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Fear The Walking Dead | Season 4, Episode 15 Recap: “I Lose People”

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Fear The Walking Dead | Season 4, Episode 15 Recap: “I Lose People…”

Rob Cesternino and Jessica Liese recap “…I Lose People,” Season 4, Episode 15 of Fear The Walking Dead.

  • TrentC

    I enjoyed this episode as well. John’s dead eye shot up six stories and hitting cars with assured car alarms aside, it did seem to bring back a lighter, more engaging feel while watching.

    Not trying to be crude here. Based on certain activities from the episode they could have named the beer – Jimbo’s Piss!

    Okay, climbing down the ladder now. Thanks as always for the podcast.

  • TrentC

    Oh no, one complaint.

    At the end of the episode….what about Al?? It’s like they read the note, finally get the van back and they head off with nary a word or attempt to find Al.

    Did I miss something?

    *if you covered this on the podcast, apologies. Only halfway through.

    • Pink Pearl

      Al mentioned in her note that she’s headed in a general direction, as I sort of dimly recall, so I would suspect first order of business next week is to go find her. (I think we did cover it on the podcast at least in passing because I recall saying “you can’t have Alexandria without Al” and I could hear Rob rolling his eyes because the bad jokes are his job.)

      • TrentC

        “you can’t have Alexandria without Al” Ooh, that was good.

        Thanks, I must have missed it. I felt in an episode so heavy with going back and helping people in all situations, they all kind of left the area without saying something like – Okay, first order of bidness is to pick up Al, then we’re off to her hometown, Al…exandria.

  • XmanIce

    This hasn’t been the best season, but I have liked a few a few episodes. But also, the ratings drop since Madison’s death sounds right to me. I would be happy to kill off Luciana, Alicia, and Charlie, and possibly Strand.

    • TrentC

      I saw a ratings chart online. Series started with over 10 million viewers and it’s been in a steady decline down to around two million viewers. Let me see if I can work a copy here.


    • Matthew Murphy

      Ratings are not due to Madison dying. Her and the Clark family are the reason his show never took off. That and the attricious writing and lack of direction for the entire series.

      • TrentC

        And the attricious spelling!

        That Guy

  • Bry_Lander

    A few observations

    1) In the ZA, all equipment is essentially irreplaceable. If a dead-man-walking like Jimbo is teetering on the edge of jumping off of a tall building, make sure you grab his walkie-talkie, you can’t just log onto Amazon and order a new set to be delivered via 2 day shipping.

    2) If you are trapped in a hospital infested with zombies and you establish communications with someone that can help you, the first words out of your mouth must be your exact location. When Morgan connected with Alicia, he vaguely mentioned they needed help, and didn’t seem to mind giving her details later. In the ZA, there usually isn’t a “later” and there are no chargers for their walkie-talkies available. Or the last fully charged walkie-talkie could be on the belt of an infected beer brewer who has just thrown himself off of the roof of a hospital.

    3) Sarah is the new Abraham, she gets the crude lines that he used to masterfully deliver and only he could really get away with. She does a decent job with them.

    4) It is convenient to have all of the improbable plans work perfectly. Long dormant generators fire up, car batteries are fully juiced to power car alarms, the rescue ladder was in good operating order, etc.

    5) The writers are putting interesting characters in creative situations that make for compelling plotlines, but within that, they are not acting the way that survivors would within the ZA. Several years into this, I want to see a minimal degree of survivorship savviness. Stop wasting resources. Stop the lame adventures involving senseless risks with little reward that no one would realistically go on – if a dying stranger needs a beer, if random strangers need a box of supplies, if Charlie needs to see a beach, tough luck, that is a level of courtesy that died when society collapsed, the Make a Wish Foundation is out of business, spend that effort figuring out how to improve your own chances to survive day to day.

    6) Jimbo’s Beerbo – no, it should be Jimbo’s IPeeA

    7) Can someone please explain how loud noises are perceived by the walkers? My impression was that walkers were attracted to noises solely because they were associated with the presence of human beings, thereby increasing the chances that they would encounter and eat the human beings who were making the noise. However, it appears that the pursuit of the source of a noise is a bigger compulsion than pursuing an actual human being in their presence – when the group was surrounded by walkers in this episode and the car alarm from Jimbo’s swan dive occurred, they all turned away from the meal that was directly in front of them and pursued the source of the new noise. Come on, writers, why run to answer a dinner bell somewhere else when you are sitting at the table with dinner on a plate directly in front of you?

    • TrentC

      I find vagueness aggravating on TV shows and movies. Mostly relating to time.

      “I’ll see you tomorrow night.” – no time set
      “The appointment is in the morning.” – same thing
      “Let’s meet at dinner later” – 6,7,8,9 pm?

      Similar happened multiple times during this episode of FTWD. They’re all using walkie talkies with limited battery power and not one person says – I am here, or We will meet here, or Corner of 45th street and Main.

  • Matthew Murphy

    When they were trying to get out of the hospital why didn’t Morgan just stab the walkers through the fence? Surely he could’ve gotten 80% of them, but we have to work the fire truck in their somehow I guess.

    • TrentC


      I’ll get my coat…

      • Matthew Murphy


        • TrentC

          I stand in your shadow, well done.