version of this series would be Madison, Nick and Alicia rolling up on Alexandria looking like a single soccer Mom and her kids. Then Rick and company realize all three are cold blooded killers.

      • XmanIce

        lol, well they would fit right in with Alexandria! All of Rick’s crew have been cold blooded killers at one time or another