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Fear The Walking Dead | Season 4, Episode 14 Recap: “MM 54”

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Fear The Walking Dead | Season 4, Episode 14 Recap: “MM 45”

Jessica Liese & Josh Wigler recap “MM 45,” Season 4, Episode 14 of “Fear The Walking Dead”

  • aardvarkratnik

    I wish they would just come out and say it, this show really sucks. Best thing that could happen is that it gets cancelled because of poor ratings.

    • Pink Pearl

      Yeah, but when we come right out and say it sucks, we get lambasted for negativity.

      • Bruce Pierce

        Too bad, what you’d really deserve to get lambasted for would be saying anything positive about it, it really is back to being awful.

      • TrentC

        You should be lambasted for honesty..

        I know, I know. The ol internet relationship exchange.
        We agree on something = BFF.
        We disagree on something = you are unfriended from Facebook.

        For what it’s worth, even if you and Rob said – This was the worst hour of TV we have even seen – Your critique wouldn’t make me stop watching the show or listening to your podcast. I like seeing where my entertainment opinion sits compared to others.

        • Pink Pearl

          Yes, exactly! I think good podcasting backs up opinions with reasoning so you CAN think about how yours compare, and I think we do that pretty well. When we hate something, we tell you why. When we like something, we’ll tell you why THAT is too. Wouldn’t it be boring AF to listen to a podcast that was just people reiterating what you already thought about stuff?

          I mean, FTWD isn’t a triumph of storytelling, but it’s got its moments. And in this world where regular Walking Dead is both on the downslide and on hiatus, and Amazing Race isn’t even on the schedule yet, it gives me something to podcast about, and for that I am thankful.

          • TrentC

            Yes FTWD isn’t a triumph of storytelling (well said lol!) and most fans don’t come for that. Same way I don’t watch The Handmaid’s Tale for an uplifting, positive, life affirming experience.

            But we do get strangely offended if we feel our entertainment for the next hour fails or sucks on some level. Not sure why because if anything, we have been given more TV shows to choose from over the years and the quality has improved with the quantity.

            As podcasters you should be absolutely allowed/encouraged to offer your opinions both good and bad. I find myself doing something similar to Rob. He asks why something occurred or outright says he’s confused over a certain event. We all miss things watching and sometimes the reasoning is revealed on a later episode, so ‘podcast confirmation’ can help when trying to determine – Is it the show or just me?

            I criticize this show often while trying not to get too butthurt that the network just wasted an hour of my valuable entertainment time (gasp). I do it because of scenes like Carol and Lizzy, Beth, Morgan’s backstory, Bob-B-Q, Rick throat chewing someone to save Carl, the early scenes with Nick and Madison at the beginning of FTWD when everything was going to crap…because I know there can be some great moments and right now, the writers are just phoning it in.

            All that to say…we’re thankful for the podcasts too and no one should feel like they need to censor their opinion because it’s different. I had no problem disagreeing with an entire podcast the other week and the sun still came up today 🙂

          • XmanIce

            I don’t know how get through this series AND can podcast about it. It’s such a mess of a series. I think the only reason I still watch it is so I can listen to the podcast and know what you’re talking about. This series has so much potential.
            Also I like Madison and refuse to believe she’s dead until I see her body.

          • TrentC

            I still watch the show out of some misplaced sense of loyalty to TWD. I keep hoping it improves because I like the premise.

            Agreed about Madison. I think it’s a long con in case someone wants to salvage this show and they will use Madison’s miraculous return to generate interest.

          • XmanIce

            I had quit this show before and came back during the ranch season, which was the best in my opinion. Except for Nick and Alicia. They are horrible kids, I’m so glad Nick is gone and I want Alicia gone too.

    • Bry_Lander

      I think they do a good job of analyzing the show, which involves both praise and criticism. I don’t watch the Talking Dead because it just serves as a lapdog to the show and has never found a damn thing wrong with it on any level, which is a waste of my time.

  • Tyler James Linder

    You guys REALLY need to get on the show that’s NOT going down hill and loosing viewers every week. I’m sure you have legitinmate travel related excuses to not getting to Saul bet SERIOUSLY that is the show to cover THE NIGHT IT PREMIERES. Not this Walking Dead spin-off bull that’s impossible to even take seriously when even the real Walking Dead show has become a massive trainwreck.

    • Pink Pearl

      You do know that different hosts cover that show, right? And that the hosts covering that show have had less than 24 hours since that particular show aired to coordinate schedules and record? And that FTWD airs on Sundays?

      All due respect, sir, we don’t NEED to do anything.

      • Agent__Zigzag

        You tell ’em Jessica!

  • TrentC

    Jessica identified the self-contained Walking Dead trope. When a main character is about the die, they lift the shirt to expose the bite. Then it’s a delayed death, usually lasting more than one episode.

    I’ve seen the guy who plays Jimbo on Nikita and 12 Monkeys. He’s a relatively engaging actor at times and seems wasted for what amounts to a partial season cameo role. Did he get the partial-part as a favor from someone in production?

    I get the sense there’s a revolving door in casting for this show and every week they just throw things at the wall. They have competent actors and some sort of budget. Too bad no one can write an engaging story with characters that have semi-logical motivations. Their palette to work on is an open world of humans running from zombies, who face life or death situations every day. It’s a huge landscape..

    Like the pairing of Josh ‘n Jess. Hopefully we can hear more from this team in future under different circumstances.

    *Rob was absolutely spot on last week talking about how to avoid the SWAT van’s guns. That thing only shoots left…like me in hockey!

  • Bry_Lander

    One thing that should be very obvious to the show writers and anyone else that has even a surface level knowledge of the military – the Marines (or any other armed forces branch) do not accept people in wheelchairs. They also reject people with hemorrhoids, flat feet, and hernias. So the fact that he made a trip to the recruiting station and was shocked that they weren’t interested is very confusing and improbable.

    • TrentC

      2) Agreed. I understand that a character can suffer a break from reality due to circumstances. FTWD circumstances are bad and I expect it to happen. I can even see the Filthy Woman completely changing her morals after witnessing her husband’s death. No one helped and the world sucks. As you mention what was her expectation in that situation? She’s obviously intelligent and well educated.

      What bothered me most about Filthy Martha was how she gets into the SWAT van, somehow watches handfuls of interview videos (without batteries), and finds Morgan’s video. She somehow surmises that Morgan needs some tough lovin, and then she starts to remove and kill things associated with Morgan…as a ‘lesson’ to help him better understand his true nature.

      Stop with this Dr. Phil nonsense. No one is that bored or well established in the zombie apocalypse to open roadside psychology clinics and offer real time treatment to strangers that involves removing supplies miles apart and killing random people.

      • XmanIce

        And how was she sneaking up on people with her walker pet to kill them? Walkers can’t shut up.

        • TrentC

          True. Coupled with the fact that after three years of limited contact, one would think the survivors are pretty attuned to sounds and people entering their space.

    • TrentC

      3) This is what bothers me most about the season. They build it around an event – Some Samaritans are leaving help-boxes at various places on the road.

      The fuel, effort and leaving the supplies themselves call up all sorts of logistics problems. They were on one highway, varying mile markers. There was no talk about boxes on I-85 or the 401, it happened on one stretch of road that everyone knew and referenced.

      Supplies are gold in the FTWD world. And they’re leaving a buttload of them along one highway. To possibly be found and used, or not. That’s a huge ‘maybe’ to help people considering how remote pockets of humans are in that world. Not to mention a complete waste of resources. Either the boxes are untouched, or some enterprising people collect all of them once they recognize the system.

      As you say, set up a center containing all of the supplies and then if you must waste fuel, send out patrols to search for people in trouble.

      • Bry_Lander

        Distributing supplies in this manner also creates a larger dependency problem, as it just allows survivors to subsist at a basic level on the box contents indefinitely without figuring out a way to consistently obtain supplies. If I am a desperate survivor and figure out their system, instead of trying to come up with a sustainable way to take care of myself, I will just wander to drop sites, consume what they leave, and then try to find the next drop site. Once the supplies run out or some maniac starts hijacking trucks, then what? It is a stupid, short-sighted way to “help” people.

        • XmanIce

          So you’re saying the Filthy Woman is correct. The boxes make people weak.

          • Bry_Lander

            Maybe it doesn’t make them weak, but rather just prolongs their weak condition. So I happen upon a cardboard box with a few bottled waters, a beer, and a few protein bars. It is better than nothing, but what happens tomorrow? It would be better to invest the resources into establishing a colony where survivors could actually thrive indefinitely versus hanging out by the road waiting for handouts.

          • XmanIce

            Colonies never work out in the walking dead universe.

    • XmanIce

      Totally agree with you on #2. I was thinking there is no help for that under the circumstances. Maybe she was slightly nuts before the apocalypse

  • XmanIce

    Overall I liked this episode, and that’s rare. I think Morgan has learned to appreciate Ricks leadership now that everyone is looking at him for answers and he’s lost. This is a good lesson for Morgan. It’s easy to second guess and blame Rick for everything when you don’t have anyone waiting for you to decide anything.

    It bugged me how quickly everyone forgot about Filthy Martha and let her get away in the truck. Maybe I know too much about hustling and that you never take your eyes off someone trying hurt you, lol. But it just seems like common sense to stay focused on her.

    Is John going to die and Charlie will become the new Carl? In the previews it looked like Charlie is wearing John’s hat.

    • TrentC

      Thanks for bringing up that Martha slow-mo getaway scene, it bothered me as well.

      I did enjoy parts of this episode and smiled a little bit when Morgan led everybody to the rooftop and seemed to be trapped there. It was a normal human action done in a time of stress…which seemed far more realistic than some recent events.

      I hope you’re not right about Dory and Charlie. If they lose him and keep her, I’ll know for sure someone has a vested interest in seeing this series tank.

      • XmanIce

        I hope I’m wrong about Dory too but the writers are good at runining good characters and storylines