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Fear the Walking Dead | Season 4, Episode 12 Recap: “Weak”

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Fear The Walking Dead | Season 4, Episode 12 Recap: “Weak”

Rob Cesternino & Jessica Liese recap “Weak”, Season 4, Episode 12 of “Fear The Walking Dead”

  • TrentC

    Hey! I didn’t say you guys were wrong, I said I disagreed with your take on last week’s episode. I feel like I was orally subtweeted in the comment section 🙂

    This week wasn’t much better. I did like getting to know a little bit about Al (little being the key word), but for the most part it was more zaniness.

    – You own one thing, it’s big and it’s great. The SWAT wagon. And you leave the keys in it…twice? It’s the ONLY thing you own. Really?

    – Al sends June to risk her life for meds that she knows are not in the SWAT wagon. And then she tells June about the lie. Why not just say – Can you get our only means of safety, storage and shelter back?

    – AGREEING that June seems to have varying levels of empathy and
    helpfulness depending on the day. Here she is best buds with Al and will
    do anything for her. The June we’ve seen would have left her.

    – Finite is the key word here. June uses up both the walkie talkie batteries and the vidcam battery. Al should have dropped the truck on June’s head.

    – Al fighting the zombie near the truck seemed like such a forced progression, just to get her to kick out the jack holding up the truck and squish the zombie. Seems like a lot of energy for a sick person.

    – Speaking of sick I understand low blood sugar. But what kind of disease starts from lack of food and develops into a need for antibiotics? Al made it seem like this was a thing she’s suffered before.

    – Walkie talkies have varying levels of range. 50 miles does seem to be the maximum distance.

    – The mile marker mixup was just more madcap zaniness and wacky, nutty writing. Is anyone THAT stupid? Felt like I was watching Hee-Haw at times..

    • XmanIce

      I haven’t listened to this podcast yet but I basically agree with everything you said. June didn’t want to get the van back so Al had to lie to her. As far as leaving the keys in the van, I think Al was too sick to think clearly.
      I wonder if the crazy lady is changing the mile markers? Now I want to know if the marker that Morgan killed zombies with last week was also changed.

      • TrentC

        I assumed it was the Filthy Woman (IMDB description) who changed the marker.

        June didn’t want to get the van back? But would risk her life to get meds out of the van? Hey…while you’re there…

        I guess I keep trying to put myself in the actor’s situations. Their motivation for doing or not doing things is pretty wonky at times.

        Regarding the keys I don’t buy that Al was too sick to remember. At one point they both had to gather what they could and walk away from it. You ain’t even gonna lock it?

        • XmanIce

          This show is so frustrating. It could be a lot better but it’s as if the writers are like “Anybody can write a good story, let’s be different and write crap then see how the ratings are”.
          IMDB described her as the Filthy Woman? Now that’s funny!

  • Edwin Johnson

    I’m pretty out on this season and all the new characters (including Morgan), but i still enjoy the podcast.