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Fear The Walking Dead | Season 4, Episode 9 Recap: “People Like Us”

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Fear The Walking Dead | Season 4, Episode 9 Recap – “People Like Us”

Rob Cesternino & Jessica Liese recap “People Like Us”, Season 4, Episode 9 recap of “Fear The Walking Dead”

  • TrentC

    The scene with Alicia and Morgan illustrates what’s wrong with this show. She can’t run away fast enough from him (twice) as she tries to do a positive thing. Everyone in their group must do everything alone, without ever quickly explaining where they are going.

    Crikey you have a whopping seven people in your group during an apocalypse. Seven people, who you can possibly trust and who can kill zombies in a pinch. And you can’t even have a 30 second chat about your intentions for the day?

    And Z Nation already did a zombie tornado. Are these writers oblivious of the world around them? It’s not that there are multitudes of prime time television shows featuring zombies. In fact, only TWD and Z Nation have shared network time simultaneously.

    Oh, and Charlie still sucks.

  • TrentC

    Post podcast thoughts.

    For a brief moment I suspected that they were canceling FTWD and folding the characters into TWD. I wouldn’t mind seeing Alicia, Strand, Dory and Al show up at Alexandria. The casts for both shows seem to be in flux, why not cut the losses on both sides.

    I found myself thinking of the same thing as Jessica during Alicia’s story. The simple logic of how someone could get notes bolted onto zombies, yet be trapped in a building. And hell yes about the note content. Help only? It’s scenes like this that make me complain.

    The stereo. If the show is going to make a large plot point about listening to music I feel compelled to wonder how a component stereo system is powered. Spoiler alert! It has to be a generator and using that type of system, in the very least some sort of receiver has to power the turntable and speakers. So if a generator is the answer…how on earth do they let Luciana waste the generator power on tunes?

    I understand that TWD has been contracted to shoot in Georgia for years now. Has anyone noticed the absolutely horrible background cinematography in FTWD? Out of all of the places they could film, do they actually pay money to be in those locations? Last night’s episode looked like a very drab college film project with an outside budget of 100 dollars.

    Saying these characters have nothing to do is being polite. They have some good actors, a backstory that could spawn a million different cool scenarios, but we still have scenes that are so dumb they draw us out of the moment.

    The problem is the writing. When they’re composing a scene like Alicia’s from this episode, why doesn’t someone in the room yell – NO! That doesn’t make sense for a few reasons, let’s try again.

  • Bry_Lander

    So for the guy whose rescue plan was just randomly tacking “help” signs on walkers: how did he get them to leave afterwards? If he was close enough to tack a sign on them, wouldn’t they remain near him and continuously attempt to kill him?

    It was more bad writing with Alicia becoming obsessed with rescuing him and then becoming despondent when she found him and he turned. Who has time to care about this in the ZA, she has a crew of people that she would reasonably be investing her energy towards helping, not another random survivor somewhere…

    • TrentC

      One the worst plot devices I’ve seen on this show was last season where Madison gives the leader of the Vultures (can’t recall his name because I don’t want to) a working vehicle with gas and supplies. Here’s a clean exit, no one will hurt you on the way out.

      He leaves the baseball diamond and then all of a sudden Nick and Alicia become concerned for his welfare?? After all of his threats and crimes against them?

      That one action caused so much turmoil (Nick and Alicia leaving the diamond looking for him) that in my estimation, the idiocy of their reaction indirectly caused the deaths of at least two characters.

      This process with some guy tacking notes onto zombies is similar. It takes you out of the moment and causes you to think – Hey, hold up a minute. How does that work?

  • Matthew Murphy

    Can you imagine, if halfway through the first season of Joey, the titular character just says he has to go back to New York? Also I’m pretty sure Tobias has still done more than Luciana on the show.

    • TrentC

      Luciana played some records loud! And let the 10 year old assassin of her boyfriend get away! And has messy hair!

      I couldn’t help but think during Morgan’s scene about going back, that he somehow received a message tied to a pidgeon’s leg saying – Rick and Maggie are leaving, come back.